Nature’s Ointment

Sammi paused to admire the firm, young brown buttocks presented for her strap. Dominic clearly was determined not to show any weakness in the eyes of his female protagonists. He was taking his strapping stoically, though certainly not in total silence. He had locked himself in position by linking his arms behind his knees. This position, with his feet planted wide for balance, gave Sammi a delightful view of his tight buttocks, spread wide to reveal the darker whorl of his anus. And beneath hung his heavy balls and that magnificent cock. His erection had softened but his shaft was still turgid and full of promise. A strand of clear juice hung from the tip, glistening in the light. Sammi reached under him to cup the strand in her palm, then rolled her palm around his cock head, lubricating the bluntness with his own juice. She rolled her palm around the tender skin, stiffening him once more and eliciting a guttural grunt.

Sammi leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “Just one more, then we can all be friends.”

Dominic grunted in assent, tensed his thighs and thrust his bottom out. “Give it your best shot, Sammi. Didn’t feel a thing from the others.” Sammi smiled to herself. ‘Typical machismo,’ she thought. ‘No way his ass isn’t tender as a rare steak right now.’

She spoke out loud. “Okay, big boy. You asked for it.” She took a step backwards, draped the strap back over her shoulder then whipped it forwards, stepping into the stroke as she did. The strap whipped across his buttocks, deforming the firm flesh and biting deeply right across the crown of his cheeks. The tip whipped around and snapped against his outer thigh. This was the hardest stroke she had ever delivered in a spanking and she waited for him to process the blow.

Dominic hissed, bent his knees and stayed in that position for a few seconds, absorbing the wicked sting of the blow. Finally he straightened his legs and stood tall. Sammi stepped behind him, feeling the heat of his whipped buttocks through her skirt. She reached round to find his shaft as rigid as ever. She worked her hand up and down his length, rolling her hand over the tip to capture leaking juices to use as lubricant for the downward stroke. “Well you took that like a man. And from this reaction, you must like being strapped as much as you like giving it.” She worked her hand up and down his shaft as she spoke. She moved around in front of him and dropped to her knees. “Time for your reward,” she said, “and mine!” as she wrapped her lips around the thick head of his cock.

She rolled her tongue around the soft flesh, poking gently at the slit, then bent to lick down his shaft and mouth his balls. All the time she wanked him using her saliva as lubricant. As she bent to his balls the movement on the sofa caught her eye. Looking between his legs, she saw Jo’s red-striped bum in the air, the glistening folds of her wet pussy clearly visible. Sammi drank in the sight of the Sapphic pair as she tongued Dominic’s bollocks. A thought occurred to her and she glanced up at Dominic. “I’ve got an idea for you two to kiss and make up!”

Sammi stood and led Dominic by the cock across the room until he was behind Jo. He dropped to his knees and bent forward to lick Jo from behind. He worked his mouth from cunt to anus, drilling both holes equally with his stiff tongue. Jo moaned her assent to the assault, and redoubled her attack on Carla as she shoved her pussy backwards to encourage her own lover. As Sammi watched the trio, she stroked her hand across Dominic’s buttocks. His skin was still hot to the touch but the strap marks were hardly visible on his dark skin. She trailed her finger down his cleft and toyed with his anus. She felt him push against her fingers – whether in response to her actions or because of his own efforts servicing Jo, she couldn’t tell. She reached lower and cupped his balls, rolling them gently in her fingers, then dragged her hand along his length, teasing the tip once more with her palm.


As she played she heard Carla as she reached orgasm again under Jo’s tongue. As her sensitivity rocketed she pushed Jo’s mouth away, unable to cope with the tender licks a second more. Quickly, Sammi nudged Dominic to get behind Jo and fuck her before the moment was lost. She watched longingly as Dominic’s thick shaft slid slowly and deeply into Jo’s open pussy, stretching the walls and pulling her lips backwards and forwards with the momentum. Sammi fondled Jo’s buttocks as she watched the fucking, watched her anus pucker with each inward thrust. She reached between to feel Dominic’s cock slide into her friend. Dominic’s own juices were rising so Sammi dropped her hand to Jo’s clitoris and teased the nub until she could tell Jo was nearing orgasm. Dominic was thrusting deep and hard now, pushing himself and Jo to climax. Sammi told Dominic, “Pull out – don’t cum in her”.

Jo screamed as her orgasm crashed over her. Dominic gave two huge thrusts and jerked his cock out, twitching like a fish out of water. He quickly pumped his shaft and shot gobs of spunk over Jo’s red cheeks, then used his shaft to rub the cream into her flesh.

“Nothing like Nature’s Ointment to sooth a sore bum is there Jo?” laughed Sammi,  “and at least the kids are getting along now!” She surveyed the scene of sex and debauchery in front of her. “Hey you guys, something’s wrong here,” she complained. “I’m the only one dressed, and I’m the only one who didn’t get fucked today!”

Carla murmured from beneath the pile of bodies, “You’re also the only one who didn’t get a good hard strapping in the last week. Be careful what you wish for.”


Another double bill for N and O, but you do get over a thousand words of my horniest, sexiest writing for absolutely nothing, so no complaining!

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