Remedial Action


Carla threw down the cane after leaving 20 or more criss-crossed lines across Sammi cheeks. Sammi lay still, sobbing softly into the leather of the Chesterfield, her hot, sore bottom still pushed high over the arm. Carla stepped behind her between her feet, forcing her knees further apart and opening her behind. The cane strokes had deepened to angry purple where the strokes had overlapped, yet in the cleft between her punished cheeks where the cane did not bite the flesh remained smooth, soft and tender. Sammi flinched as Carla laid her hands gently on her buttocks, caressing the hot welts with a butterfly touch.

Carla spoke as she softly stroked her lover’s punished bottom. “All done now, time to kiss it better.” Sammi jerked as she felt her lover’s tongue slide down her unpunished cleft to circle her anus. She thrust her bottom higher to open herself more to Carla’s tongue as she trailed down to tongue the groove of her sex, wet now after the pain-pleasure of her caning. Sammi’s legs were wide apart and her back arched right over the sofa’s arm as she presented her pussy for Carla’s tongue, desperate to extract every ounce of pleasure from her loving. Sammi cried out as Carla squeezed her whipped cheeks in her lust for her pussy, yet soon forgot the pain as Carla found her clitoris and flicked the nub with a stiff tongue. After only a few minutes, Sammi stiffened and cried out as her orgasm flooded through her.

Carla stood and wiped the juices from her lips before speaking. “There now. All done. Now you just have to deliver the same message to the Sapphire crew. Take Dom with you – he’s shaping up to be a good shoot director. Maybe he can talk sense into those wanna-be catwalk queens.” She looked down at Sammi, still recovering on the sofa. “Did you want more? I see the paddle in there if you’d like a round with that next?”

“NO! No, that’s, that’s good enough. Message received loud and clear.” Sami stumbled off the sofa and grabbed her skirt and knickers from the floor where Carla had tossed them earlier. The knickers were ripped apart so she just tossed them in the trash can and stepped into her skirt. The silky lining felt good against her sore bottom as she gingerly walked from the room.


Dom chuckled as he watched Sammi trying to find a comfortable position as she drove them over to the Sapphire shoot. He had heard the unmistakable sound of a cane striking flesh as he came back into the main office after lunch, and he had spent the last half hour on his knees peering through the keyhole to spy on the lovers. He had seen Carla standing over Sammi as she lay on the sofa. He couldn’t see her bum, but he did see the cane rise and fall a good many times. He soon had his cock out and was stroking his shaft as he had watched as Carla disappeared from view behind Sammi. His imagination had filled in the rest and we had wanked himself in time with Carla’s tongue and Sammi’s moans, shooting a gob of spunk onto the carpet as Sammi screamed her release. He had barely had time to clean the mess and get back to his desk before the door was flung open and Sammi had gingerly but purposefully stalked over to his desk. With a voice made hoarse by the tears and screams, she instructed him to get himself downstairs and wait in the car.  She came down some time later  having cleaned herself up. She threw a kitbag into the trunk and dropped into the seat. He laughed out loud as he recalled how she had nearly shot through the car roof as her bum hit the seat.

Sammi shot him a mean look. “Not a word. Not a single, fucking word unless you want some of the same.” Dom tried to keep a straight face and nearly choked as he smothered a laugh. Sammi broke down too then, and laughed with him. “Okay, yes it was fun. Fucking painful, then and now, but good fun. And it will be even better fun when I pass the message on to that wanker of a shoot director and that gaggle of supposed models he employed. That little tosser is a week overdue and I’ve seen nothing yet. And after that, I’m going to give it to Angie-fucking-Mosely. I’ll show her how she needs to keep her models in order. Watch and learn, Dom. Watch-and-learn!” Dom adjusted himself as his cock began to grow at the thought of the action still to come that afternoon.



Continued from HERE, and the A to Z story started HERE

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