Tanned to Understand


Dom grinned down at Sammi, staring open-mouthed at the six naked, reddened bottoms facing her. She looked faintly ridiculous as she stood there, naked herself from the waist down and with the black rubber strap-on bouncing as it poked out from her groin. She had just finished caning and fucking Stevie, the shoot director, and had entirely forgotten the recalcitrant models who had been largely the cause of poor Stevie’s painful buttocks and stretched arsehole.

“OH!” was all she could say.

“Well, you were obviously busy, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Tough work, but someone had to pick up the slack while you were playing with boy-toy there,” he flicked a nod towards Stevie, still slumped across the stool to which he was strapped. “So me and the girls here, we had ourselves a little chat.” Dom glanced along the row of lingerie models standing head bowed as they displayed their buttocks. “They all agreed they were being bratty, and what else do you do to a brat but bend her over your knee and spank her bare bum?”

Sammi was still speechless as she drank in the delicious row of red rumps. Dom saw his chance and took control. He spoke firmly to the girls, “Ladies – you are dismissed for tonight. Go home and think about the message you just received. Be here promptly at 8am and line up in position on the edge of the stage, bums bared and presented for a quick reminder before we get to work.” He walked along the row, lifting each girl’s chin and looking them in the eye. “ When I get here I expect to see you all kneeling right here,” – Dom pointed to the edge of the stage – “bottoms up – got that?” He waited until he had received an acknowledgement from each girl, then turned to speak to Stevie, still prone and straining his neck to watch. “And don’t think you get off here Stevie – I’m not against strapping your arse again, just don’t expect me to fuck it. Maybe one of the ladies will oblige,” he laughed.

He looked over at Sammi. “Are you thinking of driving back like that, or are you gonna drop the dick and get dressed? I’ll see you in the car in 10.”


Sitting in the underground parkade, Sammi could not contain herself a moment longer. “Okay,” she said, “I give in. How did you get six models to drop their knickers and let you spank them?” She twisted in her seat to face him, wincing slightly as she forgot the bruising caning she had suffered earlier that day. “ I mean, I know from personal experience you’ve got that certain something when it comes to charming the ladies, but surely, even you’re not that good!”

Dom laughed. “Simple,” he said, “When we arrived I saw Crystal and Melissa modelling. I know them both from the scene. They’ve both been over my knee more than once and they love it. When they all dashed off to the dressing room I caught Crystal and held her back. I told her to follow my lead and watch the fun.” Dom paused as he played back the memory, “Back in the dressing room I really tore into them all; threatened they would never model again with that attitude. I said they were all spoiled brats who needed to be taught a lesson. And that’s when I looked over at Crystal and gave her a little nod. She picked up on it quick enough. She came over, all meek and mild and apologetic. ‘Sorry sir’ she said, ‘I know I was a brat. Please forgive me’, so I said to her, ‘what makes me want to forgive you? How do I know you’re truly sorry and you all understand what’s expected, that you’ve learned your lesson?’”

He smiled at Sammi, “I could see her almost creaming her knickers as she played the game! She shuffled over, stood just in front of me, head bowed and said ‘Please Sir. I know I’ve been a brat. Please spank me so I can be forgiven’. So I looked at the others. ‘good enough,’I said, ‘but you’ve all been little bratty bitches. It’s all or none.’”

Sammi looked across at him incredulously, “So just like that, they all lined up for big bad Dom to spank their bums?”

He paused, “Not quite. They all were shuffling around, not looking me in the eye, so I took hold of Crystal, found a chair and yanked her over my knee. I whipped her knickers off and started into her, good and hard. I left fingerprints with the first smacks. Crystal’s a good girl, she can take a hard spanking but she likes to kick and scream. That scared them all a bit. They were all fidgety and nervous, but then they saw Crystal’s pussy soaking wet as she kicked her legs. She was giving them a show, I know. After a good spanking, I flipped her off and looked for Melissa.”

Dom lifted himself to adjust his growing cock as he recalled the experience. “I told Melissa – you’re next! Get over my knee!’ Of course she did, playing the same nervous game. I spanked her good too. She really gets off on it, almost cums just from spanking. I just gave her clit a quick Dom special and she was over the top. That did it for them all and I almost had to fight them off. Tough job though,” he said as he eased down his zipper and pulled down his pants. His erection sprang out. “Six naked models spanked, all that wet pussy and not one of them thought to thank me. I think I deserve a special thank you today though, boss.” He stroked his shaft as he looked at her.

Sammi smiled, shook her head at his presumptuousness, then she leaned across and dipped her head over his cock to give him his bonus.


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