Virgin Whacks

Josie sat stiffly in the upright chair in front of Carla’s desk. She was struggling to sit still, constantly fiddling with her notepad and pen. In her fidgeting she dropped her pen and it rolled under Carla’s desk. Josie dropped to her knees and plucked up the pen, then smacked her head as she rose. She stifled a cry as she resumed her seat.

“Oh for God’s sake, Josie! Why are you so nervous?” Carla asked, exasperated at the flustered young intern. “And why do I have you in my office, wasting my time? Do you want to be fired?”

Josie had joined Whiplash at the start of summer as  an  intern in the final year of her commerce degree, and she had been an exemplary employee. But today  she had made a serious error. Carla picked up the article Josie had drafted this morning. “So when did you lose your ability to write, Josie?” She asked. “Or maybe you’re a better writer than we thought, hmmm?” she peered over her reading glasses at the squirming young woman. “So this,” she picked up the article, “is an ad for Jungle Johnny’s new family restaurant – correct?”

“Y-yes, but, but no, not really,” Josie stammered. “I, I was …”

“Oh be quiet girl! So, Jungle Johnny’s new family restaurant should attract clients with this, hmmm?” she began to read the text.

“ ‘Jungle Johnny’s – where our meat is hot, fresh and juicy.

Would you like your rump with perfect grill marks? Do you like your buns toasty warm? Do you like your meat pink, or a deeper shade of red? At Johnny’s we serve it up as you like it. Our wait-staff are here for your pleasure and theirs as they bend over to meet your requests. Try our ‘six of the best’ selection or our ‘all you cane eat’ buffet. Come and enjoy our spanking new location.’ ”

She threw the paper down on her desk and looked across at Josie. “Do you have anything to say, Josie? If Dom hadn’t spotted this it would have gone to Johnny’s for review. You do know that? What were you thinking?”

“I’m sorry Carla, I didn’t mean anyone to see that copy – I just wrote it for a bit of fun. I just got it mixed up with the real copy I wrote and sent the wrong one to Dom for review.”

Carla sat back and appraised the young woman in front of her. ‘Nice looking girl,’ she thought, ‘And so far her work has been impeccable. Shame to lose a good intern for one silly mistake, especially as she seemed to have a kinky side that could be fun to play with.’

Josie jumped as Carla broke the silence between them. “You do realise that your foolishness could have cost us the Jungle Johnny’s contract, and ruined our reputation in this town?” Josie shrank into her chair as Carla stood and moved around to lean against the desk. “I’m all for a little fun, as you know. I’m sure you remember our little games on Initiation Day”

Josie reddened as she recalled that embarrassing event. She had started with two male interns. Carla had read them all the riot act about professionalism and integrity at all times in the marketing world. She had demanded their total acquiescence, and then she had them running all over the office as slaves to the other staff for the whole day. She had Josie wear this skimpy little housemaid outfit that showed half her bum-cheeks. The boys had to wear little Bavarian costumes with leather shorts and frilly shirts. Sammi and Jo had taken control of the boys as their servants, and she had been with Dom for the day. He had her run out for coffee and lunch, and she had been so embarrassed to be seen outside in such a skimpy little costume. What’s more, Dom had playfully smacked her bum every time he had the chance. She had nearly wet herself when she realised how turned on she got when his hand flicked across her cheeks.

Carla plucked her from her reverie. “Well, young Josie, as you recall you did present me with the instrument of your own discipline, should the need arise.”

Josie gasped and looked up at her mentor with shock and horror writ across her face. The final events of Initiation Day came flooding back. Each intern had been told to gift-wrap the instrument of their own discipline if they should stray, and present it to Carla at the end of the day. The whole office had assembled to witness this final rite of passage.

Josie had gone first, and she presented Carla with a gorgeously decorated gift box, bowing deeply as she did so and then backing away. Carla tore off the wrappings and plucked out a beautiful strappy gold sandal with a hard, smooth flat sole. She had feigned ignorance as she held the sandal, looking in the box for its partner. When she asked Josie what it was for, she recalled going beet-red as she looked around the room. Carla had teased and cajoled her for a while longer until she finally stammered, “Please ma’am, it’s for discipline as you asked.” The office had gone wild with whoops and laughter at that. But things got way more embarrassing when the boys had each presented their discipline gifts. One had his iPhone in the box – claimed the worst discipline for him would be to lose his phone. The other had presented an empty box, claiming he knew he would never need discipline, because he never made mistakes. And now Josie was the only remaining intern …

Carla stood and walked over to a tall cupboard. She reached in and pulled out Josie’s gift box and handed it to her. Josie swallowed hard and took the box. “Open it,” Carla directed. Josie lifted the lid. “And take out the shoe.” Josie was a complete bundle of nerves. She placed the box on her lap to avoid dropping it, and then reached in to pull out the shoe. Carla held out her hand and Josie hesitantly passed the shoe over.

“So,” said Carla, “judging by this choice of discipline, plus your Johnny’s article, I’m thinking you have a bit of a fascination with spanking. Active or passive?” Josie looked confused. “Let me be clear. Are you fascinated with spankings, or merely the fantasy of spanking? Has anyone ever bared that cute little bum of yours and warmed your cheeks?”

Jodie cringed with embarrassment. She barely whispered her reply, “I always wanted to be spanked, but I could never pluck up the courage to ask.”

“Well now, this is your lucky day my girl! Let me pop that spanking cherry for you. Nothing better than some girl-to-girl attention to get you over that embarrassment,” Carla said cheerfully. “Now, let’s have no more fuss. Up you get!” Josie stood, slightly confused as Carla planted herself in the seat she had just vacated and crossed her legs. With a practiced move, Carla grabbed Josie’s wrist and pulled her down and across her lap. Josie squealed as she tumbled forward, planting her hands to break her fall. The momentum had carried her right over Carla’s lap so that her belly rested on Carla’s crossed leg, thrusting her bum high. As she lay there Carla spoke again, “Now Josie, you have a choice here. You made a serious error and you can choose to take this discipline and we can move on. Or, you can get up and go pack your things and leave. What’s it to be?”

Josie mumbled, “Please Carla, I don’t want to leave, I’ll take my discipline.” She had barely got the last word out of her mouth as Carla whipped the flat sole of the sandal across her skirt-covered cheeks. Josie shrieked as Carla spanked her several more times, causing the girl to buck as Carla drove her message home with vigour. Carla paused briefly, and Josie tried to push herself up. Carla quickly pressed her back down. “Oh no, miss. We’ve barely started! That was not even a warm-up. This is your warm-up,” she said, as she lifted Josie’s skirt to reveal her smooth buttocks clad in lacy black knickers. Josie cried out and tried to reach round to cover her bared cheeks. Carla quickly grabbed her wrist and pinned her hand in the small of her back. She took up the sandal again and smacked Josie’s knicker-clad bum.

The blows rang round the office and Josie was soon shrieking with the smacks. Carla loved watching a girl’s bum go from white to pink and then to deeper red as she spanked, and Josie’s delightful rear was a sight to behold. A few minutes later, Carla stopped again to ease down Josie’s knickers. This time there was no complaining. As she rolled her knickers down, Carla saw a damp patch at the crotch. She smiled to herself, knowing she had a new convert and a girl with a well-popped spanking cherry. Carla stroked Josie’s pink buttocks, enjoying the heat of the spanking. She slipped her hand between Josie’s legs, dipping a finger briefly before trailing back up her cleft. Carla took up the sandal once more. “Okay,” she said. “Now you’re warmed up, let’s get down to business.” The sandal smacked down left, right, left, right in a ringing, even tempo. Josie’s moans changed tone as the heat built up in her cheeks and beneath. After several minutes, Carla stopped spanking and began to gently stroke Josie’s hot buttocks. Josie moaned at the gentle touch, encouraging her boss and mentor, and Carla dipped her hand once more to cup Josie’s wet sex. She teased her fingers around her lips and clit as she edged her closer and closer to orgasm. As Josie climbed higher and higher up the mountain, Carla kept her rhythm steady, easing her forward. As she sensed Josie reaching her peak, she took up the sandal again and spanked her hard, just as her first spanking-induced orgasm crashed through her.


V and W in the challenge and I am behind schedule. X, Y and Z to go. I do hope it’s worth the wait for y’all. If you’ve been following along you will know the drill by now. Our journey began at Anticipation.


    1. Take your time- there are plenty of days’ pleasure to be had. LOL. There are lots of nuggets in the archive too if you want to browse around. Let me know what you think.

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