Happy Anniversary !!

We just had the one year anniversary for SPANK! and it has been an amazing time. As a writer I crave the attention of views and followers, comments and likes. Whilst there have not been as many active followers as I would like (ie those who comment and like) I can understand this. One handed keyboard use is tricky at the best of times. I like to think my work has caused more than a few standing ovations or damp gussets, and I hope my stories and poems have inspired a few bedroom games along the way.

Still, a year in and time for a recap: 142 followers can’t be wrong. You’ve had 100 pieces of erotic titillation including the epic A to Z Challenge piece (which I have still to finish). And close on 30,000 views in a year. Assuming even half of those views were the one-handed variety, that’s a lot of spunk generated by my work. I’m perversely proud of you all.

And along the way I’ve virtually spanked many delightful bottoms in my stories, whilst also receiving many a solid strapping or caning along the way. Writing these is as much fun as reading; many personal fantasies are lived through these words, and the imaginings have ignited many passions for Miranda and myself too.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed your first year of SPANK! and you will follow along for the second (and a little encouragement along the way would be nice 🙂 )

Looking back in the archives, here are a few of my favourites of the past year. Hope you enjoy :

Vaginal Bats

Shopping Trip Surprise

Writer’s Block

The Voyeur

Tennis Girl

Touching Your Toes

Willie the Wanker

Songs for Spanking – Fat Bottomed Girls


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