Month: June 2015

Changing Rooms pt 1

Daisy browsed through the racks of men’s shorts and selected three pairs. She the slowly worked her way to the back of the store, stopping to browse the racks in an attempt to appear nonchalant and innocent. As she did, she was certain that all eyes were on her and everyone could smell her arousal, knew what she was about. Her pussy burned with desire and she felt the dampness in her knickers as she forced herself to walk slowly towards the changing rooms.

“Hi,” she spoke to the assistant busily hanging clothes discarded by other shoppers as too small, too gaudy, too big.

“Oh hello dear, three items?”

“Yes, they are for my husband – can I just nip down. He sent me to look for a bigger size. Too much beer at the barbecue if you ask me!”  Daisy joked, trying desperately to quell her nerves. She dashed along the row of cubicles and tapped on the door at the end. “It’s me, open the door!” she whispered.

The door cracked open and she scooted inside and into the arms of her lover. “I don’t have long,” she whispered in between kisses, “Steve is outside. Never wants to come into a store with me,” she giggled. The pair continued their tongue-dance as Daisy reached down and squeezed Jamie’s turgid cock through the thin fabric of his shorts. She yanked down the zipper and popped the button, then let his shorts and underwear drop to the floor where they pooled around Jamie’s hairy feet. Daisy followed the shorts to the ground, dropping to her knees so she could mouth his glans. She held back his foreskin and dragged her tongue across the sensitive, glistening head like it was an ice cream, before taking half his length into her mouth and flicking the underside of his shaft with her tongue. Jamie’s shaft shot to full erection at her first touch, and she felt his cock buck with every flick and tease of her tongue. She used one hand to wank him, using her spit as lubricant, and with the other she squeezed his balls firmly. When she knew he was ready she stood, tugged down her knickers and turned her back to him. She then bent forwards to rest her hands on the little bench, watching Jamie in the full length mirror as he in turn dropped to his knees to return the favour. As she looked back she giggled to herself – anyone looking under the door could probably see Jamie’s stiff cock bobbing about as he dipped his head to lick her pussy.

Jamie held her cheeks open and tongued down her crack, jabbing at her bum. He wanted to fuck her there but for now contented himself with rimming her shaved hole before moving down to tongue-fuck her pussy. His nose was almost up her bum as he stretched his tongue deep inside her. After a few minutes she reached back and pushed him away – she was close and wanted to come with him inside her. He took the hint and stood, dipped his knees slightly to dock his cock in her sopping pussy, then slid up to the hilt. Jamie began to fuck her with deep strokes, when there was a knock on the door. The changing room assistant’s voice came through the door: “Everything alright in there sir? Anything I can help you with?”

Jamie and Daisy stifled giggles. “No, I’m fine. My wife’s here. I think we’re almost done,” Jamie called, as he increased his pace and drove them both to orgasm.


This story came to mind based on my poem, Steve’s Lost Libido and also my short story, Sadie. And don’t worry, there will most definitely be a spanking or several in the future installments. It’s not sexy without spanking 🙂

Steve’s Lost Libido

Steve’s sex drive has gone missing

It disappeared a while ago

And now he’s just existing

With a fizzed out libido

He lost it when out shopping

For a gift for his dear wife

When across the aisles he saw her

And it stuck him like a knife

His dearest little Daisy

Was browsing the menswear racks

When she picked out a special item

A lovely pair of slacks

Now Steve is on the large side

He’s not a little guy

So when he saw the pants she held

He knew things were awry

The pants were slim and dandy

Too small by far for Steve

And then she picked out underwear

And his stomach gave a heave

She took her goods and walked across

To a changing cubicle

Then with a surreptitious glance

She ducked inside a stall

Beneath the door, as Steve could see

The stall was still in use

For there was another pair of feet

A man’s, he did deduce

He jumped as he saw trousers

And then blue underwear

Flutter down the hairy legs

And trap them like a snare

The next site was quite shocking

As Daisy went to her knees

She stayed like that for minutes

While Steve’s blood began to freeze

And then she stood, and turned around

Her knickers then came down

The man now dropped onto his knees

And Steve heard a slurping sound

And then he stood, and dipped his knees

No doubt to dip his wick

So Daisy got her secret fuck,

Making Steve a little sick

The fuck was done, the pants came up

The stall door was slowly cracked

And out snuck Daisy, all aflush

And behind her, Cousin Jack

A raging Steve stepped quickly forth

He grabbed the little shit

He punched his nose, he kneed his balls

He pummelled the slimy git

And then he grabbed for Daisy

And propelled her back inside

He ripped her still-moist knickers off

And tanned her hussy hide

He spanked her hard inside that booth

All outside could hear

At last he stopped and looked at her

With a bright red glowing rear

“Now get you home, you little whore”

He barked, she shook with fear

He yanked the door right off its post

And dragged her by the ear

Once home, he had her strip her clothes

And bend over the old chair

He pulled his belt out of its loops

And snapped it in the air

He aimed his blow, she clenched her cheeks

His arm pulled back quite high

His arm whipped down, the belt bit deep

She let out a shrieking cry

Still unperturbed, he whipped her more

Recalling her disgrace

Her bum was vivid red with weals

And his anger was replaced

With lust, and a stonking hard-on

Nigh ripping through his pants

He freed his cock and grabbed her hips

To stab her with his lance

But thought of fucking her tight cunt

Where Jack’s emissions swam

Caused Steve to pause and think again

Of another cunning plan

He wet his dick to lubricate

And took aim at her arsehole

And pushed until he popped inside

Then docked his meaty pole

She squealed at his intrusion

He laughed at her dismay

“Next time you fuck young Jackie boy

You know how you will pay”

“In fact, I’m going to whip you

And fuck your little bum”

“Every night from here to Christmas

So you know the price of fun”