Month: October 2015

Hubble, Bubble repost

My writing blues continue, and I wanted to share a post with you for this special day. So here it is, a repost of Hubble, Bubble from exactly a year ago. Hopefully it may encourage readers to delve into the back catalogue – and you all know how much fun that can be!!


Hubble, double, toil and trouble

Witches wizened pussies bubble

Watching with malevolent stare

As knave and maiden strip and bare


Each then bound to a whipping bench

Both strapped tight against buttocks clench

Hellstrap swung with ferocious might

Knave’s scream of anguish cuts the night


A vicious strike, a plaintive cry

As whip tip lands on unseeing eye

Amplified yet tenfold more

As lash tip whips his manhood raw


Bruised and broken, knave is finished

With cross-hatched bum and cock diminished

Next maiden cries as strap lays its fire

Perversely, she thrusts her buttocks higher


Straining up for another stroke

As cries of anguished pleasure choke

Twelve more lashes, hard and tight

Delivered with all the witches might


Her buttocks hot and red and sore

Poor maiden sobs yet begs for more

Witch steps up to maiden, bound

Reaches out, without a sound


Witch explores the reddened rump

Traces nails ‘cross buttocks plump

Drops wrinkled hand to pubic mound

Pinches lips and stirs around


Stirring the molten pot within

Reveals the moistened juice of sin

Witch strokes the juicy, open cunt

Extracts a lustful, guttural grunt


Blacken’d nail flicks hooded clit

Scratches down the swollen slit

Fires stoked high and passions rise

And climb, and peak, and then subside

I hope y’all enjoyed this pre-Hallowe’en fun. The picture I found to be quite intriguing – sourced from Google of course, via Not quite sure why one girl is up the chimney, and whether the other is spanking her, learning to fly the broomstick or is using the rough twigs to rub herself off !