Bianca Neve pt 1

Bianca became aware of the woodpeckers drilling inside her head marginally after she noticed the firm pressure against her anus, and the sharp pain of an unexpected intruder stretching the tight ring of muscle. She jerked away – or tried to – since she seemed to have lost all control of her limbs and was being held, butt uppermost, by firm hands gripping her waist. Her eyes popped behind sealed lids as her intruder finally popped inside, but she was still blind. She found she could not move even her eyelids. She felt her eyeballs roll upwards in her skull as the salami slid inwards to dock deep inside her rectum.

She tried to voice her concerns to the intruder instead, but her throat was blocked – not even a hoarse squeak emerged and her mouth tasted like a badger’s arse. And so she was held, silent and blinded, on her knees, her face scraping across the coarse sheet as each deep thrust behind shoved her forwards and then dragged her backwards on the out stroke. And then there was a quickening and a final ramrod that speared her like a pig on a spit before he popped out of her, spattering her buttocks with his seed as he did so, and leaving her empty, gaping and exposed.

She felt the bed rock as he moved away. And then, with a sharp slap to her buttock, he was gone. Without support, she flopped forwards, scraping her cheek once more on the coarse linen, then keeled over onto her side.

Part 2 here


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