Bianca Neve Pt 2

Continuing Bianca’s adventures. Start from Part 1 here.

She lay there, trying to come to terms with what had just happened. She was incredibly woozy from the pounding in her head, but that didn’t take away from the soreness in her stretched arse and the sandpapering of her cheek. She had no idea where she was or who had just royally fucked her arse. And until she could regain use of her limbs, find her voice or open her eyes, she would know no more.

As she lay she realised she could hear voices murmering behind her. It sounded like a group of men. She strained to hear what was being said. She began to pick up a few words.

“Well I don’t know what to suggest boys,” said a deep, gravelly voice. “Our Bianca’s out for the count. I don’t know what that witch gave her. A bit of buggery’s never failed to bring you boys round ready for a day in the mines, no matter how much o’ Droopy’s Brew you’ve had. Nothin’ like a plowing the back field to clear a fella’s head. Don’t seem to work on yon girlie tho’”

‘Plowing the back field!’ – the phrase stirred dim memories in her befuddled brain. She knew she’d heard it before. And that voice – such a distinctively deep growling, like something coming out of the earth. Who was it? Whoever owned that grinding voice was also the one who had just been drilling deep up her bum!

Part 3 here

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