Bianca Neve Pt3

Continuing Bianca’s adventures. Start from Part 1 here.

“Don’t come that ‘compassionate voice’ Knobby, you randy old bugger!’ muttered another.

The light flickered brighter in Bianca’s brain. She knew that name! ‘Knobby! Dear old Knobby just popped my brown cherry!’ she thought. The tenderness twixt her cheeks reminded her of his recent presence. ‘And what a salami he was hiding in those baggy pants! Who would ever have guessed!’

The second voice continued to grumble on. “Ye’ll bugger anythin’ wot lays still for a second. Three times last week you stretched my arse. Pinned me down, greased me up and wham! Yer didna even wait for a by your leave, just plugged me so deep I could taste yer todger on the back o’ me throat! I can hear the echo every time I fart now.”

“First time in a month you got to work on time though, wasn’t it Sleepy!” Knobby laughed.

‘Oh my golly!’ thought Bianca. ‘Sleepy’s here too. But such crudity from the little fellas. And so Knobby had been stoppering him as well? Well now I know why he waddles when he walks!’ Her mind tumbled onwards, “My just wait til I get to my senses. I’ve a word or two for that pair! I should wash out their mouths then turn them over my knee and spank their bottoms raw!’

Part 4 here.


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