Bianca Neve Pt 4

The saga starts here, with Part 1

Just then she heard a third voice. “Mebbe Knobby went up the wrong hole. We should try poking her Palomita, see if that might get a reaction?”

“Her what?” exclaimed Knobby.

“Palomita – isn’t that what it’s called? Her ‘little dove’?”

Bianca felt a rough hand lift her leg. “Funniest little dove I ever saw. Looks more like a badly packed sandwich to me!” She heard Knobby’s gruff laughter. Bianca felt herself burn up inside. ‘Oh he’s certainly getting a good spanking when I get out of here,’ she fumed inwardly.

A little voice piped up, trying to be heard above Knobby’s guffaws. “But Spunky! You can’t poke her Pamolina. It’s not safe! I saw her feeding it wi’ a bit o’ sausage last week. She told me she has vicious bats in there. That’s why there’s blood every month, she said. She told me, all hushed like, that a fella lost the end of his todger when he tried to poke her friend,” said Dopey.

Bianca burned up inside. She remembered Dopey walking in on her. She’d thought the lads had gone off to the mines. She’d been in Knobby’s kitchen when she spied a firm Salsiccia sausage on the cold shelf. She remembered picking it up, thinking to make a snack, but the feel of the girth, length and firm knobbly texture in her hand reminded her of Guivanni, the stable lad.

Part 5 is here

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