Bianca Neve Pt 6

The continuing tales of Bianca Neve. Part 1 starts it all here

Spunky’s laughter brought her back to the present. “You really do know nowt, eh Dopey?” he sniggered. “I know a thing or two about the ladies and their bats.” His audience hushed as he rose to the occasion.

“Now then, you got a few choices with her lady-cave bats. Best bet is to get it out o’ there, leve the way clear for any shenanigans later. The way to do it this. One of you needs to put yer todger in her doings, then let the nippers latch on. Soon as you feel the nip, you whip out quick, pulling ’em with you like a fish on a line. You’ll not pull it off with yer fingers lest you lose the tip or they start flapping round the room, so I’ll be ready to smack ‘em wi’ a bat.” He guffawed,”A bat for a bat, that’s funny!” When he saw no one else laughing he harrumphed.  “So, who’s up for it? Woody – you’ve always got yer todger up and ready”

Bianca heard shuffles and mutters. “Not sure what’s worse, that monster latching down on my wood or you smacking my shaft wi’ a bat,” cried Woody. “Either way this Woody’s not going up there, that’s for sure.”

“I’m not sure I’d risk my old fella with them teeth,” cringed Knobby. “I vote we just keep plowing her back field til she wakes up. Has to sooner or later. We could just go at her, one after the other.” Bianca felt her bum twitch at the thought of seven cocks drilling her her, but still she could not actually move a muscle.

“I’ll poke your arse if you try!” said Spunky. “She’ll be like the mine shaft after we blasted if you try that – think o’ the mess that caused when you gave Dopey his ‘special medicine’ every day last week! No, front hole it is, but if no one’s dwarf enough to drag the blighter out, we need another way. Now, we can either go fast and furious, or slow and gentle.”

“Fast and furious never caught a rabbit,” piped Droopy.

“You’re right, Droopy!” replied Spunky. “Seein’ as none o’ you has the balls to fetch the nipper out o’ there we’ll just have to sneak up on ‘im. Slow and smooth, that’s the way. Don’t disturb the nippers and all’s good.”

There was a pause, and Bianca felt her leg lifted. She felt warm breath on her conija. “Looks a bit dry to me,” said Spunky. “If she’s not greased up we’ll never get in wi’out waking the nipper. Knobby, what did you use to slide up her bum?”

“Goose fat. Greasiest stuff I know. Slap that on yer todger and you’ll slide up a duck’s arse – and that’s waterproof!”

“Eww, no! Goose fat’s no good. The smell might wake the beastie – they like meat you know!” Spunky replied. “I know! Slurpy’s got the best tongue here. He’s licked ev’ry one o’ us fellas from arsehole to tip, and he coils it round like a snake on a frog! I bet he can wet her up so softly the beastie’ll never know.”

Bianca felt her stomach lurch. Oh my what had she gotten into!

Part 7 is here.

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