Bianca Neve Pt 7

As we continue to follow Bianca’s plight. It all started way back here at Part 1

Bianca heard a shuffle, then felt several hands roll her onto her back. She felt her legs lifted up and apart, and a gentle breeze fluttering across her conija. “Now then Slurpy, get in there my son. Just imagine yer blowing on Woody’s flute,” he laughed. “Go on, do your thing on her – thing,” said Spunky.

“B..but where’s her todger? There’s nowt there to suck!” exclaimed Slurpy. “It’s like a rutted track! What am I supposed to lick?”

“Oh come on Slurpy!” came Knobby’s gravelly tones. “You can rasp the skin off mi’ shaft wi’ that tongue o’ yours! Rise and shine, ev’ry mornin’ that’s for sure!”

“Don’t I know it – I’m getting’ friggin’ lockjaw ev’ry day wrapping my jaws round that sausage o’ yours. I don’t know why you can’t just set an alarm like everyone else. And by the way – you could think to wash it after you’ve been up Dopey’s arse.”

“Just lick her like you’re licking yer plate clean, ‘stead of sucking a lollipop! Get in there and wet her furrow, give me a better target to go for,” said Spunky. “I’m going for the surprise attack I think, less chance o’ losing the old todger that way!.”

“Okay, I will,” said Slurpy. “Hold my legs boys, I’m going in.”

Tune in tomorrow for part 8!

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