Bianca Neve Pt 8

What happened when Slurpy dived in? Read on to find out. If you have no idea who Slurpy is or what he’s diving into, start HERE

Bianca felt Slurpy’s warm breath on her sensitive skin as he poised above her. He was obviously trying to figure out what to do first. She felt the hairs of his long beard tickle along her still-tender bum as he moved his head back and forth. Finally she felt the first tentative flicks from his tongue as he tested the flavours of her juices. And then came the lightest touch, light as a feather on the breeze yet deeply intense at the same time. It was such an agonisingly exquisite sensation. It was too much to bear yet all she could ever want to feel ever again.

His tongue flickered and drawled along the groove where only her own fingers had played before. She felt his tongue slide forwards from her hole to the secret nub she toyed after her whipping sessions with Giuvanni, and then she felt that nub wrapped in the gossamer softness of that magical muscle. She felt her flesh being stretched, softly squeezed, moulded, caressed, enrobed as if it were a ripe cherry in the hands of the palace chocolatiers.

She felt her blood rush to the source of her pleasure, felt her heat rise as it had at her own hand, only with infinitely greater pleasure. She felt her pleasure climb, climb and then peak as a thousand stars erupted in her head. But still he lapped and swirled that mythically magical mouth muscle and she was climbing again, again and again. At last her body could take no more as her sensitivity climbed along with her pleasure.  The intensity of pleasure made her body rigid, snapped her thighs together like a vice.

Slurpy’s head was trapped, his mouth was still pressed hard to her mound and his tongue still lapped her super-sensitized button as he struggle to escape. Bianca climbed pleasure mountain again and again, her muscles tensed still tighter, her thighs clamped harder, and Slurpy’s head squished tighter against her slit in an endless pleasure-pain paroxysm.

Will Slurpy escape? WIll Spunky brave the vaginal bats? Part 9 is here.


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