Bianca Neve Part 9

Will Slurpy escape Bianca’s grip? Read on!! It all started back here at Part 1

Slurpy’s muffled screams were almost drowned out by the laughter of the other fellas as they watched his little legs flailing. Spunky grabbed at his waist to pull him out. With all his strength he janked backwards, flying head over heels off the bed and leaving a bare-arsed Slurpy still firmly trapped between Bianca’s locked thighs. The sight of Slurpy’s vulnerable butthole winking as his legs whipped around in vain attempt to escape had Knobby stroking his shaft back to stiffness. Spunky delivered a swift kick to his nutsack and told him to back off unless he fancied a rodgering himself with the business-end of a pickaxe.

The dwarves were paralysed with laughter – all but Knobby who was still doubled-over clutching his crushed jewel bag. As their laughter subsided they could see that Slurpy was gradually suffocating, and so they once more tugged on his legs. As one took a leg each, the others stood two to a side and levered Bianca’s thighs apart just enough for Slurpy to be popped out like a cork from a bottle. All three were thrown backwards from the bed, splitting Slurpy like a chicken wishbone. He flew ten feet backwards and took a soft landing, arse first onto Woody’s face.

He clambered up and staggered over to the bed. “By Jesus fellas!” he gasped, “She damn near suffocated me, soon as I got me tongue on her. Clamped me ‘ead in so tight I couldn’t move. Nigh on drowned down there too, so much wet! Like wrestling an octopus underwater.”

Bianca cringed at the crudeness, but she knew she would have Slurpy back between her legs if she could ever get her body to move again.


More to come …

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