Bianca Neve Part 11

The continuing adventures of Bianca Neve. It all started way back here.

“You’ve a way with that strap, I’ll give yer that,” said Knobby. “To be sure, young Droopy’s pointi’ North agin, and he can play a full part in ‘hide the sausage’, but the poor wee laddie cannot even sit for supper! I can’t ‘ave you marking our Bianca like that.”

Spanky smiled to himself at the thought of young Droopy secured over his trestle twice daily for his ‘medicine’. Little did he know that the reason for his dangly dobber was securely stashed inside Spanky’s pants pocket. He’d been dropping a little herbal concoction into his tea each morning. After a few days he’d eased off the dosage, so he could claim the benefits of his continued treatment. How else would he get one of the dwarves to drop pants to feel his strap? Nothing got his pecker up faster than the sight of a twitching pair of naked buttocks, ready to be marked with the kiss of leather. The thought of having Bianca’s fuller buttocks bared for his attention had his shaft almost ripping a hole in his breeches. It was one thing poking a dwarf with glowing red cheeks. The thought of having Bianca in the same state was almost too much for him to bear.

He tried to reply, squeeked, cleared his throat and tried to sound authoritative. “I know what I’m doing here lads. We just need to shake the bats from their cave. A good hard strapping is the best way to knock ‘em loose. If needs be, Knobby can follow up with a butt plowing to help her along. After that, she should be free o’ bats and ready for a proper going-at.”

There were murmurs of dissent at his words. Sensing that the high degree of scepticism might thwart his goal of whipping young Bianca’s soft cheeks, he pushed forwards. “Come on lads, what’s to lose? None of us can get to bed tonight ‘til we get her out of here anyways, and none of you have a better idea.” He nudged a couple of the quitter dwarves to help him, and pretty soon Bianca felt strong hands mauling and maneuvering her under Spanky’s direction. More than once a calloused hand squeezed her bubbies and dragged over her stiff young nipples, sending a lightning bolt straight to her pleasure nub and renewing her excitement and frustration.

Part 12 tomorrow

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