Bianca Neve Part 12

And so it goes on. I’m wondering why I ever started this . Still, if you want to catch up, you can start here.

At last she felt herself carried off the bed. She was draped over a soft but firm contraption. She felt herself tip forwards so her head was down, knees apart and butt high.

“Don’t forget the straps boys!” shouted Spanky. “We don’t want any accidents when she wakes.”

She felt straps being fastened around her waist and thighs to hold her steady. Once she was positioned, there was a hushed silence behind her. She could feel their eyes drinking in the sight she offered with her exposed bum and sex. She imagined Knobby was stroking his cock once more, and Slurpy eyeing her wet folds warily. What she didn’t imagine was the sudden, biting line of fire as Spanky’s leather strap whipped across and around her buttocks, leaving behind a line of fire and a sharp nip where the strap kissed her outer thigh. Internally she stiffened, screamed and struggled – but all the while she remained locked inside her own body. Again and again the pain bit into her soft, vulnerable buttocks as Spanky got into his rhythym, laying on the strap with a vigour in time to his own growing excitement.

She thought it would never end. Her bum cheeks were on fire as the strap whipped down again and again. And then she felt the surging begin again as her pleasure grew in time with his lashes. She climbed higher and higher as his strap bit harder and harder until she stiffened, froze and then released. Behind her she heard a gasp.

“Stop! Stop!” screamed Knobby. “By ‘eck lad! You’ve broken summat inside I think!” He looked around at the hushed crowd. “Did you lads see that? Like a geyser that was, right out of her cunny!”

“Oh no! Do you think she’s alright?” asked Spanky, his voice suddenly fearful.

Well we can’t leave it there! Part 13 is here.

Tell me how you like it

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