Month: July 2017

Kami Tora inspired

Miss Johnson took my homework

She read it with a frown

She called me to the front with her

And pulled my trousers down

She rolled down my white undies

To just below the knee

And made me bend to face the class

So everyone could see

With all the grinning faces

My prick began to grow

It stuck out hard and dripping

And gave the girls a show

Right up in front young Susie sat

She was leaning forth to see

My rampant cock as I endured

A beating to my heinie

And so Miss took the bamboo

She swished it in the air

She slashed my cheeks with all her might

To ‘educate’ my rear

She gave me six strong stinging strokes

With excruciating aim

And as the sixth came biting down

I was utterly in shame

For as the sixth stroke bit in deep

My cock was overcome

And I shot my load in Susie’s eye

As Miss Johnson whipped my bum

Susie screamed “I’ve now gone blind!”

The class was in uproar

But Miss, she shrugged, and said to all

Well, I’ve never seen that before!

So now when Miss she canes us

She has an aim in mind

The boys must shoot a load of cum

And make poor Susie blind!