Rebekkah’s Revenge (2)

Ohhh – this story seems to be getting away from me! All my worst fears and fantasies!! This tale does seem quite apropos though, with the outpouring of male sexual harassment in the press just lately. Harvey Weinstein and your ilk, take note!!

We pick up from Rebekkah’s Revenge here:

The girls bundled the hapless man into the back of Sarah’s car for the short ride back down the lane. They dragged him off the back seat by the jeans still hobbling his legs. As he exited backwards, Sarah grabbed his ball sac and pulled backwards, forcing him to double over. She held his bollocks firmly as he hobbled carefully forward, led by Rebekkah as she guided him by his jacket collar. Once inside, Sarah gave hs sac another hard squeeze as they dropped him onto the hard floor. He lay on his side, moaning a little.

“So what now?” asked Sarah. “What do you want to do with him?”

“I think he needs to learn some respect. He needs to know what it’s like to be a woman today with bastards like him everywhere. I say we take our fun, just like he would.”

“Well yah, I’m definitely gonna whup his ass some more. But guys need to know how much effort we put into looking good. Looks like he’s never bothered himself. We should buff and pluck. Kinda modern day tar and feathering.”

Rebekkah laughed out loud. “Oh! Oww! But I like that. That’s a lesson he can take back to his gym rats.” She snickered, “Maybe he’ll find some new lovin’ buddies then. I’ll text Adriana, tell her to bring her esthetics stuff.”

The girls hauled their prize into the basement bedroom and onto the old metal-framed bed. Rebekkah found some rope in her dad’s workshop. Sarah sat on his chest and Rebekkah looped a line round his ankles to the bedframe, handing the ends to Sarah. She then worked his jeans off and Sarah yanked on the ropes, forcing his legs apart. With a similar manoeuvre they had him naked and spread-eagle.

Sarah looked him up and down. “He’s a bit thin for my tastes, but this isn’t too shabby.” She said the last words as she reached forward and pulled on his penis. His eyes darted and he tried to jerk away from her grip. “Now, now. Relax a little. I’m just eyeing the merchandise.” Her hand massaged him erect and continued to stroke up and down. “My, not a bad specimen. Almost as big as my dildo. We can play with that later. Just for now I think a little teasing will do the job.” She grasped his shaft firmly in her left hand. With her right she rubbed the tip of his penis rapidly with her open palm. He bucked and writhed as his glans became super sensitised. After a minute or so she released him. The girls laughed as his penis twitched and flicked.

“My turn,” said Rebekkah. She held his shaft firm and rotate her wetted finger round and round on his penis head, then flicked a nail back and forth across his slit. She raked her nails round and under his head. His hips bucked as he thrashed in exquisite agony, his penis rock hard.

“I think he’s getting a little over heated,” said Sarah. The girls locked eyes. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Rebekkah leapt off the bed. “Yep, he needs a little ice to cool him off. I’ll be quick. Keep him bubbling.”

As Rebekkah raced upstairs for ice, Sarah continued to tease him by raking her nails along the underside of his shaft. His cock was leaking profusely now. She couldn’t resist dipping her tongue to tease his slit, licking with the barest of cat-licks. His cock twitched violently so she quickly squeezed his cock at the base to stem the flow as she heard Rebekkah on the stairs. She entered the room with a bowl of ice cubes.

“This will cool him down,” she giggled. She took a cube in her palm and gripped his cock head, rolling the ice round and round. Melting water dripped down his shaft and between his cheeks. She wanked him then with the ice cube, finally holding it tightly against his scrotum.

Continues HERE


  1. Lol 😁 geeze talk about keeping me in suspenders…. Ummm maybe I mean suspension… No that’s not it either….
    Maybe it is suspension… Yep that’s the plan 😉😉😄 😄😅😅

    I’m really enjoying this story. 😀

    IMHO revenge is best served cold
    ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

  2. HOT WAXING of the nether regions and those very hairy legs. OWWW YEAH.
    Geeze those pubes more hair than a gorillas….
    Now what can Sarah and Rebekah find to pluck him of ALL his finery….
    This randy rooster 🐓 needs a good ole pluck….
    Not what he was intended to do…. Rhymes with pluck…… LOL
    Pluck him s l o w
    Pluck him FAST
    Pluck him like a strussed up duck
    QUACK QUACK…… 😅😅😅😅

    1. You guessed it. I had to stop writing earlier – the imagery was too painful for this chap! I could feel the pain/pleasure as they teased him 😩

      1. Awwwww diddums please continue….
        Pretty please with sugar on Top….

        Pluck him high
        Pluck him low
        Pluck him FAST
        Pluck him s l o w. . . . . 😀

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