Rebekkah’s Revenge (4)

Part 3 is HERE. The story began HERErawroot31.

Rebekkah returned with two items in hand. She paused at the doorway, taking in the sight before her. Sarah sat astride the man’s back with her hand between her legs, rubbing furiously. His buttocks sported two deep red bullseyes, one on each cheek, surrounded by a mass of red splotches covering the entire surface of his buttocks and upper thighs. She watched Sarah stiffen, tense and then slump as she brought herself off. Her head snapped back as Rebekkah spoke.

“I wondered when you’d give in,” she smiled. “I’m pretty horny myself, now we’re in charge.” She threw the two items she’s brought with her onto the bed. “Here, give him some more while I watch.” As she spoke she tugged her jogging pants and knickers off. Her hand slid down her belly towards her sex as Sarah reached forward for the items on the bed.  She picked up a heavy leather strap with a wooden handle, and a carved root. She took in the scent and looked up quizzically.

“Figging,” Rebekkah said, sliding to her knees as her hand dipped beneath. “Push it up his bum. It burns like fuck, especially if he clenches. Makes the strapping burn all the more.”

The strap hung in Sarah’s hand. “Do you wanna tell me how you know all this?” she asked. “And why am I only now fidning out about this side of you?”

“Later,” gasped Rebekkah as her fingers continued to strum. “Just … just do it … NOW.”

“Oh girl, we are going to have a long, long talk later. I can’t believe you’ve not shared this kink with me before.” She turned back to the bed and to her captive. As her hand touched his punished cheeks, he squeezed his buttocks tightly.

“You are not shoving anything up my arse, you witch!” he shouted.

“Oh come on now,” Sarah crooned. “You studs are always trying to fuck us up the bum. Time for a little table turning is all. Now, ease open. It won’t hurt a bit. Isn’t that what you guys tell us?” She smirked over at Rebekkah, now slowly twirling her fingers between her legs, holding herself close to orgasm.

Sarah reached between the man’s legs and took hold of his dangling sac. “You have two choices. You can open up now and take your medicine, or I can smack these nuts with my hairbrush, and then you can open up. Your choice.” She gave him a quick squeeze to emphasise his predicament. He gasped, then reluctantly relaxed his cheeks. Sarah quickly lubricated the root with some spit and slipped the thumb-sized shaft deep into his rectum. She rotated it a couple of times to spread the ginger around his sensitive flesh. After just a few seconds he cried out.

“Fuck! That burns! Oh fuck, take it out, take it out!” His cheeks jerked and bounced as he tried to dislodge the root.

“Okay, now give him the strap,” Rebekkah growled hoarsely, her eyes almost demonic, as her fingers flicked and probed her sex.

Sarah took up the strap, marked her aim and pulled her arm back. She whipped it forward and connected with the man’s punished flesh. The blow was like a gunshot. He jerked forward, clenching his cheeks against the pain, thus squeezing the ginger root deep within his hole. He yelped again as the burn intensified. A red rectangle marked the blow, with a crimson line on his right cheek where the strap had wrapped around.

“Again!” cried Rebekkah. Sarah did not need the instruction however. The strap was already flying towards its target. The leather kissed his cheeks savagely. He roared again, but this time tried to avoid intensifying the burning ginger. His cheeks twitched as he fought to control the pain. Sarah lashed him again and this time it was Rebekkah who cried first, rushing over the edge of her own orgasm as the man twitched and writhed in his own orgy of pain and fire.

Sarah looked from the man to Rebekkah, her own breath ragged from exhilaration. Her eyes shone as she eyed the crimson cheeks aflame. She whipped him another three times and then dropped the strap. Her hand roved over his burning flesh, then beneath to his sac and shrivelled member. With deft fingers she quickly eased life back into his flesh. With him erect she tugged him as if milking a cow, at the same time fucking his ass with the ginger. She rammed the ginger home once more, to free a hand for her own pleasure. As she stroke his solid shaft she teased her cunt once more, probing deeply and then sliding forwards to circle her clit, riding her fingers to another crashing orgasm as she jerked a third load from her bound captive.

To be continued …

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