Artwork & Pictures

Heads Up!

Regular readers will spot a change to my site – a new header image. Not sure if I will keep this or not – I do like the old one with the kneeling girl and my favourite spanking toy – the riding crop.

What do you think. This one:

Or this one:

I like the intimacy of the latter, with her fully clothed master and the glimpse of her pussy lips suggesting further delights to follow, but who cannot like a row of five warmed bottoms on display.

Choices, choices.

* Former image came from a link to, found on The submissive crop image is a Google sourced image.


Back to College

I apologise for my tardiness in posting. I’ve been away. Not that any excuse should spare my bottom blushes I’m sure, but there you have it. Miranda has already promised to give me lines as a penance – and I am sure you can imagine the kind she has in mind.


Well, sad to say, but it seems summer is done for another year  😦

But with the advent of Fall comes a bevvy of new college beauties needing the firm hand of the Professor to instill some academic rigour. In that vein, I offer you the delights of National Lampoon.

I can see a short story in my future postings to supplement this fine artwork. For now, your imaginations must suffice.