Princess Jasmine’s Lament


Oh Aladdin, how I wish t’were me

You rubbed with such delight

Your rub your lamp so vigorously

To play with Genie, ev’ry night

You rub and rub, til it fairly glows

And the dome is rosy red

And then ‘pouff’ your Genie doth erupt

And you lay back on your bed

As you lay, and catch your wits

Your Genie sputters forth

And makes a mess upon the floor

And all upon the walls

He promises much, but delivers naught

So you rub him out once more

Oh foolish boy, tis me you need

To rub, and I’ll do yours

Just place that practiced finger

Right here, yes, that’s it!

Now rotate that practiced digit

And polish my tiny clit

And as my fervour rises

I will take your lamp in hand

I will rub your dome til it shines bright

The brightest in the land

Then with shaft a glowing

And my clit about to burst

Your Genie will explode for sure

– as long as I’ve cum first

And when your Genie’s wilted

And your seeds have all been sown

Just ask yourself, was that better

Than rubbing that lamp alone?

Happy New Year

Well here we are again – another year over and a new one just begun. Some winter bums to tide you over the season!

May your ass be warmed to melt the winter’s snow, 

And your bum be spanked to a fiery rosy glow

May your strap be never far from hand

And your bottom be always on demand



Thank you for your patronage. I will be back with many more stories and poems for 2018 – and hopefully a book or two before year’s end, or it will be my ass on the line (I hope!)

Jack’s Revenge

Kami Tora produced the two pictures used in this post and in Jack and Miss Forsyth as a pair. so I thought it would be neat to write two poems to illustrate the pictures. Kami Tora art lends itself so well to these fun poems, I find. Follow the tag to my other Kami Tora inspired poems. Enjoy!

Jack’s pride was hurt, just like his bum, Miss Forsyth whacked him so

His cock had risen as she did, and he gave the class a show

His bum was bare, his cock was hard, his tears were flowing free

And then his cock had shot a load, when paddled, ‘cross her knee

Jack had not been punished much, but it was actually quite nice

But Forsyth had hurt his manly pride, and for that, she’d pay a price

He wanted his revenge, you see, to right this painful wrong

He’d whack Miss Forsyth’s pretty bum, and hear her soulful song

He plotted long, he plotted hard, he just had to think this through

And then he got the perfect chance. It came quite out the blue

One day he had a Math test, his best and favourite class

His answers were a little off, but good enough to pass

Now Jack was used to being right, he did not like to fail

So when his got his paper back, it was quite beyond the pale

His parents paid out quite the fee to keep him at that school

So turning in a B+ grade, made him look quite the fool

His parents threatened to withdraw their little protégé

The teacher was at fault they said, “Jack should have got an A”

He told then not to worry, it was surely a mistake

He would meet his teacher after class, he knew what steps to take

He would put her in her rightful place, Forsyth would see the light

And so he met her after class, to convey his parent’s slight

“My folks, they pay your wages, see?” He came right out and said

“You need to grade me with an A, or you’ll be out of work instead”

She stood her ground, she stamped her foot. She was not one to be told

But then the Head was at the door and Miss Forsyth he did scold

“Young Jack’s dad, he built this school, he paid for every brick”

“So you will do just what you’re told. You’ll even suck his dick!”

With that, he left the pair alone, and Jack then took his cue

He smiled a knowing little smile. He knew just what to do

“You’ll write 100 times or more, ‘Jack always gets an A’

And when you’re done we can discuss the painful price you’ll pay

But first I think, a little fun. You know, the Head was right

If you suck my dick then I will know, you truly are contrite”

And so, on bended knee she went, and pulled his member out

And slathered up and down his pole, til he shot into her mouth

She chalked away, til the board was full, her mouth still full of cum,

And then he bent her o’er his knee, to spank her perky bum

He whipped her tights right down her thighs, her panties down as well

And marvelled at the gorgeous sight, of her rounded buttocks swell

He took a rule and whipped it down, red striping her fine arse

And kept on spanking at her bum, til she began to curse

She made such a noise, it wasn’t right. She wouldn’t stop her racket

So he put an apple in her mouth, and she bit down hard upon it

Now on he went, with vicious spite, spanking hard her naked rear

His grade, he knew, would now be A. Of that he had no fear.

Jack and Miss Forsyth

Jack was new at the Academy

So he didn’t know the drill

That Staff were Gods, and never wrong

So things quickly went downhill

One teacher in particular

The attractive Miss Forsyth

Was very strict about the rules

And the consequential price

For any lad, or any girl

Who questioned her reply

Well Jack was quite the cocky sod

So he argued, eye to eye

Forsyth fumed at Jack’s retort

“I’m having none of it!

You’d best get used to standing up

You’ll be too sore to sit!”

She had him write a hundred times

“I will do what she says”

And then she stripped him of his pants

And whacked his bum ablaze

He lay across her silken legs

His bottom bare to all

And then the paddle lit him up

And he began to bawl

And then she felt his willy grow

So she trapped it, twixt her thighs

And whaled upon his naked rear

Til his member did arise

She whacked him with her paddle

She made his bottom sore

She kept on spanking very hard

Until his cum shot on the floor


Straight out of the shower

So fresh  and so clean

Brazilian waxed with

Not a hair to be seen

My cheeks are divided

All treasures on view

Just waiting for action

You know what to do

My bottom is twitching

Awaiting your strap

And sweet stinging pleasure

From the leather’s tight wrap

Aim good so the tip

Smacks me right at the core

Tip kissing my asshole

Sweet burning, so sore

Red cheeks then a-glowing

And deep in between

Sweet fig starts a-weeping

And you know what that means

So now that I’m tender

And juicy and tight

I’ll welcome your member 

Where you wanted, last night

My rosebud is eager

For your penile desires

Squeeze past my defences 

And claim this sweet prize

Slide deep, slide slowly

Til you’re fully enclosed

And your shaft is embedded

In my tight little rose

But don’t be excited

Don’t act in such haste

My pussy is empty

And that’s such a waste

So have my dark secret

For your aperitif

But save your finale

For my soft silken sheath

Her muscles will squeeze you

And tease you and goad

Til control is all gone and

Your orgasm explodes

Kami Tora inspired

Miss Johnson took my homework

She read it with a frown

She called me to the front with her

And pulled my trousers down

She rolled down my white undies

To just below the knee

And made me bend to face the class

So everyone could see

With all the grinning faces

My prick began to grow

It stuck out hard and dripping

And gave the girls a show

Right up in front young Susie sat

She was leaning forth to see

My rampant cock as I endured

A beating to my heinie

And so Miss took the bamboo

She swished it in the air

She slashed my cheeks with all her might

To ‘educate’ my rear

She gave me six strong stinging strokes

With excruciating aim

And as the sixth came biting down

I was utterly in shame

For as the sixth stroke bit in deep

My cock was overcome

And I shot my load in Susie’s eye

As Miss Johnson whipped my bum

Susie screamed “I’ve now gone blind!”

The class was in uproar

But Miss, she shrugged, and said to all

Well, I’ve never seen that before!

So now when Miss she canes us

She has an aim in mind

The boys must shoot a load of cum

And make poor Susie blind!

Missy and the Judge

Missy rapped Judge’s door

The command came too soon

To enter his chambers

And pay for the Piper’s tune


Judge gazed on her beauty

Such an angelic face

But lurking beneath that

She hid her family’s disgrace


Judge stood from his chair

Stared her straight in the face

He wanted to make her

Afraid of this place


”Now listen here, Missy

You’ve been quite the lass

You’ve been sharing your virtue

With your whole graduating class”


“Your folks if they could

They’d have you off to the jail

But I persuaded ‘em rightly

You just need a sting in the tail”


“So let’s get right to it

I’ve a lot to get done

Get yourself in position

I will not make this fun”


Missy shucked off her jeans

Dropped her pants to the ground

Stepped out of her garments

And turned right around


She bent from the waist

And she touched her toes

She spread her feet wide

And she held that pose


The Judge stared at her beauty

And he sucked in his cheeks

As he gazed lustily on

Her toned naked physique


With firm rounded buttocks

And a deep cleft in between

Leading down past her asshole

To the sweetest pussy he’d seen


The Judge tried to speak

Tried to sound real butch

But instead he just gasped

And sputtered and such


He coughed and he spat

All that tough guy stuff

And he tried once again

With a voice deep and gruff


“Now listen her Missy,

You put your family to shame

You know you’re a bad’un

And I need to whip in some pain”


“There’s a long list of boys

Who they tell me you’ve fucked

And a few of the girls

Who’s pussies you’ve sucked”


“I saw with my own eyes

Your shamelessly brazen display

When I peeped in your window

When your folks were away”


“You were down on your knees

Your bare ass sticking up

With a big rubber dildo

Plugging your tight little butt”


“Young Joshua was with you

You had his dick in your mouth

And then up your arsehole

When that dildo popped out”


“He fucked you so deeply

His balls slapped your cunt

As he reamed out your asshole

And then he came with a grunt”


“I said a strapping would cure you

Make you think twice ‘bout sex

And I offered to do it

With your Pappy’s bad neck”


With no further ado

The Judge whipped out his strap

And raised the thick leather

High over his back


He whipped that strap down

Striking Missy’s full moons

She screamed bloody murder

As the sweet agony ballooned


Again and again,

Judge whipped her cheeks raw

‘Til her bottom was glowing

And her cheeks were quite sore


Judge threw down the strap then,

To admire the sight

Of Missy’s firm buttocks

So glowing and tight


He took both her cheeks

And spread them apart

And just as he did so

She let out a fart


He leapt back in shock

At the sudden warm gust

He was quite lost for words

Yet it strengthened his lust


“So that’s how you play it

You dirty young slut!

Well let’s stop any more gases

Sneaking out of your butt”


He whipped out his dick

And slicked some spit on his pole

Then pressed home his member

Into Missy’s tight hole


Judge fucked her quite strongly

For a man past his best

Til the tightness of arsehole

Was too much to resist


With a last balls deep thrust

He erupted inside

And he took a last gasp

As his heart fluttered and died


Now sore cross both cheeks

And sore deep in between

The dead Judge and Missy

Made a sight quite obscene


She forced herself upright

His cock slipped out of her bum

She felt the cool air waft

Up her stretched out rectum


She slipped on her knickers

Pulled her jean shorts up high

And strolled out of the Chambers

Where Judge had just died



Spank me hard

Spank me hard, spank me tight

Spank my glowing bum all night

Whip me good, whip me right

Whip me hard with all your might

Take your leather, strap me more

Strap my naked buttocks raw

Now your crop, whack my nates

Make me cry and take my fate

And the ruler, aim it good

Smack my rosebud with that wood

Take a ginger fig, so smooth

Slide it down my backdoor groove

Pop it past, my muscled ring

Then you’ll hear this songbird sing

Cane me strong, with ginger snug

Make me clench round burning plug

Give me twelve, then twelve again

Biting lines of glorious pain

Hold me tight, fuck me good

Treat me like a lover should

Steve’s Lost Libido

Steve’s sex drive has gone missing

It disappeared a while ago

And now he’s just existing

With a fizzed out libido

He lost it when out shopping

For a gift for his dear wife

When across the aisles he saw her

And it stuck him like a knife

His dearest little Daisy

Was browsing the menswear racks

When she picked out a special item

A lovely pair of slacks

Now Steve is on the large side

He’s not a little guy

So when he saw the pants she held

He knew things were awry

The pants were slim and dandy

Too small by far for Steve

And then she picked out underwear

And his stomach gave a heave

She took her goods and walked across

To a changing cubicle

Then with a surreptitious glance

She ducked inside a stall

Beneath the door, as Steve could see

The stall was still in use

For there was another pair of feet

A man’s, he did deduce

He jumped as he saw trousers

And then blue underwear

Flutter down the hairy legs

And trap them like a snare

The next site was quite shocking

As Daisy went to her knees

She stayed like that for minutes

While Steve’s blood began to freeze

And then she stood, and turned around

Her knickers then came down

The man now dropped onto his knees

And Steve heard a slurping sound

And then he stood, and dipped his knees

No doubt to dip his wick

So Daisy got her secret fuck,

Making Steve a little sick

The fuck was done, the pants came up

The stall door was slowly cracked

And out snuck Daisy, all aflush

And behind her, Cousin Jack

A raging Steve stepped quickly forth

He grabbed the little shit

He punched his nose, he kneed his balls

He pummelled the slimy git

And then he grabbed for Daisy

And propelled her back inside

He ripped her still-moist knickers off

And tanned her hussy hide

He spanked her hard inside that booth

All outside could hear

At last he stopped and looked at her

With a bright red glowing rear

“Now get you home, you little whore”

He barked, she shook with fear

He yanked the door right off its post

And dragged her by the ear

Once home, he had her strip her clothes

And bend over the old chair

He pulled his belt out of its loops

And snapped it in the air

He aimed his blow, she clenched her cheeks

His arm pulled back quite high

His arm whipped down, the belt bit deep

She let out a shrieking cry

Still unperturbed, he whipped her more

Recalling her disgrace

Her bum was vivid red with weals

And his anger was replaced

With lust, and a stonking hard-on

Nigh ripping through his pants

He freed his cock and grabbed her hips

To stab her with his lance

But thought of fucking her tight cunt

Where Jack’s emissions swam

Caused Steve to pause and think again

Of another cunning plan

He wet his dick to lubricate

And took aim at her arsehole

And pushed until he popped inside

Then docked his meaty pole

She squealed at his intrusion

He laughed at her dismay

“Next time you fuck young Jackie boy

You know how you will pay”

“In fact, I’m going to whip you

And fuck your little bum”

“Every night from here to Christmas

So you know the price of fun”

Some spanky limericks 

I had a few minutes to kill waiting for Miranda and I had a few thoughts on how she should pay for keeping me waiting. Put me in mind of some spanky hanky panky limericks. Enjoy

I’ve a yearning for spanking a bum

As a precursor to a jolly good cum

So if you don’t mind

Simply bare your behind

And we can get down to some whacking good fun


There’s nothing I like to see more

Than plump buttocks that seem to implore

Please give me a smack

Not a gentle love tap

I just loved it when we did it before


A girl’s well spread bottom reveals

Charms that should not be concealed

Deep down in her cleft

Her only virginity left

Til to my manhood it does finally yield


Oh please can I spank your tight bum

You’re as luscious as a nice juicy plum

Spread your twin moons apart

And I’ll certainly start

To beat your bottom like a band members drum