Bianca Neve Part 9

Will Slurpy escape Bianca’s grip? Read on!! It all started back here at Part 1

Slurpy’s muffled screams were almost drowned out by the laughter of the other fellas as they watched his little legs flailing. Spunky grabbed at his waist to pull him out. With all his strength he janked backwards, flying head over heels off the bed and leaving a bare-arsed Slurpy still firmly trapped between Bianca’s locked thighs. The sight of Slurpy’s vulnerable butthole winking as his legs whipped around in vain attempt to escape had Knobby stroking his shaft back to stiffness. Spunky delivered a swift kick to his nutsack and told him to back off unless he fancied a rodgering himself with the business-end of a pickaxe.

The dwarves were paralysed with laughter – all but Knobby who was still doubled-over clutching his crushed jewel bag. As their laughter subsided they could see that Slurpy was gradually suffocating, and so they once more tugged on his legs. As one took a leg each, the others stood two to a side and levered Bianca’s thighs apart just enough for Slurpy to be popped out like a cork from a bottle. All three were thrown backwards from the bed, splitting Slurpy like a chicken wishbone. He flew ten feet backwards and took a soft landing, arse first onto Woody’s face.

He clambered up and staggered over to the bed. “By Jesus fellas!” he gasped, “She damn near suffocated me, soon as I got me tongue on her. Clamped me ‘ead in so tight I couldn’t move. Nigh on drowned down there too, so much wet! Like wrestling an octopus underwater.”

Bianca cringed at the crudeness, but she knew she would have Slurpy back between her legs if she could ever get her body to move again.


More to come …

Bianca Neve Pt 8

What happened when Slurpy dived in? Read on to find out. If you have no idea who Slurpy is or what he’s diving into, start HERE

Bianca felt Slurpy’s warm breath on her sensitive skin as he poised above her. He was obviously trying to figure out what to do first. She felt the hairs of his long beard tickle along her still-tender bum as he moved his head back and forth. Finally she felt the first tentative flicks from his tongue as he tested the flavours of her juices. And then came the lightest touch, light as a feather on the breeze yet deeply intense at the same time. It was such an agonisingly exquisite sensation. It was too much to bear yet all she could ever want to feel ever again.

His tongue flickered and drawled along the groove where only her own fingers had played before. She felt his tongue slide forwards from her hole to the secret nub she toyed after her whipping sessions with Giuvanni, and then she felt that nub wrapped in the gossamer softness of that magical muscle. She felt her flesh being stretched, softly squeezed, moulded, caressed, enrobed as if it were a ripe cherry in the hands of the palace chocolatiers.

She felt her blood rush to the source of her pleasure, felt her heat rise as it had at her own hand, only with infinitely greater pleasure. She felt her pleasure climb, climb and then peak as a thousand stars erupted in her head. But still he lapped and swirled that mythically magical mouth muscle and she was climbing again, again and again. At last her body could take no more as her sensitivity climbed along with her pleasure.  The intensity of pleasure made her body rigid, snapped her thighs together like a vice.

Slurpy’s head was trapped, his mouth was still pressed hard to her mound and his tongue still lapped her super-sensitized button as he struggle to escape. Bianca climbed pleasure mountain again and again, her muscles tensed still tighter, her thighs clamped harder, and Slurpy’s head squished tighter against her slit in an endless pleasure-pain paroxysm.

Will Slurpy escape? WIll Spunky brave the vaginal bats? Part 9 is here.


Bianca Neve Pt 7

As we continue to follow Bianca’s plight. It all started way back here at Part 1

Bianca heard a shuffle, then felt several hands roll her onto her back. She felt her legs lifted up and apart, and a gentle breeze fluttering across her conija. “Now then Slurpy, get in there my son. Just imagine yer blowing on Woody’s flute,” he laughed. “Go on, do your thing on her – thing,” said Spunky.

“B..but where’s her todger? There’s nowt there to suck!” exclaimed Slurpy. “It’s like a rutted track! What am I supposed to lick?”

“Oh come on Slurpy!” came Knobby’s gravelly tones. “You can rasp the skin off mi’ shaft wi’ that tongue o’ yours! Rise and shine, ev’ry mornin’ that’s for sure!”

“Don’t I know it – I’m getting’ friggin’ lockjaw ev’ry day wrapping my jaws round that sausage o’ yours. I don’t know why you can’t just set an alarm like everyone else. And by the way – you could think to wash it after you’ve been up Dopey’s arse.”

“Just lick her like you’re licking yer plate clean, ‘stead of sucking a lollipop! Get in there and wet her furrow, give me a better target to go for,” said Spunky. “I’m going for the surprise attack I think, less chance o’ losing the old todger that way!.”

“Okay, I will,” said Slurpy. “Hold my legs boys, I’m going in.”

Tune in tomorrow for part 8!

Bianca Neve Pt 6

The continuing tales of Bianca Neve. Part 1 starts it all here

Spunky’s laughter brought her back to the present. “You really do know nowt, eh Dopey?” he sniggered. “I know a thing or two about the ladies and their bats.” His audience hushed as he rose to the occasion.

“Now then, you got a few choices with her lady-cave bats. Best bet is to get it out o’ there, leve the way clear for any shenanigans later. The way to do it this. One of you needs to put yer todger in her doings, then let the nippers latch on. Soon as you feel the nip, you whip out quick, pulling ’em with you like a fish on a line. You’ll not pull it off with yer fingers lest you lose the tip or they start flapping round the room, so I’ll be ready to smack ‘em wi’ a bat.” He guffawed,”A bat for a bat, that’s funny!” When he saw no one else laughing he harrumphed.  “So, who’s up for it? Woody – you’ve always got yer todger up and ready”

Bianca heard shuffles and mutters. “Not sure what’s worse, that monster latching down on my wood or you smacking my shaft wi’ a bat,” cried Woody. “Either way this Woody’s not going up there, that’s for sure.”

“I’m not sure I’d risk my old fella with them teeth,” cringed Knobby. “I vote we just keep plowing her back field til she wakes up. Has to sooner or later. We could just go at her, one after the other.” Bianca felt her bum twitch at the thought of seven cocks drilling her her, but still she could not actually move a muscle.

“I’ll poke your arse if you try!” said Spunky. “She’ll be like the mine shaft after we blasted if you try that – think o’ the mess that caused when you gave Dopey his ‘special medicine’ every day last week! No, front hole it is, but if no one’s dwarf enough to drag the blighter out, we need another way. Now, we can either go fast and furious, or slow and gentle.”

“Fast and furious never caught a rabbit,” piped Droopy.

“You’re right, Droopy!” replied Spunky. “Seein’ as none o’ you has the balls to fetch the nipper out o’ there we’ll just have to sneak up on ‘im. Slow and smooth, that’s the way. Don’t disturb the nippers and all’s good.”

There was a pause, and Bianca felt her leg lifted. She felt warm breath on her conija. “Looks a bit dry to me,” said Spunky. “If she’s not greased up we’ll never get in wi’out waking the nipper. Knobby, what did you use to slide up her bum?”

“Goose fat. Greasiest stuff I know. Slap that on yer todger and you’ll slide up a duck’s arse – and that’s waterproof!”

“Eww, no! Goose fat’s no good. The smell might wake the beastie – they like meat you know!” Spunky replied. “I know! Slurpy’s got the best tongue here. He’s licked ev’ry one o’ us fellas from arsehole to tip, and he coils it round like a snake on a frog! I bet he can wet her up so softly the beastie’ll never know.”

Bianca felt her stomach lurch. Oh my what had she gotten into!

Part 7 is here.

Bianca Neve part 5

The continuing tales of Bianca Neve. Part 1 begins the saga here.

She’d caught Giuvanni in the hay loft when she came back from riding. He’d been spying on her, getting a good view of her tightly stretched riding breeches as she bent and fussed around her horse. She’d heard a noise, and thinking it was a rat, she had snatched up a broom and whacked the straw pile. He had cried out and when she dragged him out he’d had his breeches at his knees and his young Cockling was sticking out straight. She had heard the maidens tittering about boys Cocklings but she’d never seen one, so she had reached out to touch it. As soon as she did so, his burst open and his white seed shot out onto the hay.

He’d laughed when she cried out that she had broken his Cockling, so she had ordered him over a hay bale and then whipped his bare bottom with her crop. As she whipped him she had felt a delicious warmth between her own legs, and the pleasure grew and grew as Giuvanni cried and squirmed under her whip. After that, she had ordered Giuvanni to stiffen up his Cockling every day when she came back from her ride. She would then burst it for him (which he seemed to really enjoy) and then she would order him over the bales so that she could whip his bottom until it was covered in red stripes. One time  Giuvanni asked if he could see her conija. He told her he wanted to mount her like the horses did! She had whipped him doubly so for his impudence and he didn’t ask again!

The thick sausage brought back the fond memories of Guivanni’s thick Cockling stiff in her hand, twitching as she had teased and stroked it to bursting. She absently stroked the sausage as she drifted back to the hayloft, and the sights and sounds of his beautiful buttocks as she whipped him with her crop. She felt her own warmth spreading and she wondered what it might have been like to let him mount her. She sighed. No chance of that now!

She fondled the Salsiccia as she had Giuvanni, long strokes back and forth, back and forth. She so desperately missed her daily rides and the games that followed in the hayloft. What could it hurt now to use those memories for her own pleasure? In a rush she had dashed back to her bed with the meaty sausage firmly in hand. She simply had to know what a Cockling might feel like to her conija. She had settled herself on her bed and had closed her eyes to better imagine Giuvanni’s muscled physique. She had half the sausage inside her when a crash startled her back to reality. At the foot of her bed, a body was rising groggily from the floor. It was Dopey. Apparently he had come back from the mines early after he had walked into a low beam.

He had come into the bedroom to rest his head when he had seen Bianca sliding the sausage into her conija. At the sight he had passed out, hence the crash! As he rose again he shook his head in disbelief and stared, mouth gaping. He obviously had never seen a conija before! Red faced and embarrassed, Bianca quickly recalled the story the maidens laughed about late at night, about how they would keep the younger boys away from them with tales of teethed little bats inside their lady-cave. She said it was a magical beast she had to feed. And if Dopey breathed a word, one night the bats might leave her cave and creep over to his bed to chomp away at Dopey’s own little sausage. She had stifled a giggle at as the colour drained from his face and his hands covered his groin!

Part 6 is here

Bianca Neve Pt 4

The saga starts here, with Part 1

Just then she heard a third voice. “Mebbe Knobby went up the wrong hole. We should try poking her Palomita, see if that might get a reaction?”

“Her what?” exclaimed Knobby.

“Palomita – isn’t that what it’s called? Her ‘little dove’?”

Bianca felt a rough hand lift her leg. “Funniest little dove I ever saw. Looks more like a badly packed sandwich to me!” She heard Knobby’s gruff laughter. Bianca felt herself burn up inside. ‘Oh he’s certainly getting a good spanking when I get out of here,’ she fumed inwardly.

A little voice piped up, trying to be heard above Knobby’s guffaws. “But Spunky! You can’t poke her Pamolina. It’s not safe! I saw her feeding it wi’ a bit o’ sausage last week. She told me she has vicious bats in there. That’s why there’s blood every month, she said. She told me, all hushed like, that a fella lost the end of his todger when he tried to poke her friend,” said Dopey.

Bianca burned up inside. She remembered Dopey walking in on her. She’d thought the lads had gone off to the mines. She’d been in Knobby’s kitchen when she spied a firm Salsiccia sausage on the cold shelf. She remembered picking it up, thinking to make a snack, but the feel of the girth, length and firm knobbly texture in her hand reminded her of Guivanni, the stable lad.

Part 5 is here

Bianca Neve Pt3

Continuing Bianca’s adventures. Start from Part 1 here.

“Don’t come that ‘compassionate voice’ Knobby, you randy old bugger!’ muttered another.

The light flickered brighter in Bianca’s brain. She knew that name! ‘Knobby! Dear old Knobby just popped my brown cherry!’ she thought. The tenderness twixt her cheeks reminded her of his recent presence. ‘And what a salami he was hiding in those baggy pants! Who would ever have guessed!’

The second voice continued to grumble on. “Ye’ll bugger anythin’ wot lays still for a second. Three times last week you stretched my arse. Pinned me down, greased me up and wham! Yer didna even wait for a by your leave, just plugged me so deep I could taste yer todger on the back o’ me throat! I can hear the echo every time I fart now.”

“First time in a month you got to work on time though, wasn’t it Sleepy!” Knobby laughed.

‘Oh my golly!’ thought Bianca. ‘Sleepy’s here too. But such crudity from the little fellas. And so Knobby had been stoppering him as well? Well now I know why he waddles when he walks!’ Her mind tumbled onwards, “My just wait til I get to my senses. I’ve a word or two for that pair! I should wash out their mouths then turn them over my knee and spank their bottoms raw!’

Part 4 here.