Rebekkah’s Revenge: Tide’s Turning

Adriana was digging through the assorted tack items in the trunk of Sarah’s car, searching for the thick leather saddle straps. The trunk light was out, so she used her cell phone flashlight. She reached deep inside to pull a bag forwards. As she did so, her world became bathed in blue light. She pulled back and turned. A police car had pulled up and the driver was getting out.

The driver called out. “Excuse me, Miss. Sorry to trouble you but there was a report of a house alarm just down the lane.”

Adriana put her hand to her eyes to block the glare from the vehicle headlights. “Oh? I just arrived. Sorry. Didn’t hear anything though.” As Adriana spoke the driver moved forward. Adriana thought she recognised the female officer. “Maggie? Is that you? I didn’t know you were back in town. Last I heard you were working in the city.”

“Adriana? Oh my God! Yeah, I moved back here a few months back. Had a bad experience too many in the city so I asked for a posting back here. Do you live out here now? You were down by the station last time I was here.”

“No, I’m still there. This is Bek’s parents house – Rebekkah Redmoor? You remember her from High School?”

“Yeah – yeah I knew her. At least, I did until she stole Marty from me. Three years we’d been together and then at Prom he dropped me for the Prom Queen. Bitch! She must have sucked dick like a vacuum – that was the only thing he ever wanted.”

Adriana squirmed. “Yeah, ah … well this is awkward!” she laughed nervously.

“Ah well. Water under the bridge. Plenty of fish in the sea, eh? I got a new guy now, a builder. Just moved here from Springvale. He’s been picking up some extra work to save up for our wedding.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Adriana replied disingenuously. “Brrrr …” She flapped her arms around herself. “Pretty chilly out here. I should get back inside.”

“Oh, yeah, of course. Nice to see you again. But I will need to speak with the owners. Are they home? The alarm company gave this address as the emergency contact.”

“No, they’re away.” Adriana thought fast. “We’re having a girl’s night to keep Bek’s company.”

“Ah. Well this is awkward. Guess I get to see the Cocksucking Queen again after all. I’ll just come in with you, get this over with quicly for all our sakes.” Maggie stepped away from the car and towards the basement door. Adriana shot forward and stepped in front of her, blocking her path.

“NO!” she cried, “I mean, they’re not decent. They …” she thought quickly … “They are taking a shower.”

“They? ‘They’ are taking a shower? Together? What is this, a little lesbian love-in? Did Miss Cocksucker switch sides?”

Adriana flushed. “No, I didn’t mean that,” she stammered. “I mean, she is taking a shower. Sarah is not. She’s watching TV.”

“Well I can come in and wait. Not standing out here in the snow waiting for the Princess to dry her self. Can’t take that long to shower, can it?” She side-stepped past Adriana. Her hand was on the handle. Adriana panicked and grabbed at her arm. Maggie stared down at her hand on her sleeve and then deep into Adriana’s eyes.

“You do realise you just assaulted an officer?” she said, pulling Adriana’s hand off her. “Now, let’s just get this over with for all our sakes, shall we? Friggin’ false alarms wasting my time!” She swung the door open and stepped inside.


Sarah was slumped over the bed, recovering from her latest orgasm. Rebekkah knelt on the floor, exhausted. Their captive lay on the bed, moaning and cursing as the ginger root continued to burn his anal passage. His bum cheeks were purple from his strapping, and his limp cock drooled cum. Officer Maggie stood open-mouthed at the bedroom door and took in the scene of debauchery. Adriana burst in behind her. Her eyes flashed from Sarah to the ginger to Rebekkah and then to Maggie. She dropped to her knees.

Maggie was first to speak. “Well then. What exactly is going on here?” She directed the question to the room in general.

Hearing a new voice, the captive shouted out. “Get this thing out of my arse! I’m on fire!” he cried. Sarah reacted first and plucked the root out. He pushed his hips backwards to ease the burn. The others watched in morbid fascination as his anus twitched and puckered with a life of its own as he fought the burning fires within. His moans punctuated the silence.

Finally Rebekkah spoke. “It’s not what you think,” she started, glancing only as far as the black boots of the officer.

Maggie cut her off. “How is it ‘not what I think?’ I see a man, tied to the bed, gingered, wanked and whipped by the look of it, and two whores diddling. What is it I’m missing here, exactly? Pretty much standard fare for a Redmoor, I’m guessing. So, is he paying you? If he is then this is a brothel and you three are all fucked, even more so than this poor fucker!”

Rebekkah fumed at the insult. She leapt to her feet, her own nudity forgotten in her anger. “Who the fuck do you think you are, storming into a private house and making your judgments?” she shouted. As she spat out the words her brain registered what her eyes were seeing, and the shock of recognition hit her.

“Yeah,” smirked Maggie, “All coming back now is it, bitch!” She spat the words out as she stepped forward, inches from Rebekkah. She looked down on the redhead. She spoke in a whisper now. “So, let’s try this again, shall we? Question One. Who. The fuck. Is tied to the bed?”

Rebekkah stammered. “I, I don’t know his name. He … he …”

“… I picked him up. Tonight, at The WhistleStop,” Sarah declared. “Long story short, he said he wanted it rough, wanted – well – this.” She grabbed the hairbrush and slapped his cheek firmly. The man yelped, “Fuck! Enough already you bitch! Let me go!” With his head thrust low by his bindings and his cheeks elevated by the cushions, he couldn’t see behind him. He had no idea who was staring at his naked and exposed rear.

“It’s all a game,” Sarah said, whacking him again. “He knows the more he abuses me, the more I abuse him. It’s what he asked for. If he wants to stop he has his safe word.” She smacked him again. “Don’t you?” she said to the man, “Remember? What we agreed? Remember what Beks has?” She punctuated her words with more swats from the brush, so that his cheeks were now glowing red once more. He cried out, “Ahhh, Yes, Yes I asked for this, Yes, Yes!! Just stop for a minute, please …”

Maggie stared at the reddening cheeks as Sarah spanked him. Rebekkah had inched back to the chair in the corner. Adriana had moved back to the door, desperate to distance herself from this mayhem. It was she who broke the spell. “I’m just going to slip out, if that’s alright. I’m not really part of all this.” She turned to open the door. Maggie spoke then. “Not so fast. No one leaves until I say so. I’m not buying this story.” She spoke to Sarah, “Get off the bed, and drop the brush.”

As Sarah stepped down, Maggie moved to the side of the bed. She took out her flashlight to see his features in the dim light. As the beam hit his face she dropped the light and screamed.

Rebekkah’s Revenge (4)

Part 3 is HERE. The story began HERErawroot31.

Rebekkah returned with two items in hand. She paused at the doorway, taking in the sight before her. Sarah sat astride the man’s back with her hand between her legs, rubbing furiously. His buttocks sported two deep red bullseyes, one on each cheek, surrounded by a mass of red splotches covering the entire surface of his buttocks and upper thighs. She watched Sarah stiffen, tense and then slump as she brought herself off. Her head snapped back as Rebekkah spoke.

“I wondered when you’d give in,” she smiled. “I’m pretty horny myself, now we’re in charge.” She threw the two items she’s brought with her onto the bed. “Here, give him some more while I watch.” As she spoke she tugged her jogging pants and knickers off. Her hand slid down her belly towards her sex as Sarah reached forward for the items on the bed.  She picked up a heavy leather strap with a wooden handle, and a carved root. She took in the scent and looked up quizzically.

“Figging,” Rebekkah said, sliding to her knees as her hand dipped beneath. “Push it up his bum. It burns like fuck, especially if he clenches. Makes the strapping burn all the more.”

The strap hung in Sarah’s hand. “Do you wanna tell me how you know all this?” she asked. “And why am I only now fidning out about this side of you?”

“Later,” gasped Rebekkah as her fingers continued to strum. “Just … just do it … NOW.”

“Oh girl, we are going to have a long, long talk later. I can’t believe you’ve not shared this kink with me before.” She turned back to the bed and to her captive. As her hand touched his punished cheeks, he squeezed his buttocks tightly.

“You are not shoving anything up my arse, you witch!” he shouted.

“Oh come on now,” Sarah crooned. “You studs are always trying to fuck us up the bum. Time for a little table turning is all. Now, ease open. It won’t hurt a bit. Isn’t that what you guys tell us?” She smirked over at Rebekkah, now slowly twirling her fingers between her legs, holding herself close to orgasm.

Sarah reached between the man’s legs and took hold of his dangling sac. “You have two choices. You can open up now and take your medicine, or I can smack these nuts with my hairbrush, and then you can open up. Your choice.” She gave him a quick squeeze to emphasise his predicament. He gasped, then reluctantly relaxed his cheeks. Sarah quickly lubricated the root with some spit and slipped the thumb-sized shaft deep into his rectum. She rotated it a couple of times to spread the ginger around his sensitive flesh. After just a few seconds he cried out.

“Fuck! That burns! Oh fuck, take it out, take it out!” His cheeks jerked and bounced as he tried to dislodge the root.

“Okay, now give him the strap,” Rebekkah growled hoarsely, her eyes almost demonic, as her fingers flicked and probed her sex.

Sarah took up the strap, marked her aim and pulled her arm back. She whipped it forward and connected with the man’s punished flesh. The blow was like a gunshot. He jerked forward, clenching his cheeks against the pain, thus squeezing the ginger root deep within his hole. He yelped again as the burn intensified. A red rectangle marked the blow, with a crimson line on his right cheek where the strap had wrapped around.

“Again!” cried Rebekkah. Sarah did not need the instruction however. The strap was already flying towards its target. The leather kissed his cheeks savagely. He roared again, but this time tried to avoid intensifying the burning ginger. His cheeks twitched as he fought to control the pain. Sarah lashed him again and this time it was Rebekkah who cried first, rushing over the edge of her own orgasm as the man twitched and writhed in his own orgy of pain and fire.

Sarah looked from the man to Rebekkah, her own breath ragged from exhilaration. Her eyes shone as she eyed the crimson cheeks aflame. She whipped him another three times and then dropped the strap. Her hand roved over his burning flesh, then beneath to his sac and shrivelled member. With deft fingers she quickly eased life back into his flesh. With him erect she tugged him as if milking a cow, at the same time fucking his ass with the ginger. She rammed the ginger home once more, to free a hand for her own pleasure. As she stroke his solid shaft she teased her cunt once more, probing deeply and then sliding forwards to circle her clit, riding her fingers to another crashing orgasm as she jerked a third load from her bound captive.

To be continued …

Rebekkah’s Revenge (3)

Continued from HERE. The whole story started HERE

The basement door opened with a groan. “Anyone home?” Adriana called out. “House call for the esthetician.”

“In the bedroom. Your client awaits,” shouted Sarah.

Adriana walked into the bedroom and stopped in her tracks. There was a naked man, bound and spread-eagle on the bed. Rebekkah was massaging his balls while Sarah sat on his chest, gripping his erect shaft as she scratched her nails over his cock head. “Not what I expected but hey, who am I to judge. Are we sharing?”

Rebekkah looked up. “Oh and so much more. Let me fill you in.” She sat up and wiped her icy hands on the bed. Sarah continued her ministrations like a cat playing with a mouse, teasing jerks and flicks from the man as she frustrated his fragile flesh.

As Rebekkah stood, Adriana glanced quizzically at the damp puddle of melted ice. “Please do. I’m curious.”

“So this little piece of shit tried to jump me at Nanna’s,” she began. Rebekkah recounted the basic details of her assault, “… and then Lupus saved the day, I called Sarah to come help out, and here we are!”

Adriana had her hand to her mouth. She reached out and pulled Rebekkah close. “Oh my God. Are you okay? You poor thing,” she soothed.

Rebekkah gently eased her off. “I’m fine. But we’ve all been where I was tonight. And remember Maria? When she got assaulted and the Police did nothing? We all said we would step up if we ever got the chance.” She glanced over to the bed as Sarah’s nails dragged along the length of the twitching shaft.  “Well here we are. Time for some Girl Power. This guy can take a message back to his homies, tell them what happens when a guy disrespects a girl,” She spat. “Let them know their bravado, and couldn’t-give-a-damn and selfish bigotry doesn’t cut it today. What do you say girl? You in?”

Adriana paused for just a second, then: “Damn right I’m in. Just tell me the plan.”

Just then Sarah shrieked. “You little shit!” She pinched his cock hard at the base, but too late. His cock pulsed three, four times and then oozed cum. “Ha! At least that was a wasted load!”  She slapped his still-stiff shaft. “Now he knows how we feel, like 90% of the time.”

She looked up at the others. “You know, we should wallop him for that. A good, hard old-school strapping. Come on, let’s flip him over and give his arse a leathering.” Sarah jumped off his chest. As she did, Adriana saw the tape gag fixed across his face.

“Oh my God, you’ll suffocate him! Poor bastard probably can’t breath!” Adriana moved over to the bed and started to tug at the duct tape gag. Buddy yelped as his beard hairs were pulled.

“Oh get over it!” Sarah snarled. “That’s nothing compared with what’s to come.” She pushed Adriana aside, grabbed the loose edge of tape and ripped it off. The guy shrieked in pain. “You are a fuckin’ maniac, bitch,” he yelled.

“Now you’re in no position to be name calling, are you?” Sarah replied, as she reached down to slap his nuts. He groaned deeply at the renewed assault on his tackle. “Now then, let’s keep it down, shall we? You already agreed to this instead of the police, so let’s be a big boy and take your just desserts like the man you think you are. Who knows, you might find a new side of yourself and actually enjoy a little femdom. When was the last time you got tossed by two girls in one night, eh? Any more noise and I’m gagging you again.”

His eyes shone with hate, but he kept quite and allowed his bindings to be repositioned so that he was now face down, arms and legs spread wide.

“Well that’s better, but not quite what I want. Adriana, grab those pillows and we’ll shove them under his belly.” Sarah took hold of his abused tackle and pulled backwards. He grunted and quickly lifted his buttocks to ease the pain in his scrotum. Adriana forced three pillows into the void.

With his knees spread and buttocks raised, the girls had a fine target, but Sarah wanted him opened up still further, so she sat herself on his shoulders, forcing his chest down and buttocks up. As his cleft widened Adriana curled her lips.

“Eww, gross. He’s a hairy fucker down there, isn’t he?”

“Exactly!” Sarah remarked, “Good practice for your Brazilian skills, but I wanna blister his arse first!” She slapped his buttocks hard, leaving behind a handprint. “Oww!” she cried, “Shit, his arse is tough!” She looked around. “Rebekkah, what do you have we can use?”

Adriana and Sarah turned to Rebekkah, who was now staring almost trance-like at the exposed bottom in front of her. Her mouth was open slightly, breath catching.

“Rebekkah? You still here?” asked Adriana.

“Wha… Oh, yeah, sure”

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, and a sly smile played on her lips. “Nothing, nothing. I’ll – I’ll be right back.” And she dashed from the room.

Sarah looked bemused. “What was that all about?” She looked over at Adriana’s esthetics bag. “Do you have any good hairbrushes in here? Mom can always light a fire with hers.”

Adriana started at Sarah’s comment. “Can she now? And she still does, eh?” she laughed.

Realising what she’d said, Sarah started back-peddling. “What? Er, no, I mean … yes. Well not really. Not like when we were kids. Just if I need it, you know?”

“No, not really, no. Maybe you can fill me in another time?”

Just then the guy jerked his shoulders, trying to unseat Sarah. “Will you get your fat arse off me!” His shout was muffled by the mattress he was currently eating. Sarah slapped him several times, punctuating her blows with her words.

“Do … SLAP … Not … SLAP … Call … SLAP … Me … SLAP … FAT … SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP”

Adriana laughed. “Oh, my God, I don’t ever want to be on your bad side!” She reached into her bag and pulled out a flat backed wooden brush. “Here, save your hand and start him off with this one while I find something better.”

Sarah took the brush and hefted the weight. “Just like mom’s,” she laughed. “I’ve got my tack box in my car. There’s a decent saddle strap in there we can use.”

Adriana made her way back outside. With every step she could hear the sharp retort of the hairbrush bouncing off the man’s naked cheeks, followed swiftly by his grunt of pain.

… continues HERE

Rebekkah’s Revenge (2)

Ohhh – this story seems to be getting away from me! All my worst fears and fantasies!! This tale does seem quite apropos though, with the outpouring of male sexual harassment in the press just lately. Harvey Weinstein and your ilk, take note!!

We pick up from Rebekkah’s Revenge here:

The girls bundled the hapless man into the back of Sarah’s car for the short ride back down the lane. They dragged him off the back seat by the jeans still hobbling his legs. As he exited backwards, Sarah grabbed his ball sac and pulled backwards, forcing him to double over. She held his bollocks firmly as he hobbled carefully forward, led by Rebekkah as she guided him by his jacket collar. Once inside, Sarah gave hs sac another hard squeeze as they dropped him onto the hard floor. He lay on his side, moaning a little.

“So what now?” asked Sarah. “What do you want to do with him?”

“I think he needs to learn some respect. He needs to know what it’s like to be a woman today with bastards like him everywhere. I say we take our fun, just like he would.”

“Well yah, I’m definitely gonna whup his ass some more. But guys need to know how much effort we put into looking good. Looks like he’s never bothered himself. We should buff and pluck. Kinda modern day tar and feathering.”

Rebekkah laughed out loud. “Oh! Oww! But I like that. That’s a lesson he can take back to his gym rats.” She snickered, “Maybe he’ll find some new lovin’ buddies then. I’ll text Adriana, tell her to bring her esthetics stuff.”

The girls hauled their prize into the basement bedroom and onto the old metal-framed bed. Rebekkah found some rope in her dad’s workshop. Sarah sat on his chest and Rebekkah looped a line round his ankles to the bedframe, handing the ends to Sarah. She then worked his jeans off and Sarah yanked on the ropes, forcing his legs apart. With a similar manoeuvre they had him naked and spread-eagle.

Sarah looked him up and down. “He’s a bit thin for my tastes, but this isn’t too shabby.” She said the last words as she reached forward and pulled on his penis. His eyes darted and he tried to jerk away from her grip. “Now, now. Relax a little. I’m just eyeing the merchandise.” Her hand massaged him erect and continued to stroke up and down. “My, not a bad specimen. Almost as big as my dildo. We can play with that later. Just for now I think a little teasing will do the job.” She grasped his shaft firmly in her left hand. With her right she rubbed the tip of his penis rapidly with her open palm. He bucked and writhed as his glans became super sensitised. After a minute or so she released him. The girls laughed as his penis twitched and flicked.

“My turn,” said Rebekkah. She held his shaft firm and rotate her wetted finger round and round on his penis head, then flicked a nail back and forth across his slit. She raked her nails round and under his head. His hips bucked as he thrashed in exquisite agony, his penis rock hard.

“I think he’s getting a little over heated,” said Sarah. The girls locked eyes. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

Rebekkah leapt off the bed. “Yep, he needs a little ice to cool him off. I’ll be quick. Keep him bubbling.”

As Rebekkah raced upstairs for ice, Sarah continued to tease him by raking her nails along the underside of his shaft. His cock was leaking profusely now. She couldn’t resist dipping her tongue to tease his slit, licking with the barest of cat-licks. His cock twitched violently so she quickly squeezed his cock at the base to stem the flow as she heard Rebekkah on the stairs. She entered the room with a bowl of ice cubes.

“This will cool him down,” she giggled. She took a cube in her palm and gripped his cock head, rolling the ice round and round. Melting water dripped down his shaft and between his cheeks. She wanked him then with the ice cube, finally holding it tightly against his scrotum.

Continues HERE

Jack’s Revenge

Kami Tora produced the two pictures used in this post and in Jack and Miss Forsyth as a pair. so I thought it would be neat to write two poems to illustrate the pictures. Kami Tora art lends itself so well to these fun poems, I find. Follow the tag to my other Kami Tora inspired poems. Enjoy!

Jack’s pride was hurt, just like his bum, Miss Forsyth whacked him so

His cock had risen as she did, and he gave the class a show

His bum was bare, his cock was hard, his tears were flowing free

And then his cock had shot a load, when paddled, ‘cross her knee

Jack had not been punished much, but it was actually quite nice

But Forsyth had hurt his manly pride, and for that, she’d pay a price

He wanted his revenge, you see, to right this painful wrong

He’d whack Miss Forsyth’s pretty bum, and hear her soulful song

He plotted long, he plotted hard, he just had to think this through

And then he got the perfect chance. It came quite out the blue

One day he had a Math test, his best and favourite class

His answers were a little off, but good enough to pass

Now Jack was used to being right, he did not like to fail

So when his got his paper back, it was quite beyond the pale

His parents paid out quite the fee to keep him at that school

So turning in a B+ grade, made him look quite the fool

His parents threatened to withdraw their little protégé

The teacher was at fault they said, “Jack should have got an A”

He told then not to worry, it was surely a mistake

He would meet his teacher after class, he knew what steps to take

He would put her in her rightful place, Forsyth would see the light

And so he met her after class, to convey his parent’s slight

“My folks, they pay your wages, see?” He came right out and said

“You need to grade me with an A, or you’ll be out of work instead”

She stood her ground, she stamped her foot. She was not one to be told

But then the Head was at the door and Miss Forsyth he did scold

“Young Jack’s dad, he built this school, he paid for every brick”

“So you will do just what you’re told. You’ll even suck his dick!”

With that, he left the pair alone, and Jack then took his cue

He smiled a knowing little smile. He knew just what to do

“You’ll write 100 times or more, ‘Jack always gets an A’

And when you’re done we can discuss the painful price you’ll pay

But first I think, a little fun. You know, the Head was right

If you suck my dick then I will know, you truly are contrite”

And so, on bended knee she went, and pulled his member out

And slathered up and down his pole, til he shot into her mouth

She chalked away, til the board was full, her mouth still full of cum,

And then he bent her o’er his knee, to spank her perky bum

He whipped her tights right down her thighs, her panties down as well

And marvelled at the gorgeous sight, of her rounded buttocks swell

He took a rule and whipped it down, red striping her fine arse

And kept on spanking at her bum, til she began to curse

She made such a noise, it wasn’t right. She wouldn’t stop her racket

So he put an apple in her mouth, and she bit down hard upon it

Now on he went, with vicious spite, spanking hard her naked rear

His grade, he knew, would now be A. Of that he had no fear.

Jack and Miss Forsyth

Jack was new at the Academy

So he didn’t know the drill

That Staff were Gods, and never wrong

So things quickly went downhill

One teacher in particular

The attractive Miss Forsyth

Was very strict about the rules

And the consequential price

For any lad, or any girl

Who questioned her reply

Well Jack was quite the cocky sod

So he argued, eye to eye

Forsyth fumed at Jack’s retort

“I’m having none of it!

You’d best get used to standing up

You’ll be too sore to sit!”

She had him write a hundred times

“I will do what she says”

And then she stripped him of his pants

And whacked his bum ablaze

He lay across her silken legs

His bottom bare to all

And then the paddle lit him up

And he began to bawl

And then she felt his willy grow

So she trapped it, twixt her thighs

And whaled upon his naked rear

Til his member did arise

She whacked him with her paddle

She made his bottom sore

She kept on spanking very hard

Until his cum shot on the floor

Songs for Spanking : Help me Rhonda

Another in my occasional series, Songs for Spanking.

I’m sure The Beach Boys would have been partial to hot buns themselves on a warm California evening. At least, that’s my interpretation of the hidden message behind ‘Help me Rhonda’.


Spank me Rhonda

Well since you spanked my ass I’ve been wantin’ you to do it again
I’ll fuck your sweet ass at night but in the mornin’ please just lay on some pain

Well, Rhonda you know I’m primed (know I’m primed)
So you know it wouldn’t take much time
For you to spank me Rhonda
Spank me ‘til I cum on the bed

Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda
Spank, Spank me Rhonda
Spank me Rhonda yeah
‘Til I cum on the bed

I was gonna be your boss
And you were gonna be my girl
(Oh Rhonda)
But I let you be the leader between us
And it shattered my world
(Oh Rhonda)

Well, Rhonda you spanked me tight (spanked me tight)
And I will suck your pussy every night
If you just spank me Rhonda
Spank me ‘til I cum on the bed

[repeat x2]

If you like this, the rest of the series is here:

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