Home Working Blues

“Ahhh! I’m sorry! Shit that really hurts Julie!”

“Oh, really? I’m shocked – WHACK. Having read your little stories I thought a couple of dozen with a nice – WHACK – thick – WHACK – cane – WHACK – would be right up your alley! Spending all your time wanking off to Spanking Tube when you said you were working on your book, and I was out at work!” She punctuated her words with more whipping cuts from the dowel rod she had grabbed from the basement earlier.

Julie puffed with the exertion, and stepped back  to take a quick breather from her thrashing exercise and inspect her handiwork. Scott’s bum was a criss-crossed with angry red weals, turning into purple blooms where the tip had wrapped around his thigh. She pursed her lips in frustration. Getting the nice, neat tram lines took more expertise than she had realised. Oh well, time for more practice then.

“I think I need your bum up higher. You keep clenching your cheeks and I don’t like it. I’ll teach you that you don’t need to waste your time watching videos when you can get the real thing right here.”

Scott twitched and bucked against the restraints that held him firmly to the bed, spread-eagled. “Well don’t think I’m helping you cane me even more, you crazy bitch!” he shouted.

Julie smacked him hard across his buttocks with an open palm, bringing a fresh yelp from his lips. “Don’t call me crazy or a bitch! You’re in no position to argue. Now, get your damn arse in the air!” She reached down between his thighs and grabbed his cock and balls, then pulled vertically. Scott screamed, “STOP, I can’t fucking move! You tied me too tight!”

Julie snapped the quick release buckle down a couple of notches on each arm so that Scott could slide himself backwards, with Julie helping him into position with a firm tug on his ball sac. When his bum was nicely elevated she pushed the decorative pillows under his belly, keeping him in position.

“Now, let’s see if I can get some nice parallel lines.” She stepped aside, lined up her dowel and whipped it down across the crown of Scott’s buttocks. “Owww, shit, owww. Fuck, Julie. Shit.”

“Not very eloquent for a writer are we? How about you give me some proper prose to describe how it feels. Then maybe we’re getting some proper use out of this punishment.” She whipped the dowel down again, catching the underside of his cheeks. Scott bit his lip to suppress his curses this time. Julie whipped him again. “Excuse me. I’m waiting. I can go on a lot longer than you. Once I hear a nice, erotic description of this caning you can get up and get back to some proper work.” She punctuated with a pair of sharp strokes that left behind white tram lines rapidly reddening as the blood rushed back to the injured site. Scott screamed and bucked against the cuffs that held him tight.

“OKAY, okay. Give me a second,” he gasped. Julie giggled as he twitched and jerked his cheeks, trying desperately to suffuse the pain. As he did so his bumhole puckered and she prodded him right on the centre with the tip of her cane. She reached under and released his cock, fondling his balls as she brought him to erection. “Now,” she said, stroking his shaft from behind, All we need is a nice, sexy line to describe your little persuasion exercise, and then we can reward you properly and you can get back to work. How’s that?” She gave his cock a final squeeze, then flicked her finger against his bumhole, making him jump once more.

“Okay, here we go. One smack, and you give me your best.” She tapped the cane against his bum ,pulled back and whipped it down.

“Ahhh! Shit!”

“Not quite! Try again” WHACK

“HMMMNN,” Scott took a deep breath to control himself. “T – t – the cane hissed down, biting  deeply into his bum.”

“Yeah, not very poetic. Try again.” WHACK

“AHHHH, HMMMMNN,” Scott processed the pain and composed himself. “The cane whipped into his upturned cheeks, biting deeply before lifting away.”

“Better, but too technical. Whree’s the passion?” WHACK

“FFFFFFUUUU…. Okay, okay. Here we go. ‘the cane hissed like a snake, striking and biting with venom into the unprotected cheeks of her poor, abused husband’s naked bottom. He cried out in passion and pain, willing her to stop but knowing he deserved more. Again, he sobbed.”

“Aw, that’s the sweet. And so true.” She brought the cane down three more times, sharp and hard, then threw it aside and trailed a finger down his uninjured cleft towards his hanging balls. His cock twitched at her touch as she bent to give him his reward.



Carla stood at the full length mirror, looking back over her shoulder and assessing the damage to her buttocks. It had been two days since her ‘introduction’ to Dominic and the bruising from his vigorous application of the leather strap was really deepening. She looked over at Sammi laying on her stomach, naked. Her buttocks sported several broad bruises, though not as deep red as Carla’s.

“If Dominic is my assistant, why is it that we are the ones with bruised butts, and he got to fuck us both?” Carla mused. “I think it’s time we evened the score a little, don’t you?”

Sammi turned her head to look at her lover and boss as she twisted and turned to inspect her damaged rear. “I love you with a well-thrashed arse, and you love getting it that way, so don’t make out you’re the martyr here,” she said. “unless you want another whupping? I didn’t get to use the crop on your little arsehole, after all!”

Carla smiled, “Nice idea, but I’ve got a meeting and now I need to wear a longer skirt, thanks to young Dominic. Just make sure he’s well aware of his status in this firm, that’s all. I don’t want him getting cocky unless I say so, right?” Sammi murmured something as she closed her eyes to go back to sleep. At that Carla grabbed the crop from the side table and quickly stepped over to the bed. She whipped the crop down across Sammi’s pert buttocks. “Same goes for you, Sammi. Remember who really calls the shots!” Sammi yelped and buried her face in the pillow, tensing for another blow. Carla appraised the soft cheeks before her. She trailed a finger down Sammi’s cleft to tease her anal rosebud. “Now that you mention it, I think a little anal spanking is well in order for someone before the day gets going. Up on your knees!”

Sammi was slow to respond, so Carla gave her another sharp smack across the bottom of her buttocks, right in the crease of her thighs. “Okay, okay!” Sammi cried, swiftly rising onto her knees and presenting her buttocks for the crop. She spread her knees and dipped her back to spread open her cleft and reveal her tight little hole. “Jeez, someone needs another fucking!” she muttered under her breath, then yelped again as the leather flap of the crop smacked onto her anus.

“I heard that, thank you!” said Carla, as she whipped her lover’s anus twice more before shifting her aim to whip the crop across her luscious cheeks, raising a dozen fresh welts to colour the flesh once more. Sammi cried out at each blow, but  thrust up for more each time. Finally, Carla dropped the crop. “We will have to finish this later. I’m late for my meeting now. Keep it warm for me!” she laughed, as she grabbed her things and let the room.

Alone now, Sammi rolled onto her back, lifted her knees and dropped her hand between her legs. As she stroked herself she mulled over the best way to bring Dominic to his knees whilst extracting the most pleasure for herself and Carla. Her thoughts kept returning to the feeling of his cock fucking her from behind as Carla licked her pussy, and of him fucking Carla as her legs were held high and apart. She knew she had to reverse that role somehow, and bend him to her will. She smiled as an idea came to her and she increased the friction of her fingers on her nub as the plan formed in her mind.


Part G for the A to Z Challenge

The story starts here with Anticipation

It’s Been a While …

It’s been a while …

Since my bottom was sore

And I bent over your knee

As you spanked me some more

Since I knelt on the bed

Spread my knees real wide

Pushed my bum in the air

For you to thrash my sweet hide

It’s been a while …

Since you made me strip bare

Before spanking my bum

As you pulled on my hair

And then held my cheeks wide

Stretched my bum cleft apart

AS you yielded the strap

Right on my sensitive heart

It’s been a while …

Since I had bruises

From a brush or a paddle

When our play went a little too far

Since the redness was bright

Against my milky white flesh

And the sight of my buttocks

Gave you raggedy breath

It’s been a while …

Since the passion

Took over our lives

And the sex was mind-blowingly good

Since we held one another

And we laughed at our games

The way two true lovers should

It’s been a while ….

Songs for Spanking – Sitting on the end of the bed

Otis seems like the kind of guy who would have appreciated taking a fine lady across his lap for a long, sensual spanking session. I’m sure he would have appreciated this rewrite of his classic, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”.

Sittin’ in my favourite corner

Got you layin’ down like I want ya

I’ll stroke your ass lovingly

And then I’ll spank you ‘til you feel the heat, yeah


I’m sittin’ on the foot of the bed

Spankin’ your ass ‘til it’s red

Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the foot of the bed

Spankin’ time


I left my paddle in Georgia

I’m gonna use my belt today

‘Cause I got nothing else to spank you

And I know your bum’s just beggin to play


So I’m just gonna sit on the foot of the bed

Spank your ass ‘til it’s red

Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the foot of the bed

Sexy time


 Looks like your ass is paying me

For all those time’s you gave me lip

I’m gonna whup your ass ‘til morning

And I guess you’ll wanna repay, somehow


 Sittin’ here getting a boner

As I stroke your bottom over my knee

It’s too early for this erection

Still gotta strike my message home


 And now, I’m layin’ cross the foot of the bed

I spanked your ass ‘til it’s red

Ooo, I’m just layin’ cross the foot of the bed

Suckin’ time

Another response to the Daily Post prompt.