Nature’s Ointment

Sammi paused to admire the firm, young brown buttocks presented for her strap. Dominic clearly was determined not to show any weakness in the eyes of his female protagonists. He was taking his strapping stoically, though certainly not in total silence. He had locked himself in position by linking his arms behind his knees. This position, with his feet planted wide for balance, gave Sammi a delightful view of his tight buttocks, spread wide to reveal the darker whorl of his anus. And beneath hung his heavy balls and that magnificent cock. His erection had softened but his shaft was still turgid and full of promise. A strand of clear juice hung from the tip, glistening in the light. Sammi reached under him to cup the strand in her palm, then rolled her palm around his cock head, lubricating the bluntness with his own juice. She rolled her palm around the tender skin, stiffening him once more and eliciting a guttural grunt. (more…)

Rosebottom recruits

 The Rosebottom Centre for Attitudinal Adjustment



Product Development Assistants

“We strive to achieve Bottom Marks”

Rosebottomers leave no bottom untouched in our pursuit of the perfect Rosebottom result. Our employees bend over to present our clients with the perfect opportunity to test our products and enact any scenario. We provide the perfect tools for attitudinal adjustment.

We are constantly seeking the next big thing in correctional devices, seeking new ways to excite, entice and warm the hearts of our clients’ bottoms. To assist, we need a new group of Product Development Assistants to provide practical help in the design, testing and marketing of a new range of leather, wood and acrylic adult goods.

To thrive as a Product Development Assistant you must be flexible, resilient and tolerant of painful and uncomfortable situations. You should be able to withstand an environment which may be taxing yet intensely enjoyable.

Every item we sell is  individually inspected and tested in a real-life environment. To assist our Testers you will assume a number of positions throughout the day. Essential safety equipment is provided to protect non-test areas of the body. Clothing restrictions often apply to testing environments.

If you work in our New Product Division you can expect to test many unique products designed for attitudinal adjustment. We employ a bottom-up, hands-on and highly participative methodology that delivers startling results when rigorously applied. Your bottom lines will be testament to the rigour of our Testers.

Quality control Development Assistants will assist as Subject participants in our OTK (Objective Testing Knowledge) protocols. These include:

  • Impact Testing: efficacy of the product in delivering a trademark Rosebottom glow; measures speed of heat transfer to Subject bottom.
  • Ease of Use: testers rate products on ergonomic handling and comfort (Subject comfort is inversely proportional to Tester comfort)
  • Longevity: occasionally we utilise destruction protocols to test product longevity. These can be particularly arduous to Subject bottoms as it is the product destruction we are testing, not the Subject.

As these protocols are rigorously applied they are particularly demanding on Development Assistants. We offer recovery rooms and massage service. Recovery rooms also provide options for ‘personal relief’ following testing sessions.

Successful applicants need to be flexible, inhibition-free, open-minded and highly resilient. You will be required to work in close, intimate and physically demanding personal situations with colleagues on a daily basis. Due to the nature of our work, we offer a clothing-optional work place.

We offer a lifetime supply of Rosebottom products for your personal enjoyment.

Please note that our interview process is long, rigorous, physically demanding but intensely enjoyable. We often require multiple personal testing sessions before making a selection decision.

Join us now, and you could become our next Rosebottom of the Month.

A Curious Thought


A curious thought just occurred to me

As I bent you gently over my knee

Adjusting your lie to set your bum just so

To delightfully build that heartwarming glow


That thought, the one that occurred just now

That whittered away and furrowed my brow

Was the curious state that leads us here

With you bent so and exposing your rear


How it is as adults we just want our bottoms spanked

And afterwards, we’re on knees to give thanks

Yet not long ago, when we were small fry

We did all we could to avoid catching the eye


Of teachers so strict they would beat the whole class

(I got slippered one time, for answering back)

And parents, when told of our need to atone

Would whup us again to drive the point home


Yet now we are grown, well, in years at least

We spank one another to satiate the Beast

And great pleasure we get from a stinging red rear

No threatened strapping can fill us with fear


I can spank you with slipper, with hand or with crop

And I know you will beg me never to stop

And when your bottom is delightfully pink

And your pussy is dripping and it’s hard to think


You will drop to your knees to worship my cock

With lip-smacking pleasure as you gobble the top

And shove your tongue into the pleasure slit

And beg of the same when I lap at your clit


And when it’s my turn to offer my bum

When you beat me with vigour like you’re beating a drum

My manhood will rise to its magnificent size

And you will grasp it and squeeze it like you’ve won the prize


And you’ll sit on my shaft and drill yourself down

Like a queen on her throne and wearing her crown

And then ride to the races at a vigorous trot

Til your pussy is screaming and your nerves are all shot


And you quiver and shudder and scream to the sky

“Oh fuck! Yes, I’m coming, I’m going to die!”

So I try to control your wild bronco bucking

As I jerk up my hips to finish the fucking


Just trying to finish and let go both barrels

Without snapping my dick (it’s one of life’s perils)

And I’m frantically stabbing my dick in your nest

When you collapse in a heap on my heaving chest


Oh my, I’m so sorry. I got carried away

With thoughts of our spanking and fucking and play

Now what was I saying, Oh yes, I recall

How adults love a sore bum better than all


So I give thanks to the strangeness that makes us desire

As adults, the spanking that stokes at our fire

When as kids we would run with abhorrent fear

When threatened with a whupping to light up our rear

Spanking Wishes


I really wanted spanking, but I knew not what to do

My Albert, he was lovely, but he didn’t have a clue

I tried just being naughty, and acting like a brat

He said to me amusedly, “you’re worse than having a cat”

I burnt his favourite shirt when ironing one night

He said, “No mind my dear. It was getting rather tight”

One day I didn’t cook for him. I just lay all day in bed

He got home feeling peckish – and got pizza in instead

One time I went out shopping, spending far too much on clothes

Albert smiled and shook his head. “It’s in your genes, I suppose”

So I took it one step further. I took my brush and said

“Please use this to correct me”. He simply brushed my head.

I bought a belt for him to use upon my womanly cheeks

He looped it though his pants and said, “I’ve been needing one for weeks”

A riding crop, a bamboo cane, a ruler – I bought him all these things

And yet he didn’t take the hint, to make my bottom sting

One day, when subtlety was done, I bared my butt and said

“If you don’t spank me hard right now, that’s it – we’re through. You’re dead!”

Albert stood, his mouth agape, he knew not what to say

I climbed up on the duvet and bent, as if to pray

My bum was high, my knees were spread. I screamed, “Do it now, you prick!”

“For if you leave me wanting, I’ll boil your frigging dick!”

“Oh Anne”, said he, “I can’t have this, your being very crude”

“Your bum up high, your parts exposed, now this is very rude”

“You’ve asked for this, and now you’ll pay. Your bottom it will smart”

“Just remember that you asked for this. I’m not stopping once I start”

Bert gathered all the items I had bought to inflict pain

The brush and ruler, crop and belt, and yes, he got the cane

He used each item thoroughly, and reddened up my cheeks

I screamed and bellowed, ‘Stop, I beg – I won’t sit down for weeks”

“Oh no”, said he,” I will not stop. You asked for this, alright?”

“Now hush and take your punishment. I’ll spank you well tonight”

“In fact I think I’ll spank you daily, before I venture out”

“To keep you on the proper track as a dutiful little spouse”

It’s been a month. My bottom burns. I can’t pull up my pants

For every day, and every night, Albert makes my bottom dance

I wish I hadn’t pushed him into spanking my behind

Instead, I should have spanked him for being friggin’ blind

I could have had him on his knees, and caned his little tush

Instead it’s me with a sore bum. Oh shoot, I’m such a klutz!

Cunning Linguist


I’m a rampant cunning linguist, of that there is no doubt.

My tongue will drive you wild with glee, the words they pour right out.

I work this muscle with strict regime, to keep my strength intact,

To ensure my ‘nightly readings’ have the necessary impact.

I make my muscle stiff and thick, or soft like creme brûlée,

I can wrap it into tightest knots, I’m always ripe for play.

Tongue twisters are a favourite, your cunning stunt is mine,

Yes, I’m a pussy licker, your sweetness is divine.

At times I lust for dirty words, if you catch my drift, *wink wink*,

I seek out the chocolate rosebud, it’s my dark forbidden kink.

My work in your back garden doth pleasure you tonight,

With a nip, a lick, a nibble – it tickles and excites.

I probe your rectal channel and bite you on the bum,

Then lap up your perineum, to your cunt, to make you cum.

Deep there I hunt for clitty, buried deep within the ‘hood,

And now I coax her gently, ’til she’s standing up right good.

My thirst is quenched, I drank my fill, of pussy milk on tap,

Parting soft folds of wetness, a fine present to unwrap.

My multi-lingual skills delight, I’m sure you must agree,

Reciting Keats within your cunt excites a veritable spending spree.

My lingua franca is your pleasure, with reciprocation sought,

If soixante neuf is not your thing, this deed may grow quite fraught.

A meal we shared has much more pleasure, than dining all alone,

Your plate is fine, your taste divine, and you’re just sucking on a bone!

Keep up the game and I will too, we’re nearly at the end,

Just one more lap around the track and we’ll both be ripe to spend.

With rush of blood and rampant cock, my semen doth gush out,

For you to swallow down your throat, like water from the spout.

My words are gone, I’m all burnt out, you’ve swallowed my very core,

Pray leave me be for just a while. My tongue is just too sore.

I know, I know, you’re close again (gosh – always wanting more!)

I’m done, content, I need a rest. Please just rub your nub. ENCORE!

Can you handle this?

I'm ready

I’m ready, are you?


You said I would pay if I made another mistake. You said you would not stand for any more sloppy work. Don’t push me you said, or else. Well, your words certainly struck home. You really made your mark. I did my very best, and I managed to screw up every single piece of work you gave me to do. Oops. Was I a bad little girl? See, I really need to know if you’re just full of words, or whether there’s any meat in your pants. Are you man enough to take me in hand, or do I need to wear the trousers?

So here I am, ready and waiting. My buttocks are primed and ready for your punishment. Smooth, so smooth and tight. I shaved last night, so my ass and pussy are smooth and soft. But before you start, you better be up to the task. (more…)