Prima Donna, Punished and Quaking


“Hey Sammi,” called Carla, looking up from her computer, “did you realise you and Dom share a birthday? I was just updating the HR system and I realised you and he are both going to be a year older next week. Calls for a special celebration I think, especially since you complained of missing out on the fun a couple of weeks back.” Carla peered over her monitor to gauge the reaction of her partner in love and work. Sammi made no reply, so Carla picked up a stress ball and lobbed it at her head.

“What the fuck? Carla, I’m busy. I don’t have time for your games right now. The Sapphire shoot is fucked up and I can’t get hold of the crew. Fuck, fuck, fuckety fucking shit-heat toss- pot arsehole cunt whacking FUCKERS!”

Carla sat back, amazed at the outburst from her partner, normally the level head in the relationship. “O-kay. Seems like someone lost her teddy. Chill babe, not that bad!”

“Carla, what the fuck do you know? I’ve been working the Sapphire shoot all alone and those lingerie models are all a bunch of prima donna queens. I would just love to go down there and thrash the arse off every one of ‘em, and the crappy crew who let them walk all over them. Bunch of pussies every one. I bet there’s not a stiff dick amongst them, least not until they get back into their dark room.” Sammi snorted in derision. “I should go down there, whip all their arses and peg the crew for good measure. Shove some ginger up the models arses and see if that lights their fire.” She flung her notebook down on the desk, sending a coffee mug flying across the files and papers strewn over the desk.

“SAMMI! Jeezus, you crazy bitch! You could’ve ruined the computers, portfolios, everything.” Carla was mad. “You just need to chill! Seems like you;re the rpima donna queen here!”

“Fuck it, fuck it all! I’m through. See you at home.” Sammi pushed back from the desk and stood up. Carla quickly followed suit.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t throw a paddy and storm out, leaving me to clean up your mess. And you don’t shout at me in my own office. Maybe you’re onto something if you think a good thrashing would solve the workforce problems over there at Sapphire. Maybe we should start with the project manager, see if that fixes anything.”

The two women faced off, neither willing to back down. They had been here before – two fiery, passionate women whose tempers flared quickly and who would never concede to the other without a fight. It was partly what gave their relationship such dynamism, and what made the Whiplash Agency one of the foremost marketing teams in the city. Sammi went to sidestep Carla and head out the door. Carla was too quick and she grabbed her arm and yanked her back. Sammi tried to pull free when the rip of fabric stopped her cold. She looked at her hand and saw she had torn Carla’s blouse, ripping the fabric open to reveal her red lace bra cupping her firm breasts.

“Oh shit, Carla I’m sorry – serves you right though. You shouldn’t try to stop me.”

Carla was fuming now. “You are gonna pay for that. And not with money!” She tightened her grip on Sammi’s wrist. “get your arse over the sofa. NOW!”

Sammi tried to tug free again, and scratched her lover’s hand in the process. Carla wrenched her back, pulling her off balance so she stumbled backwards on to the Chesterfield. Carla quickly flipped her legs up and smacked her palm down hard on her skirt-covered seat. The smacks were not hard compared to their normal games, but the shock brought Sammi down to earth. She stopped writhing and allowed Carla to spank her several more times with her open palm. She didn’t resist when Carla tugged down her zip and yanked the skirt of her legs, nor when Carla ripped her knickers off to bare her buttocks for more serious assault. With the target cleared, Carla resumed her rapid-fire spanking, venting her anger on her lover’s upturned bum, whacking indiscriminately across her spread cheeks. More than once Sammi yelped as she caught a sharp smack on her pussy lips, and her anus stung from the many slaps that landed directly on her hole, spread wide in this position.

Finally, Carla’s anger abated and her pace slowed. She was flushed and panting as she lowered Sammi’s legs back down. But she was not yet ready to forgive. Not until Sammi was ready to be much, much more contrite. Instead of letting Sammi rise, she flipped her over the arm of the Chesterfield. Fr both, this was one of their favourite spanking positions. The arm thrust the penitent’s buttocks high and the seat gave plenty of support to sustain a long assault. Sammi suspected she may prefer to lie on the sofa rather than sit for the next few days, judging by the quiet anger emanating from her lover. Sammi wisely decided not to inflame the situation still further. She adjusted her own position so that her buttocks were high and spread, her feet apart to open her cheeks and expose her pussy to view.

From her prone position Sammi watched Carla walk over to the cupboard that housed their spanking toys. These toys were well used around the office for play and discipline. Just a couple of weeks ago she had used the leather strap on Dom’s delightful rear when he and Jo had fought in the office. She had lit a fire in him that day, she recalled. No doubt her cheeks would feel the same way very soon. She watched as Carla looked through the assortment of straps, paddles, hairbrushes and other implements bought or donated by the staff for their amusement. She gasped as she saw that Carla had found the one item Sammi truly feared.

“No! No not the cane. Please Carla, not the cane. You know it stings terribly, and I’ll still have marks in weeks!” Sammi was visibly quaking as Carla approached with the vicious rod.

“Oh I think my marks will be there as long as yours,” Carla said, showing the back of her hand where three bloody striped showed the effects of Sammi’s earlier assault. “At least your marks won’t be bleeding. Possibly.” Carla stepped up behind Sammi and measured her distance. “Now, we’ve got a $90 shirt ruined, plus the work on the desk covered in coffee, plus my scratched hand. I can’t even think of a total. I will just keep going until I’m tired or bored I think.” A she spoke she punctuated the words with swift, hard cane strokes, each biting deeply into the lush, upturned cheeks before her. And each time, Sammi yelped and then presented herself for more.

As she caned her lover Carla said, “you know, we didn’t finish discussing your birthdays. You know, we could have a costume party. You already have a costume – you can go as a tiger with nice, bright stripes.” She laughed as she continued to add to the decoration of her lover’s bottom.



And that was P and Q for the A to Z Chalelnge. It all began HERE, and I listed all the posts in the series to date HERE.

Santa’s Little Helper

christmas liftOne snowy Christmas Eve, poor Rudolph was feeling a little under the weather. He was in no condition to fly. Santa was worried, not least because he had no idea how he would see without Rudolph’s bright red nose to guide the way. He pondered on this problem for most of the day but found no solution.

And just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Santa received news about one of his little female helpers who had been seen trying to hitch a ride by flashing her sexy little bottom to the passing motorists. Well of course, Santa was furious, especiLly with him being in such a foul mood over Rudolph, and he summoned the poor unfortunate elf back to the North Pole for a serious reprimand.

The silly elf saw no reason to apologize, so Santa wrapped a big muscular arm around her tiny waist, then flipped her over his knee. He took up a good solid paddle and gave his bratty little elf the hiding of her life.

Santa paddled that poor elf’s butt so severely he solved the problem of Rudolph’s nose. He just perched the little elf on the front of the sleigh with her bum shining brightly red to guide the way. He even had a nice hand warmer to ease the chill that frosty Christmas Eve.

Dishwashing Duties


Next time you complain about doing the dishes

Remember how much you regret

Standing in such an enticing position

With your hands and your pussy both soaking wet.


The soap will go further if you speak one more time

Your lips will be frothy, your ass hot and sore

Enough of your lip, just finish the dishes

And when you’re all done, come play like a whore


You secretly love exhibitionist games

I know. That’s why you always mess up

And why would I stop you, my delightful young thing

You’re just like a rabbit when we get down to fuck


So please, keep complaining about doing the dishes

So I can step up and strip your butt bare

I will spank your hind quarters to a rosy red hue

Then bend you and fuck you as the cat stands and stares

A Brat’s Thanksgiving Verse


Thanksgiving time is now almost here

A time to look back on a wonderful year

When I learned to be grateful and to not answer back

And to be prim out of doors and a whore in the sack

You taught me so well, to learn to take pleasure

From baring my cheeks to be spanked at your leisure

Those memories you burned into my rosy red rear

As spankings and strappings often brought me to tears

My pants were pulled down and my bottom was bared

And no quarter was given, and no blushes spared

That time, in the park, when I gave you some lip

You pulled down my knickers and bared me, real quick

And you took my flat sandal to my now exposed bum

And you smacked to a rhythm, like beating a drum

With love and with passion you reddened my seat

Til I felt the heat grow in my plump luscious cheeks

And then, in our room, away from the crowds

You stripped me to fuck me, and your ramrod stood proud

When my bum is a-tingle and covered in stripes

I feel so alive and up for the fight

Your spankings ignite me, you set me on fire

Each smack sends my passions just spiralling higher

So as we gather together this Thanksgiving Day

We should turn to our loved ones and earnestly say

“Thank you my dear for spanking my bum

I truly deserved it, and your spanks made me come!

Would You?

Was there ever a ‘star’ more deserving of a good spanking than young Mylie?

Is this not simply asking for spanking? You can almost see the blush of the first whacks. She certainly needs much more though, if her brattishness is ever to be contained. I can tell you, dear readers, if I were Mylie’s manager, she would get a good hard spanking and be sent to bed.


Maybe age will soften her brashness, and polish the rough diamond into something as classy as that other former teenage songstress, Kylie.

This is one of my favourite, most-erotic pictures ever. Pics are courtesy of Google, of course, and appear to originate in either the Daily Mail or Sun newspapers.

There’s just enough suggestion here to fuel any fantasy. If you got that look, in that dress, from your significant other, you know you would be tripping as you try to yank your pants over your shoes. You know you are climbing those stairs on your knees with your feet tangled in your pants leg. You know you will no doubt slip as you climb, getting a carpet burn on your hard-on in the process.

Gentlemen, is there any one amongst you who would not follow that backside to the ends of the earth? Or at least, upstairs. I would even miss the end of the game, provided I had set the PVR. Such an action would be sufficient cause for a warm-up spanking to redden the bare flesh on show, then a longer session with naked cheeks to warm things through nicely downstairs. Just enough to achieve Rule # 182 of the Rules of a Gentleman:

rule gent


If I’ve managed to stem Old Faithful (unlikely given the lusciousness on show, but we can dream – we are after all) then it would most definitely be time to kiss EVERYTHING better, followed by some good old-fashioned lovemaking ’til the sun rises and the cock crows anew.

Ah, bliss. Sweet Dreams everyone!