Prima Donna, Punished and Quaking


“Hey Sammi,” called Carla, looking up from her computer, “did you realise you and Dom share a birthday? I was just updating the HR system and I realised you and he are both going to be a year older next week. Calls for a special celebration I think, especially since you complained of missing out on the fun a couple of weeks back.” Carla peered over her monitor to gauge the reaction of her partner in love and work. Sammi made no reply, so Carla picked up a stress ball and lobbed it at her head.

“What the fuck? Carla, I’m busy. I don’t have time for your games right now. The Sapphire shoot is fucked up and I can’t get hold of the crew. Fuck, fuck, fuckety fucking shit-heat toss- pot arsehole cunt whacking FUCKERS!”

Carla sat back, amazed at the outburst from her partner, normally the level head in the relationship. “O-kay. Seems like someone lost her teddy. Chill babe, not that bad!”

“Carla, what the fuck do you know? I’ve been working the Sapphire shoot all alone and those lingerie models are all a bunch of prima donna queens. I would just love to go down there and thrash the arse off every one of ‘em, and the crappy crew who let them walk all over them. Bunch of pussies every one. I bet there’s not a stiff dick amongst them, least not until they get back into their dark room.” Sammi snorted in derision. “I should go down there, whip all their arses and peg the crew for good measure. Shove some ginger up the models arses and see if that lights their fire.” She flung her notebook down on the desk, sending a coffee mug flying across the files and papers strewn over the desk.

“SAMMI! Jeezus, you crazy bitch! You could’ve ruined the computers, portfolios, everything.” Carla was mad. “You just need to chill! Seems like you;re the rpima donna queen here!”

“Fuck it, fuck it all! I’m through. See you at home.” Sammi pushed back from the desk and stood up. Carla quickly followed suit.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t throw a paddy and storm out, leaving me to clean up your mess. And you don’t shout at me in my own office. Maybe you’re onto something if you think a good thrashing would solve the workforce problems over there at Sapphire. Maybe we should start with the project manager, see if that fixes anything.”

The two women faced off, neither willing to back down. They had been here before – two fiery, passionate women whose tempers flared quickly and who would never concede to the other without a fight. It was partly what gave their relationship such dynamism, and what made the Whiplash Agency one of the foremost marketing teams in the city. Sammi went to sidestep Carla and head out the door. Carla was too quick and she grabbed her arm and yanked her back. Sammi tried to pull free when the rip of fabric stopped her cold. She looked at her hand and saw she had torn Carla’s blouse, ripping the fabric open to reveal her red lace bra cupping her firm breasts.

“Oh shit, Carla I’m sorry – serves you right though. You shouldn’t try to stop me.”

Carla was fuming now. “You are gonna pay for that. And not with money!” She tightened her grip on Sammi’s wrist. “get your arse over the sofa. NOW!”

Sammi tried to tug free again, and scratched her lover’s hand in the process. Carla wrenched her back, pulling her off balance so she stumbled backwards on to the Chesterfield. Carla quickly flipped her legs up and smacked her palm down hard on her skirt-covered seat. The smacks were not hard compared to their normal games, but the shock brought Sammi down to earth. She stopped writhing and allowed Carla to spank her several more times with her open palm. She didn’t resist when Carla tugged down her zip and yanked the skirt of her legs, nor when Carla ripped her knickers off to bare her buttocks for more serious assault. With the target cleared, Carla resumed her rapid-fire spanking, venting her anger on her lover’s upturned bum, whacking indiscriminately across her spread cheeks. More than once Sammi yelped as she caught a sharp smack on her pussy lips, and her anus stung from the many slaps that landed directly on her hole, spread wide in this position.

Finally, Carla’s anger abated and her pace slowed. She was flushed and panting as she lowered Sammi’s legs back down. But she was not yet ready to forgive. Not until Sammi was ready to be much, much more contrite. Instead of letting Sammi rise, she flipped her over the arm of the Chesterfield. Fr both, this was one of their favourite spanking positions. The arm thrust the penitent’s buttocks high and the seat gave plenty of support to sustain a long assault. Sammi suspected she may prefer to lie on the sofa rather than sit for the next few days, judging by the quiet anger emanating from her lover. Sammi wisely decided not to inflame the situation still further. She adjusted her own position so that her buttocks were high and spread, her feet apart to open her cheeks and expose her pussy to view.

From her prone position Sammi watched Carla walk over to the cupboard that housed their spanking toys. These toys were well used around the office for play and discipline. Just a couple of weeks ago she had used the leather strap on Dom’s delightful rear when he and Jo had fought in the office. She had lit a fire in him that day, she recalled. No doubt her cheeks would feel the same way very soon. She watched as Carla looked through the assortment of straps, paddles, hairbrushes and other implements bought or donated by the staff for their amusement. She gasped as she saw that Carla had found the one item Sammi truly feared.

“No! No not the cane. Please Carla, not the cane. You know it stings terribly, and I’ll still have marks in weeks!” Sammi was visibly quaking as Carla approached with the vicious rod.

“Oh I think my marks will be there as long as yours,” Carla said, showing the back of her hand where three bloody striped showed the effects of Sammi’s earlier assault. “At least your marks won’t be bleeding. Possibly.” Carla stepped up behind Sammi and measured her distance. “Now, we’ve got a $90 shirt ruined, plus the work on the desk covered in coffee, plus my scratched hand. I can’t even think of a total. I will just keep going until I’m tired or bored I think.” A she spoke she punctuated the words with swift, hard cane strokes, each biting deeply into the lush, upturned cheeks before her. And each time, Sammi yelped and then presented herself for more.

As she caned her lover Carla said, “you know, we didn’t finish discussing your birthdays. You know, we could have a costume party. You already have a costume – you can go as a tiger with nice, bright stripes.” She laughed as she continued to add to the decoration of her lover’s bottom.



And that was P and Q for the A to Z Chalelnge. It all began HERE, and I listed all the posts in the series to date HERE.

Nature’s Ointment

Sammi paused to admire the firm, young brown buttocks presented for her strap. Dominic clearly was determined not to show any weakness in the eyes of his female protagonists. He was taking his strapping stoically, though certainly not in total silence. He had locked himself in position by linking his arms behind his knees. This position, with his feet planted wide for balance, gave Sammi a delightful view of his tight buttocks, spread wide to reveal the darker whorl of his anus. And beneath hung his heavy balls and that magnificent cock. His erection had softened but his shaft was still turgid and full of promise. A strand of clear juice hung from the tip, glistening in the light. Sammi reached under him to cup the strand in her palm, then rolled her palm around his cock head, lubricating the bluntness with his own juice. She rolled her palm around the tender skin, stiffening him once more and eliciting a guttural grunt. (more…)

Juvenile, Knackers and Leather

The next day, Carla and Sammi were in the office working on the shoot for the Bryson Motors campaign when raised voices disturbed their concentration. They tried to ignore the commotion, and almost succeeded, until the shouting turned to shrieks and then the distinctive sound of a palm striking bare flesh. The pair looked at each other, dropped what they were doing and dashed outside.

The sight before them stopped them in their tracks. Dominic had Jo across his knees. He had her skirt up and knickers down, and he was spanking her bare bottom vigorously. Jo was kicking and bucking, screaming at him at the top of her voice, “Stop you fucking moron! If you don’t stop fucking smacking me I will rip your knackers off and shove them down your throat OWWWW!!” (more…)

It’s Been a While …

It’s been a while …

Since my bottom was sore

And I bent over your knee

As you spanked me some more

Since I knelt on the bed

Spread my knees real wide

Pushed my bum in the air

For you to thrash my sweet hide

It’s been a while …

Since you made me strip bare

Before spanking my bum

As you pulled on my hair

And then held my cheeks wide

Stretched my bum cleft apart

AS you yielded the strap

Right on my sensitive heart

It’s been a while …

Since I had bruises

From a brush or a paddle

When our play went a little too far

Since the redness was bright

Against my milky white flesh

And the sight of my buttocks

Gave you raggedy breath

It’s been a while …

Since the passion

Took over our lives

And the sex was mind-blowingly good

Since we held one another

And we laughed at our games

The way two true lovers should

It’s been a while ….

The Voyeur


My office overlooks a hotel in the downtown core. I like to stay late, sitting in the dark and watching what might unfold across the street. Often times I’ve been treated to a quick flash of underwear as a female guest undresses on the way to the shower, not anticipating an audience 23 floors above the city. I’ve seen some nice tits in my time. It’s better in the winter when the nights arrive early. Guests heading back to their rooms to quickly change before a night-out often neglect to draw the blinds.

I’ve seen many sights from my darkened office. I keep a small pair of binoculars for the more interesting moments. Many times it’s the men who care little for their privacy. They fling their office clothes off at the end of the day, then lay on the bed, tugging off a quick one before dressing again for a night of beers with their city-friends. More than once I’ve watched a guy stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and wank away to the city below. I guess they get a thrill from their pseudo-exhibitionism, safe as they are from the street level stares.

From what I’ve seen, the business traveller takes on a new persona away from home, away from the mundane security of daily family life. I’ve seen men and women, young and old, bringing partners into their rooms, tearing the clothes off each other in their passion. Rarely does the visitor stay the night – I guess it is easier to explain a late night meeting or dinner with clients than it is to explain a night’s absence to a partner back home.

I’ve watched some wild antics, too. I watched one business man strip off his pants and underwear, then bend himself over the foot of the bed with his flabby white bum pushed up so that the lady with him could whip him with a scary looking cane. He must have been paying her, I guess, though why I’ve no idea. She should have paid him for the pleasure she took as she slashed away viciously at his plump buttocks. The way the bed was positioned, I could clearly see the mass of purple lines she left behind. Every few strokes, she reached underneath, I’m guessing to wank his cock. I’ve seen women getting a spanking, too. These always seem much more mutually satisfying, to my eye at least. I’ve seen women bending for a hand spanking, mainly, but I’ve seen a girl lay on the bed to be whipped with a belt, and I keenly remember the one who took it good with a riding crop. I’ve enjoyed that moment many times in the quiet darkness of my office. I’ve also seen more blow jobs than I’ve had personally, too.

The most memorable display happened a few weeks back. I saw a couple arrive on a Monday and they clearly had promise. The first night I saw her strip for the shower. The guy she was with grabbed her arm as she passed and eased her down to her knees in front of him. She had knelt there, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock before giving him a quick BJ. She left him with a hard-on sticking out of his zipper as she flounced off to the shower. When she came out they started getting it on when she glanced out of the window. I stepped back into the shadows of my office but they shut the drapes, so I was left with my imagination and a hard dick of my own.

Next day I saw them again. The guy had moved a chair in front of the window, sideways on. He came out of the bathroom and sat in the chair, starkers. She came over to him, naked herself, and she knelt down in front of him to blow him. I was looking directly into their room, so I could see everything from my desk, but I wanted more so I moved to the window. I had my binoculars in one hand, the other – well, I’m sure you can guess. My dick was rock hard and caught up in my pants, so I unzipped and tugged him out and started stroking as I enjoyed the view. The girl was bobbing her head up and down on his dick, sucking like she was enjoying a huge Popsicle. She then dipped down to suck on his nuts while she wanked his shaft. I kept time with her movements, using my pre-cum as a lubricant. I could see his dick standing tall and strong, the red tip glowing like a lighthouse beacon – he was a big boy, I can tell you!

After a while he pushed her head away and she stood up and moved to his side with her back to the window. She was a slim thing, beautiful and with a lovely pert bum. He pulled her over his lap so her bum pointed right at the window, maybe two feet from the glass.  The guy nudged her feet and she opened her legs wide as she lay stretched across his knee. The angle of his legs made her bum stick up high and her head hang low, so everything was on display. Through my glasses I could see right up her pussy, wet and open and eager.

I watched as he started smacking her bum. Not too hard to start off with – at least, she didn’t seem to be minding. In fact after a minute he stopped and looked down at her as if was listening to her, then he took up the rhythm again with much more vigour. I could see her bum getting quite pink now, all the way from her thighs to the top of her bum crack, and round both sides. I’d never seen a spanking before, and let me tell you, it was fucking horny. I had dropped my pants by now, so I was standing at my window naked from the waist and gently wanking as I watched. I kept myself on the edge so I didn’t shoot too soon.

He stopped spanking then, and started stroking her cunt. I saw him dip two fingers in and finger-fuck her, then pull out and stick a finger up her ass, and fuck her there too. He stopped, and she stood. He got off the chair and she bent over, hands on the seat and bum pushed out, facing the window again. He knelt down behind her and ate her out, feasting on her wet pussy and arse like a condemned man’s last meal. He stood up then, moved her slightly sideways to the window and slowly pushed his huge dick into her. I could see her pussy lips wrap around his cock as he slid slow and deep. He pulled out most of the way, then rammed home, hard. He kept this up for a while, then started fucking her hard and fast, holding her by the hips to stop her falling. She was gripping the chair like her life depended on it. Suddenly he stopped, shoving himself in hard so his cock was buried deep in her cunt, then after a few seconds he gave her a few more gentle fuck-strokes before pulling out.

She stood up and they held each other, then they both turned to the window, held hands and bowed, blew a kiss and pulled the drapes.

Next day, the guest in the room was a fat middle-aged bloke, so I left and took the early train home.

Advent Adventure

Miranda went shopping last week with a specific item in mind to lead us into the holiday season. She came home with one of those refillable Advent calendars – the sort with little drawers you can fill with a sweet treat. Her idea was to fill each drawer with a spanking treat. With the spirit of Christmas gift giving and receiving in mind, I suggested we should each add a spanking treat per day, so we could share the pleasures.

We agreed some basic ground rules and set to work:

  • We would each write out 24 spanking ‘events’ including an implement, number of swats and any other instructions. As we would each draw an event each day, we had to be willing to give or receive the set event.
  • We agreed a set of implements from amongst our favourite arsenal from which to draw our events: The agreed weapons were: Hand, Crop, Ruler, Slipper, Strap, Brush, Cane, Table Tennis paddle
  • All spankings would be on the bare bottom, of course
  • We would each draw an event each day. If a day is missed the next day will include two events.
  • Each weapon would be used three times in the calendar
  • December 24th will be an extra-special event leading up to the Big Day.

With our ground rules in place, we each sat and wrote our vignettes. The quiet was punctuated by the occasional ‘oh yes!’ a few chuckles and plenty of seat shuffling as our fantasies began to stir other juices. (more…)

Muddy Troubles

imageThere’s a place I went last summer,

That made my love pole stand up strong.

When the girls got down to swimming,

Wearing nothing but a thong.

It’s a place I loved so dearly,

Where I took my prick in hand.

With bouncing butts aplenty,

Playing ball games on the sand.

My camping site was sheltered,

‘neath the spreading willow tree.

I could lay in bed and watch them,

As their tits bounced loose and free.

One day as I lay watching,

A fine full bottomed lass,

I saw her peel her costume off,

And reveal her naked ass.

She stepped into the swimming hole,

Stark naked, without a care.

I took my chance, I stood up tall,

And shouted, ‘look out – a bear!’

She leapt out from the water,

With all her charms on show.

Tits bouncing as she dithered,

Not knowing where to go.

I pushed my luck and showed myself,

And called out from where I stood.

She looked, and turned to run to me,

And then slipped up, in the mud.

She landed hard, right on her bum,

Her legs shot to the sky.

I got a grandstand view of course,

Of her cunt, and little brown eye.

She slipped and slid and slithered,

Her legs flayed wide apart.

With every move she showed off more,

Of her delightful female charms.

My tent pole stood out rigid,

And poked out where I’d unzipped.

I went to help her out of there,

And then, of course, I tripped.

I fell right down on top of her,

An accident, I swear.

My rampant cock impaled her,

Deep within her secret lair.

I struggled to extract myself,

I swear I did, it’s true.

But as I pushed and struggled,

The mud stuck us there, like glue.

My button popped, my shorts fell down,

My naked bum shone white.

As I accidently fucked her,

As she lay there, in muddy plight.

She shrieked and screamed, she hit my chest,

She struggled to get loose.

With all the friction, I couldn’t stop,

My cock shot out love juice.

Nine months have passed since that fateful day,

Her belly now stretches tight.

Too soon I’ll be a daddy,

My God, now that’s a fright.

I know I caused this accident,

When I spied her in the sun.

I just wish that when I fucked her,

I’d slipped and fucked her bum.