Spanking Games pt 3

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“Up you get!” Amy rolled onto her knees as she reached forward to grab Adam by his cock, now drooped through lack of attention. He struggled to get to his feet as her upward pressure increased. Amy kept a firm grip on his shaft, feeling his hardness return with her attentions.

Adam stood now, his cock still firmly in Amy’s grasp as she squeezed and fingered his shaft. Amy stepped closer, pressing herself against Adam’s body. She reached round behind and probed Adam’s bum as she whispered in his ear. “Now, before we begin your little challenge, you need to pay for keeping me waiting. If this fellow wants any fun tonight, you’ll follow my instructions.” She licked at his ear before taking his earlobe between her teeth and biting down. She stepped to the side, still holding Adam’s erection and teasing his cock head.

“Right then, elbows on the bed, bum sticking out’” Amy directed. Adam gave her a sidelong look, caught the gleam in her eye and chose to comply. Amy released her grip and moved behind him. She put her hand between his legs and fondled his dangling ball sac and shaft. Adam moaned and parted his feet to give her better access. As she fondled, Amy bent down to the sports bag and pulled out an item.

“10 minutes late means ten smacks with this little fellow.” Before he could turn his head to see what she had in her hand, Adam felt a broad hard slap ricochet across both cheeks. The shock knocked him off balance and he fell forwards onto the bed. Amy swiftly delivered another two strikes as Adam tried to regain his balance.

“Fuck Amy, that hurts. What the heck is that?” Adam tried to stand but Amy pushed him firmly back down. He turned his head instead. He saw that Amy was holding a red leather paddle, about 12 inches long and three inches wide.

“Becky’s favourite warm-up toy, she said. What do you think?”

“I think it fucking hurts. Get off me”

“Giving up on your bet already?” Amy reached down to squeeze Adam’s balls and cock once more. “This is just for keeping me waiting, then we can get to your fun. Unless you just want to wank yourself off tonight?” Her question hung in the air as she tenderly teased his shaft.

Adam’s resolve stiffened along with his dick. “I can take whatever you can give. Just remember, you have to do the same. Go on, do your worst.”

With that invitation, Amy stepped back and cracked the paddle down, liberally covering the upturned cheeks in her amateur enthusiasm. Just as the 10th stroke was reverberating round the room, the bedroom door opened and in walked Bekki.

“Hello there, I see you started without me,” Bekki said, eyeing the naked red rump facing her. “Hello Adam. No need to get up. You seem very comfortable down there.” She stepped forward and stroked Adam’s burning bum. Adam flinched at the sudden touch.

“Looks like Amy has warmed you up nicely here. And what’s this?” She reached between his legs and pulled his hard cock backwards. “So you’re enjoying this then?” she asked, as she squeezed and fondled his length. Her unexpected ministrations proved too much, and Adam suddenly spurted his cum all over the bedspread and floor. “Oh Adam. Naughty boy!” admonished Bekki as she slapped his upturned cheeks. “I certainly hope there’s much more where that came from. You’re going to need it tonight!”

“Hi Bekki,” said Amy as she stepped up to her friend and gave her a long, deep kiss. Breaking away she breathlessly brought Bekki up to speed on the events of the evening so far. As she did so, she began to unbutton and remove her friend’s blouse and bra. She cupped her breasts and tweaked Bekki’s nipples before kneeling to ease down Bekki’s tight leggings, rolling her knickers down with the fabric. Bekki turned her back and bent from the waist to remove the leggings from her feet, offering her bum and pussy to the kneeling Amy, who then leaned forwards to sink her face between the proferred cheeks, lapping from cunt to bumhole in a single stroke. Bekki bent still further to touch her toes and she spread her feet to allow Amy full and unencumbered access to her sex.

As this fantasy unfolded Adam had turned over, wincing slightly as the bedspread scraped his tender cheeks. He watched open-mouthed as the two girls brought his every fantasy to life. His cock sprang to life once more as he watched the Sapphic display. Amy sat back, licking her lips and Bekki stood.

“I guess I should have told you this before, Adam. Bekki and I share everything, ever since University. And that includes each other – and now you. So your wager for tonight still stands. If you win, Bekki and I will give you the night of your dreams. If you lose, you become our sex slave. Your purpose will be our pleasure and we will control your orgasms. If you don’t want to play, that mess you just made will be the only cum you have tonight, and the only time you get to see us play together. Oh, and one more thing. So that everything is fair, Bekki agreed to be the spanker for both of us.”

As she spoke, Amy took a gentle hold of Adam’s balls, and Bekki bent down to suck on his cock head. Adam gasped and felt his shaft harden further. “I guess we have a deal then?” Adam nodded dumbly, and Amy and Bekki smiled to each other.


To be continued ….

Cutting the Mustard



My boss is kinda evil, she likes to whip my bum,

She likes to take my pants down, and beat me like a drum.


I screwed up really badly, I know I did, it’s true,

So I’ll bend and take it stoically as she spanks me black and blue.


She knows I try my hardest. I really, really do,

But when she starts demanding, I haven’t got a clue.


Last week, when I messed up, by ordering too much,

She spanked me with a ruler, and called me such a klutz!


And then I told her secretary I liked her glossy hair,

Boss told me I was sexist, and pulled down my underwear.


In front of all the ladies, my willy was on show,

Their gazes were enticing, and he began to grow.


The ladies laughed and pointed, they made me go all red.

Boss said, “Just keep it up girls, and I’ll spank all you instead.”




Then in the  open office, she caned me good and tight,

My bum was fairly glowing. It made for quite a sight.


One day I took a notebook. She said, “It’s wrong to steal,”

As she spanked me with her court shoe, and then she copped a feel.


She squeezed and tugged my willy. She made him stand up tall.

And then she laughed, and smacked my balls, so I was hard and sore.


Today though was a grave mistake. My worst offence to date,

I tried to tell her what I’d done, but alas it was too late.


She sent me out to get her lunch, a sandwich made with rye.

“No mustard though!” was her last word, “I like my sandwich dry.”


I  went and got her what she sought, rye bread with no mustard.

But the Subway girl was such a flirt, she got me quite flustered.


I bought a bun of whole wheat bread, with Coleman’s extra strong,

And when Boss took her first big bite, I knew I’d got it wrong.


Her face went red, her hair stood up. She looked quite dragonly,

I quaked, and shook, and then I spoke. A squeak – not manfully.


“I’m sorry Miss. Is something wrong?” My voice rose a full whole measure,

She stood erect, at five foot two, and bellowed her displeasure.


“Young man I’ve had it, that’s quite enough. Your bum will feel my leather.”

“Outside I think will be quite nice. We’re having such lovely weather.”


And so out here, I’m all on show, my cock and balls are swaying,

My arse is high, my legs spread wide, my hands together, praying.


I’m hoping no-one passes by, and sees me on display,

Or stops to ask directions, and pass the time of day.


They’ll see me get my just desserts, a paddling for sure,

Miss Boss might say I’ve had enough, or choose to give me more.


You may wonder why I stay, and work in this regime?

Well wouldn’t you, if every day fulfilled a spanking dream?


She makes me sting, she makes me dance, she plays a merry tune,

She leaves my bum quite glowing and my dick swelled like a balloon.


With willy stiff and bum so hot, I will head off to the loo,

And there I’ll wank off gleefully, erupting my white goo.