Kami Tora inspired

Miss Johnson took my homework

She read it with a frown

She called me to the front with her

And pulled my trousers down

She rolled down my white undies

To just below the knee

And made me bend to face the class

So everyone could see

With all the grinning faces

My prick began to grow

It stuck out hard and dripping

And gave the girls a show

Right up in front young Susie sat

She was leaning forth to see

My rampant cock as I endured

A beating to my heinie

And so Miss took the bamboo

She swished it in the air

She slashed my cheeks with all her might

To ‘educate’ my rear

She gave me six strong stinging strokes

With excruciating aim

And as the sixth came biting down

I was utterly in shame

For as the sixth stroke bit in deep

My cock was overcome

And I shot my load in Susie’s eye

As Miss Johnson whipped my bum

Susie screamed “I’ve now gone blind!”

The class was in uproar

But Miss, she shrugged, and said to all

Well, I’ve never seen that before!

So now when Miss she canes us

She has an aim in mind

The boys must shoot a load of cum

And make poor Susie blind!

Home Working Blues

“Ahhh! I’m sorry! Shit that really hurts Julie!”

“Oh, really? I’m shocked – WHACK. Having read your little stories I thought a couple of dozen with a nice – WHACK – thick – WHACK – cane – WHACK – would be right up your alley! Spending all your time wanking off to Spanking Tube when you said you were working on your book, and I was out at work!” She punctuated her words with more whipping cuts from the dowel rod she had grabbed from the basement earlier.

Julie puffed with the exertion, and stepped back  to take a quick breather from her thrashing exercise and inspect her handiwork. Scott’s bum was a criss-crossed with angry red weals, turning into purple blooms where the tip had wrapped around his thigh. She pursed her lips in frustration. Getting the nice, neat tram lines took more expertise than she had realised. Oh well, time for more practice then.

“I think I need your bum up higher. You keep clenching your cheeks and I don’t like it. I’ll teach you that you don’t need to waste your time watching videos when you can get the real thing right here.”

Scott twitched and bucked against the restraints that held him firmly to the bed, spread-eagled. “Well don’t think I’m helping you cane me even more, you crazy bitch!” he shouted.

Julie smacked him hard across his buttocks with an open palm, bringing a fresh yelp from his lips. “Don’t call me crazy or a bitch! You’re in no position to argue. Now, get your damn arse in the air!” She reached down between his thighs and grabbed his cock and balls, then pulled vertically. Scott screamed, “STOP, I can’t fucking move! You tied me too tight!”

Julie snapped the quick release buckle down a couple of notches on each arm so that Scott could slide himself backwards, with Julie helping him into position with a firm tug on his ball sac. When his bum was nicely elevated she pushed the decorative pillows under his belly, keeping him in position.

“Now, let’s see if I can get some nice parallel lines.” She stepped aside, lined up her dowel and whipped it down across the crown of Scott’s buttocks. “Owww, shit, owww. Fuck, Julie. Shit.”

“Not very eloquent for a writer are we? How about you give me some proper prose to describe how it feels. Then maybe we’re getting some proper use out of this punishment.” She whipped the dowel down again, catching the underside of his cheeks. Scott bit his lip to suppress his curses this time. Julie whipped him again. “Excuse me. I’m waiting. I can go on a lot longer than you. Once I hear a nice, erotic description of this caning you can get up and get back to some proper work.” She punctuated with a pair of sharp strokes that left behind white tram lines rapidly reddening as the blood rushed back to the injured site. Scott screamed and bucked against the cuffs that held him tight.

“OKAY, okay. Give me a second,” he gasped. Julie giggled as he twitched and jerked his cheeks, trying desperately to suffuse the pain. As he did so his bumhole puckered and she prodded him right on the centre with the tip of her cane. She reached under and released his cock, fondling his balls as she brought him to erection. “Now,” she said, stroking his shaft from behind, All we need is a nice, sexy line to describe your little persuasion exercise, and then we can reward you properly and you can get back to work. How’s that?” She gave his cock a final squeeze, then flicked her finger against his bumhole, making him jump once more.

“Okay, here we go. One smack, and you give me your best.” She tapped the cane against his bum ,pulled back and whipped it down.

“Ahhh! Shit!”

“Not quite! Try again” WHACK

“HMMMNN,” Scott took a deep breath to control himself. “T – t – the cane hissed down, biting  deeply into his bum.”

“Yeah, not very poetic. Try again.” WHACK

“AHHHH, HMMMMNN,” Scott processed the pain and composed himself. “The cane whipped into his upturned cheeks, biting deeply before lifting away.”

“Better, but too technical. Whree’s the passion?” WHACK

“FFFFFFUUUU…. Okay, okay. Here we go. ‘the cane hissed like a snake, striking and biting with venom into the unprotected cheeks of her poor, abused husband’s naked bottom. He cried out in passion and pain, willing her to stop but knowing he deserved more. Again, he sobbed.”

“Aw, that’s the sweet. And so true.” She brought the cane down three more times, sharp and hard, then threw it aside and trailed a finger down his uninjured cleft towards his hanging balls. His cock twitched at her touch as she bent to give him his reward.

A Mother’s Gift (repost)





Miranda stepped into her son’s room. Her eyes roamed the walls, shelves and books, absorbing his essence. She sighed, stood, and started packing up the possessions. Soon his room would be transformed for the next generation, as a nursery for Adam’s firstborn, and Miranda’s first grandchild.

Miranda paused and considered her situation. A grandmother at 42 – thanks to a young pregnancy herself and then the fruitful loins of her firstborn. At least he had finished university before he got his girlfriend pregnant. Still, Tia seemed a nice girl, maybe too nice. She would need a firm hand to control Adam. (more…)

Sammi Smites Stevie

Sammi and Dom entered the studio quietly, wanting to catch Stevie, the photographer / shoot director off-guard. Their approach was masked by the bright lights illuminating the runway and casting the rest of the room into shadow. They took in the room. There were several large lighting stands and a Vaudeville style stage which incorporated a runway. Three models in lacy lingerie and high heels stood looking bored and aloof as a young, slim and definitely gay Stevie tried to explain the shots he was aiming for. It was obvious that the models either didn’t know their jobs, or were being deliberately obtuse to fluster Stevie, and clearly it was working. Sammi and Dom watched as he approached the runway to give direction. As he reached out a hand to pose one of the models she slapped him away and barked, “Get your hands off me, you little piece of shit. Who do you think you are to touch me!”

Sammi flared at this and stormed forward, Dom dashing to keep up. She rounded on the model, now nervously backing away down the runway. “You can get your skinny arse back to the dressing room. I’ll be in to talk to you all soon enough, once I’ve dealt with young Stevie here.” The three stood in shocked silence. “MOVE!” roared Sammi, and as one the threesome shot back along the stage to the sanctuary of the dressing room.

Sammi turned now to Stevie who was smirking at the treatment he had seen his nemesis receive. “Oh Miss Williams, I’m so pleased you came by. The girls are such a handful,” he gushed.

Sammi stared. “No words, Stevie. No more words. You are a week late and $10,000 over budget. No more words. But Carla did give me a message to pass on to you.” With that she tugged down the zipper of her skirt and let the fabric fall in a pool at her feet. She had not replaced her knickers after her earlier thrashing and so was now naked from the waist down. Behind her she heard Dom’s intake of breath as he saw the full extent of the damage caused by Carla’s cane just an hour ago. Sammi’s bum was a criss-cross of welts which had begun to darken into deep bruises. She turned so her back was now to Stevie, and she heard his gasp as he saw her well-decorated cheeks.

She turned back to face him, standing legs apart with her hands on her naked hips. “If you want to work in this town again, you will take the message I am going to give you to heart and you will learn your trade under me and you will, in time, become a valued member of the Whiplash Marketing team.”  She paused for effect, then spoke quietly and menacingly. “If, however, you choose to leave, you will be sued for the full costs of this shoot and you will never work in this industry as long as Carla and I are able to prevent it. Your choice!”

Stevie looked from Sammi to Dom and back. He could see he had no way out. Whiplash had such a huge reputation that he needed this job on his resume. He swallowed hard. “W-what message do you have to give me?” he stammered.

Sammi just smiled and reached a hand back for her kitbag. Dom passed it over and she dropped it heavily on the floor before reaching inside to extract a pair of leather cuffs joined by a stout chain. She looked around and spied a swivel stool on wheels that Stevie used when shooting. She examined it, and finding it to her satisfaction she summoned Stevie over to stand behind the stool. Sammi raised the seat to be level with Stevie’s waist. “Bend over the seat and reach down,” she ordered. Stevie quickly complied, anxious to avoid further antagonizing of Sammi. As he did so she quickly snapped the restraints onto his wrists and secured them around the central leg of the stool. Stevie jerked against the restraints, “W-what are you doing?” he cried.

“Oh, I think you know,” Sammi replied. She reached under him to unbutton his jeans, then tugged his pants and underwear down to his feet to hobble him. She stood again, taking in the sight of his naked butt, poised and vulnerable. “Oh, what’s this?” she exclaimed, touching his cheek. A tattoo marked his smooth, pale flesh. A tattoo of an imp bending and showing his naked butt. Underneath were the words ‘Bite Me’.  “I do believe I will take that as an invitation, young Stevie. I’m guessing you must be a little Twinkie, am I right? Well let’s see if Momma can give it to you as good as your Daddy does!”

Sammi reached into the bag and pulled out the familiar strap. “A quick warm-up, I think, then we can get down to Carla’s message.” She pulled the strap back and cracked it across his tender cheeks. Dom winced as he saw the strap bite into Stevie’s slender behind and whip around to mark his outer thigh. He recalled the venom with which Sammi had lashed him just a short while back. He had not sat comfortably for some time after that night. But now it was someone else on the receiving end at least. He watched as Sammi whipped the strap across Stevie’s bum a dozen times. The sight of her half naked while she whipped Stevie’s soft, smooth bum had him straining in his pants.

Sammi saw him watching and glanced down at his bulging crotch. “You can stay if you like – didn’t know this was your taste, but if want to be useful you can instill some discipline into those prima donnas in the dressing room. I’m going to be a while here. “ She punctuated these final words with a few well-placed whacks with the strap, before throwing it to the ground and reaching between Stevie’s legs to squeeze his sac and shaft.

Dom took his cue and jumped up onto the runway, heading to the dressing room. Meanwhile Sammi had brought Stevie to full attention with her expert manipulations. “Not just a boy-toy then, are you?” she teased, rolling his glans in her palm. Stevie groaned and twitched as she fondled him. “No fun for you though, just for me!” she declared, and pulled Carla’s cane from her bag. She gave Stevie 10 hard forehand cuts, then switched sides to deliver 10 backhand cuts. Each hard, deliberate stroke brought a sharp yelp from Stevie, until by the end he was gasping, sore and broken. “Just one more part of the message, then we are done,” Sammi declared. She reached into the bag once more and pulled out a double-ended strap-on. She carefully inserted the device into her wet pussy, then strapped the dildo around her waist. She took a liberal scoop of lubricant and pressed it between Stevie’s sore cheeks, then pressed the blunt tip of the rubber shaft against his anus, and pushed. He gave a sharp cry as the shaft entered him, but his cries turned to moans of satisfaction as she began to fuck him. Each thrust rocked the shaft in her pussy, teasing and building her own orgasm. As she felt her climax build she increased her pace in Stevie’s arse. She started as he cried out and shot his cum on the floor, just as her own orgasm crashed through her. She pulled the hard rubber from his gaping anus and he collapsed, exhausted and sated over the stool.

Dom’s voice broke the spell. He called out as he stepped from behind the stage curtain, “If you’ve done with your boy-toy down there, I’ve been working pretty hard back here too.” He signalled to the girls and out walked six beautiful women, all knickerless. They lined up along the edge of the runway and turned their backs to Sammi. She stared open-mouthed at Dom as she drank in the sight of six well-reddened and beautiful backsides facing her.

Nature’s Ointment

Sammi paused to admire the firm, young brown buttocks presented for her strap. Dominic clearly was determined not to show any weakness in the eyes of his female protagonists. He was taking his strapping stoically, though certainly not in total silence. He had locked himself in position by linking his arms behind his knees. This position, with his feet planted wide for balance, gave Sammi a delightful view of his tight buttocks, spread wide to reveal the darker whorl of his anus. And beneath hung his heavy balls and that magnificent cock. His erection had softened but his shaft was still turgid and full of promise. A strand of clear juice hung from the tip, glistening in the light. Sammi reached under him to cup the strand in her palm, then rolled her palm around his cock head, lubricating the bluntness with his own juice. She rolled her palm around the tender skin, stiffening him once more and eliciting a guttural grunt. (more…)




“Come on now, don’t be shy. It goes easier on the first to volunteer. You should know that, Jo.” Carla slapped the strap into her palm as she looked from one to the other. Dominic stood with his pants around his ankles and his erection poking through his shirt tails. ‘I’ll give him credit,’ thought Carla, ‘He’s not the least bit fazed being half-naked in front of a room full of women. Almost as if he likes to strut his stuff.’

As if he had read her thoughts, Dominic kicked away his pants, strode to the centre of the room and bent forwards to grasp his ankles. His feet were spread apart, giving the women a glorious view of his toned, burnished buttocks and the heavy weight of his cock and balls beneath. The three collectively held their breath as they drank in the sight of the young buck, bent to receive his lashing. Dominic glanced back. “Well, are we doing this or not? If one of you wants to get down here I can show you how it’s done. And I can tell you, I’ll take double whatever you do!” (more…)

Horny for Humbling

Carla’s phone pinged with the unique tone she had assigned to Sammi. She picked her phone up, curious to see what was important enough for her to be disturbed at her desk:

message 1

Carla closed her door and browsed to the blog page. The image on the post was really erotic, even though it was just a cartoon, and it had Carla wriggling her bum to relieve an urgent pulsing in her pussy. ‘Nice,’ she thought. ‘I could see us handling young Dominic like this.’



She moved on, chuckling to herself as she read the hilarious verse penned by Rudi. When she had finished she browsed through several other postings on the site, noting a few that gave her ideas for spanking scenarios. One story in particular really got her juices flowing, and she couldn’t resist pulling up her skirt to probe her rapidly moistening sex. Her fingertip gently circled her clit as she imagined herself enacting the story Rudi had so eloquently told. She spent a delightful few minutes bringing herself to orgasm as she imagined thrashing an unsuspecting shopper with a spatula. When she had come back down to earth she picked up her phone once more:




Carla put down her phone and smiled as she imagined bringing young Dominic to his knees in the open office. She recalled the pleasure he took from whipping her with the leather belt a few days earlier. He had left her with some vivid reminders. And while she had certainly enjoyed the experience, she called the shots in the bedroom and the office. It was time for Dominic to realise he could be a Dom in name only if he wanted to stay working under her, in every way imaginable.


Part H of the evolving adventures of Carla and Sammi, for the A to Z Challenge. The adventures started here.