Jack’s Revenge

Kami Tora produced the two pictures used in this post and in Jack and Miss Forsyth as a pair. so I thought it would be neat to write two poems to illustrate the pictures. Kami Tora art lends itself so well to these fun poems, I find. Follow the tag to my other Kami Tora inspired poems. Enjoy!

Jack’s pride was hurt, just like his bum, Miss Forsyth whacked him so

His cock had risen as she did, and he gave the class a show

His bum was bare, his cock was hard, his tears were flowing free

And then his cock had shot a load, when paddled, ‘cross her knee

Jack had not been punished much, but it was actually quite nice

But Forsyth had hurt his manly pride, and for that, she’d pay a price

He wanted his revenge, you see, to right this painful wrong

He’d whack Miss Forsyth’s pretty bum, and hear her soulful song

He plotted long, he plotted hard, he just had to think this through

And then he got the perfect chance. It came quite out the blue

One day he had a Math test, his best and favourite class

His answers were a little off, but good enough to pass

Now Jack was used to being right, he did not like to fail

So when his got his paper back, it was quite beyond the pale

His parents paid out quite the fee to keep him at that school

So turning in a B+ grade, made him look quite the fool

His parents threatened to withdraw their little protégé

The teacher was at fault they said, “Jack should have got an A”

He told then not to worry, it was surely a mistake

He would meet his teacher after class, he knew what steps to take

He would put her in her rightful place, Forsyth would see the light

And so he met her after class, to convey his parent’s slight

“My folks, they pay your wages, see?” He came right out and said

“You need to grade me with an A, or you’ll be out of work instead”

She stood her ground, she stamped her foot. She was not one to be told

But then the Head was at the door and Miss Forsyth he did scold

“Young Jack’s dad, he built this school, he paid for every brick”

“So you will do just what you’re told. You’ll even suck his dick!”

With that, he left the pair alone, and Jack then took his cue

He smiled a knowing little smile. He knew just what to do

“You’ll write 100 times or more, ‘Jack always gets an A’

And when you’re done we can discuss the painful price you’ll pay

But first I think, a little fun. You know, the Head was right

If you suck my dick then I will know, you truly are contrite”

And so, on bended knee she went, and pulled his member out

And slathered up and down his pole, til he shot into her mouth

She chalked away, til the board was full, her mouth still full of cum,

And then he bent her o’er his knee, to spank her perky bum

He whipped her tights right down her thighs, her panties down as well

And marvelled at the gorgeous sight, of her rounded buttocks swell

He took a rule and whipped it down, red striping her fine arse

And kept on spanking at her bum, til she began to curse

She made such a noise, it wasn’t right. She wouldn’t stop her racket

So he put an apple in her mouth, and she bit down hard upon it

Now on he went, with vicious spite, spanking hard her naked rear

His grade, he knew, would now be A. Of that he had no fear.

Jack and Miss Forsyth

Jack was new at the Academy

So he didn’t know the drill

That Staff were Gods, and never wrong

So things quickly went downhill

One teacher in particular

The attractive Miss Forsyth

Was very strict about the rules

And the consequential price

For any lad, or any girl

Who questioned her reply

Well Jack was quite the cocky sod

So he argued, eye to eye

Forsyth fumed at Jack’s retort

“I’m having none of it!

You’d best get used to standing up

You’ll be too sore to sit!”

She had him write a hundred times

“I will do what she says”

And then she stripped him of his pants

And whacked his bum ablaze

He lay across her silken legs

His bottom bare to all

And then the paddle lit him up

And he began to bawl

And then she felt his willy grow

So she trapped it, twixt her thighs

And whaled upon his naked rear

Til his member did arise

She whacked him with her paddle

She made his bottom sore

She kept on spanking very hard

Until his cum shot on the floor

Kami Tora inspired

Miss Johnson took my homework

She read it with a frown

She called me to the front with her

And pulled my trousers down

She rolled down my white undies

To just below the knee

And made me bend to face the class

So everyone could see

With all the grinning faces

My prick began to grow

It stuck out hard and dripping

And gave the girls a show

Right up in front young Susie sat

She was leaning forth to see

My rampant cock as I endured

A beating to my heinie

And so Miss took the bamboo

She swished it in the air

She slashed my cheeks with all her might

To ‘educate’ my rear

She gave me six strong stinging strokes

With excruciating aim

And as the sixth came biting down

I was utterly in shame

For as the sixth stroke bit in deep

My cock was overcome

And I shot my load in Susie’s eye

As Miss Johnson whipped my bum

Susie screamed “I’ve now gone blind!”

The class was in uproar

But Miss, she shrugged, and said to all

Well, I’ve never seen that before!

So now when Miss she canes us

She has an aim in mind

The boys must shoot a load of cum

And make poor Susie blind!

Horny for Humbling

Carla’s phone pinged with the unique tone she had assigned to Sammi. She picked her phone up, curious to see what was important enough for her to be disturbed at her desk:

message 1

Carla closed her door and browsed to the blog page. The image on the post was really erotic, even though it was just a cartoon, and it had Carla wriggling her bum to relieve an urgent pulsing in her pussy. ‘Nice,’ she thought. ‘I could see us handling young Dominic like this.’



She moved on, chuckling to herself as she read the hilarious verse penned by Rudi. When she had finished she browsed through several other postings on the site, noting a few that gave her ideas for spanking scenarios. One story in particular really got her juices flowing, and she couldn’t resist pulling up her skirt to probe her rapidly moistening sex. Her fingertip gently circled her clit as she imagined herself enacting the story Rudi had so eloquently told. She spent a delightful few minutes bringing herself to orgasm as she imagined thrashing an unsuspecting shopper with a spatula. When she had come back down to earth she picked up her phone once more:




Carla put down her phone and smiled as she imagined bringing young Dominic to his knees in the open office. She recalled the pleasure he took from whipping her with the leather belt a few days earlier. He had left her with some vivid reminders. And while she had certainly enjoyed the experience, she called the shots in the bedroom and the office. It was time for Dominic to realise he could be a Dom in name only if he wanted to stay working under her, in every way imaginable.


Part H of the evolving adventures of Carla and Sammi, for the A to Z Challenge. The adventures started here.

Willie the Wanker


Young Willie was a wanker

He wanked off night and day

He beat his meat repeatedly

He loved his solitary play


His mum got very worried

As every mother would

She made him wear thick mittens

But it didn’t do any good


She took him to the doctor

She said, “What can you do?”

The doctor looked on helplessly

He hadn’t got a clue


And so his acts continued

As he grew into a man

His dick was sore and blistered

He needed a new plan


He found a spankopsychologist

Who promised him a cure

She said the path was painful

More than many could endure


But Willie was unflustered

He knew this had to stop

He booked a time and went right round

After he’d jerked out one last drop


The Doc told him to drop his pants

So she could see the cause

And perhaps find a solution

Without cutting off his balls


She reached down very gently

And touched his flaccid dick

Instantly the blood flowed in

And it stood up like a stick


“Oh no,” said she. “This is no good,

I’m having none of this”

She took a plastic ruler

And whacked him, on the tip


Well this set things in motion

There was no turning back

Willie’s dick erupted

As she gave another whack


This took her by surprise, indeed

She said “Oh my, oh my!”

Then wiped away the semen

That had landed in her eye


She stood up tall, all five foot two

And looked up at his chin

“Young man you’re quite disgusting,

Now, let’s begin again.”


“A tough regime is needed

To bring things back to earth

You need a solid caning

Every time you get the urge”


She had him bend and touch his toes

Then fetched a wicked rod

She lined up with a wicked smirk

“I’ll cure you good, you sod!”


She striped him good, she striped him hard

She gave him many whacks

Yet when she looked down underneath

His erection had come back


And so again, she whipped his butt

Til her arm got rather sore

Young Willie thrust his butt up high

And was crying out for more


Just as she finished whacking

His dick jerked up, he came

Young Willie was ecstatic

Even with his bum aflame


“That felt so good! It’s the only way

I ever want to cum

Oh Doc, you’ve cured my wanking

With a very painful bum”


“I can come around on Tuesdays

And Fridays too, at night

And have you cane my naked bum

When I’m stretching it real tight”


“And then I can stop wanking

Every moment, every day

I can save it up for Tuesday

And Friday, if I may”


The Doc looked on, she wore a frown

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

But hey, if he thinks it’s working

I will take his weekly fee


And now he has stopped wanking

His dick has much improved

Although his butt is stripy

Like a tiger, only lewd


Dishwashing Duties



Next time you complain about doing the dishes

Remember how much you regret

Standing in such an enticing position

With your hands and your pussy both soaking wet.


The soap will go further if you speak one more time

Your lips will be frothy, your ass hot and sore

Enough of your lip, just finish the dishes

And when you’re all done, come play like a whore


You secretly love exhibitionist games

I know. That’s why you always mess up

And why would I stop you, my delightful young thing

You’re just like a rabbit when we get down to fuck


So please, keep complaining about doing the dishes

So I can step up and strip your butt bare

I will spank your hind quarters to a rosy red hue

Then bend you and fuck you as the cat stands and stares

Cutting the Mustard



My boss is kinda evil, she likes to whip my bum,

She likes to take my pants down, and beat me like a drum.


I screwed up really badly, I know I did, it’s true,

So I’ll bend and take it stoically as she spanks me black and blue.


She knows I try my hardest. I really, really do,

But when she starts demanding, I haven’t got a clue.


Last week, when I messed up, by ordering too much,

She spanked me with a ruler, and called me such a klutz!


And then I told her secretary I liked her glossy hair,

Boss told me I was sexist, and pulled down my underwear.


In front of all the ladies, my willy was on show,

Their gazes were enticing, and he began to grow.


The ladies laughed and pointed, they made me go all red.

Boss said, “Just keep it up girls, and I’ll spank all you instead.”




Then in the  open office, she caned me good and tight,

My bum was fairly glowing. It made for quite a sight.


One day I took a notebook. She said, “It’s wrong to steal,”

As she spanked me with her court shoe, and then she copped a feel.


She squeezed and tugged my willy. She made him stand up tall.

And then she laughed, and smacked my balls, so I was hard and sore.


Today though was a grave mistake. My worst offence to date,

I tried to tell her what I’d done, but alas it was too late.


She sent me out to get her lunch, a sandwich made with rye.

“No mustard though!” was her last word, “I like my sandwich dry.”


I  went and got her what she sought, rye bread with no mustard.

But the Subway girl was such a flirt, she got me quite flustered.


I bought a bun of whole wheat bread, with Coleman’s extra strong,

And when Boss took her first big bite, I knew I’d got it wrong.


Her face went red, her hair stood up. She looked quite dragonly,

I quaked, and shook, and then I spoke. A squeak – not manfully.


“I’m sorry Miss. Is something wrong?” My voice rose a full whole measure,

She stood erect, at five foot two, and bellowed her displeasure.


“Young man I’ve had it, that’s quite enough. Your bum will feel my leather.”

“Outside I think will be quite nice. We’re having such lovely weather.”


And so out here, I’m all on show, my cock and balls are swaying,

My arse is high, my legs spread wide, my hands together, praying.


I’m hoping no-one passes by, and sees me on display,

Or stops to ask directions, and pass the time of day.


They’ll see me get my just desserts, a paddling for sure,

Miss Boss might say I’ve had enough, or choose to give me more.


You may wonder why I stay, and work in this regime?

Well wouldn’t you, if every day fulfilled a spanking dream?


She makes me sting, she makes me dance, she plays a merry tune,

She leaves my bum quite glowing and my dick swelled like a balloon.


With willy stiff and bum so hot, I will head off to the loo,

And there I’ll wank off gleefully, erupting my white goo.