Office Politics : Judy’s Frustration



Judy was edgy when she woke. It felt like she had only slept for 10 minutes – she had been awake on and off all night, stressing about the day to come. Today was a make or break day for her career with the agency. She had worked for months on this account, and today they were presenting their bid. Win this and there was a VP position in the stars. Lose, and she was back to the floor – or worse! Her stomach churned, she was tense and edgy and she hadn’t slept well. Only one thing would work now to take her mind from the stress and relax her for the day. She slid a hand down her stomach and between her thighs, seeking out her pleasure spot. But then she had a better idea.

She flung back the covers and strode naked into the adjoining en suite bathroom. Michael was at the vanity with a towel around his waist, still damp from the shower. He was preparing to shave and had foam spread across his stubble. The sight of his muscular shoulders and arms shot tingles through her and she knew she had to get her release. She stepped behind him, leaned into his back and stroked his chest. She slipped one hand down, released the towel and found his slumbering manhood. With a few strokes and squeezes she felt the flesh stir as blood flowed into his shaft and he began to stiffen. She shifted her body to release the towel trapped between them, then pressed her naked flesh against his.

Michael reached down and gently removed her hand from his shaft. “Not now Judy. I don’t have time. The car will be here in 15 minutes.” With that he began scraping the blade across his stubble. In frustration, Judy stepped back then swung her arm to deliver a stinging slap to his right buttock. The shock jarred Michael forwards and he felt the nick of the blade on his chin.

“Shit, oww. Judy, Watch what you’re doing. You made me cut myself!” Michael turned to face her.

“Oh it’s nothing. Come on – just give me a quickie. You know it relaxes me. I’m ready, and so are you now.” She reached for his now-erect shaft and squeezed, then dropped to her knees and took the head between her lips, sucking and lapping him to full erection. He quickly pushed her head away.

“I said, no! I don’t have time. Now get up, and get dressed.”

In frustration, she grabbed his cock again, leaned forward and bit the tip. As he yelped in pain she leapt to her feet and made a dash for the door. but Michael was too quick.

“Oh no you don’t. That fucking hurt. You can pay for that.” He pulled her back to him and spun her round. In the confined space her knees banged against the bathtub and she stumbled forward. She put out her hands to stop her fall, leaving her bent over the edge of the bath with her hands on the cold surface of the tub and her bum in the air. Michael quickly grabbed her around the waist with his left hand, easily holding her slender form. With his right hand he spanked her milky-white cheeks, hard. The first spanks left a hand print. She shrieked and kicked her legs. Michael smacked her luscious bum again and again. Shifting his grip, he hooked a foot behind hers and forced her legs apart to get at her pussy. When she was fully exposed, he slapped her moist sex with his open palm. The spank sent shock waves through her pussy and she yelped. Grinning, he spanked her there twice more.

“That’s for biting my dick. And this is for being such a brat.” He whacked her rapidly reddening cheeks again.

As he struggled to hold her writhing figure he spotted the bath brush resting on the tub edge. Normally this weapon was used in play. Michael and Judy both enjoyed erotic spanking games, but Judy’s arm couldn’t light Michael’s fires, so they bought the bath brush for her to warm his cheeks. She had never tasted its sting before, but now that was about to change. He grabbed the brush and brought it down swiftly on her right cheek. She sucked in air and screamed as the pain blossomed. Then he spanked her again on the left. The slaps echoed around the small room. Michael spanked again, excited at the way Judy’s cheeks flattened with each blow, then bounced back as he lifted off, leaving behind a white outline of the brush that quickly suffused with red. The sight brought him back to full erection. This most definitely would not be Judy’s last hard spanking!

After a dozen blows Michael flung the brush aside. He then gave her another slap on her pussy for good measure, then moved behind her, grabbed her by the hips and swiftly entered her. Spanking Judy hard had been such a turn-on that it took just a few swift, hard fucks to bring him to climax, and he shot his load into her tight pussy. Judy’s arousal was way behind Michael’s and she moaned in frustration as she felt him pull out, leaving her empty, sore and frustrated. As he released his grip on her hips she slid down and sat on the cold, hard tiled floor. Her face was tear-stained.

“There. You got what you wanted. Something to take your mind off your presentation. If you need any more, you’ll have to do it yourself. I’m late!” Michael quickly towelled of the shaving foam, grabbed an electric razor and stalked from the room to finish dressing.

Judy eased herself onto her knees and gingerly felt her bottom. It was burning and the skin felt paper-thin. She placed a hand between her legs, soothing the tingling in her pussy. She felt his cum oozing from her and she used the lubricant to tease her clitoris, but the mood was gone. Her pussy lips were tender from the spanking and the rough assault of the fucking. As she gently stroked the tender lips to ease the pain, she pondered what had just happened. She did like spanking whether she was giving or receiving, but it had always been for fun, not hard and in anger like this one. Every other time she’d had a stinging bum, the pain had quickly been replaced by pleasure as Michael lapped at her pussy and ass from behind, or fucked her long and deep with her bum in the air. And he always made sure she came before he got his release. Everything had gone wrong with her plan, and now she had pissed off Michael and she was still stressed and anxious about the presentation. With a sigh, she got up and set about cleaning herself up for the day ahead.


Judy sat a little uncomfortably on her train ride into the office, very aware of the heat in her bottom. The initial pain of the bath brush spanking had eased into a warm tingle that now excited her. She had some sore spots that made her sit carefully, but nothing too bad. She suspected she would have some bruises though, because she had bruised Michael with the brush when she’d been over-excited when spanking him. Next mornign hse saw the marks when he got up for a shower but she didn’t dare tell him. She had been secretly excited at the thought of him changing at the gym where the other guys would see the marks and know he got spanked at home. This time it would be her turn to show her tell-tale tail if she wanted to relax pool-side this weekend.

Michael had certainly given her a spanking to remember. Next time she got hold of that bath brush she would make sure he knew what it felt like. She imagined pinning him down by sitting on his back while she larruped him with the brush, turning his firm buttocks a deep red. The thought turned her on once more, her earlier frustrations mounting again. She glanced around guiltily, certain her fellow passengers must sense her arousal. She squeezed her thighs together to ease her frustration, and thought again about that morning. It wasn’t the spanking – she knew she had deserved that by biting his cock. Maybe even wanted it. Getting her pussy spanked was new, and it hurt, but it was definitely something she would do again. No, the problem had been that he had taken her by surprise with the swiftness of his assault. He probably only spanked her for a couple of minutes before he fucked her. When it was for fun the play went on much longer. The more she thought about the morning, the more she turned herself on and the familiar feeling she got in their play spankings quickly returned. Judy knew she would ask for a hard spanking again. It hurt like hell at the time but she definitely liked feeling the effects for some time afterwards. And the pussy spanking left a delicious tenderness all through her cunt. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to get it again, if she knew she would get her rewards afterwards.

She closed her eyes to relive the moments, edited to her own satisfaction. First, she would bend Michael over, then give him a long, hard bath brush spanking. She would play with his ass and balls as she did so, keeping him hard and ready. Once he was thoroughly warmed up, she would go over his lap for a hand spanking. Then she would go on hands and knees, presenting her open charms for his attention. She would have him lick her bum and pussy then let him spank her hard with the brush. She would tell him to spank her on her wrinkly bum hole and her pussy to make them sting. Then she would lay him on his back, face his feet and ride his pole like an erotic dancer. The position worked for them both – his cock pressed on her g-spot, and he adored the sight of her pussy and ass as she rode him. They would explode to orgasm together. Fantasising about her games was making her very wet and very ready. She knew she would head straight to the rest rooms when she got to the office. She would lock the door, drop her panties and frig herself to orgasm. At last she would get the release she craved and her stress levels would drop before she had to make her presentation. With a plan in mind Judy settled into her seat and closed her eyes, replaying her newest fantasy, just to keep her fires burning.


At her office, Judy made a dash for the ladies rest room, intent on finishing the morning’s business. With a single focus she headed for the door when a voice called her from behind. It was her boss, Mr. Forsyth. “Judy, just the person. Quickly.”

“Can I have a minute – I need the bathroom.” She felt her excitement ebb like the whispy memories of a dream on waking.

“No, no – I won’t keep you. London’s on the line. I just need your soothing voice to placate them on the Thompson deal.”

Resignedly, Judy stepped into Mr. Forsyth’s office. Her sexual frustration was unsatisfied, her stress levels were rising and she was getting a tension headache. Damn you, Michael!


To be continued …..

Cutting the Mustard

My boss is kinda evil, she likes to whip my bum,

She likes to take my pants down, and beat me like a drum.


I screwed up really badly, I know I did, it’s true,

So I’ll bend and take it stoically as she spanks me black and blue.


She knows I try my hardest. I really, really do,

But when she starts demanding, I haven’t got a clue.


Last week, when I messed up, by ordering too much,

She spanked me with a ruler, and called me such a klutz!


And then I told her secretary I liked her glossy hair,

Boss told me I was sexist, and pulled down my underwear.


In front of all the ladies, my willy was on show,

Their gazes were enticing, and he began to grow.


The ladies laughed and pointed, they made me go all red.

Boss said, “Just keep it up girls, and I’ll spank all you instead.”

Then in the  open office, she caned me good and tight,

My bum was fairly glowing. It made for quite a sight.


One day I took a notebook. She said, “It’s wrong to steal,”

As she spanked me with her court shoe, and then she copped a feel.


She squeezed and tugged my willy. She made him stand up tall.

And then she laughed, and smacked my balls, so I was hard and sore.


Today though was a grave mistake. My worst offence to date,

I tried to tell her what I’d done, but alas it was too late.


She sent me out to get her lunch, a sandwich made with rye.

“No mustard though!” was her last word, “I like my sandwich dry.”


I  went and got her what she sought, rye bread with no mustard.

But the Subway girl was such a flirt, she got me quite flustered.


I bought a bun of whole wheat bread, with Coleman’s extra strong,

And when Boss took her first big bite, I knew I’d got it wrong.


Her face went red, her hair stood up. She looked quite dragonly,

I quaked, and shook, and then I spoke. A squeak – not manfully.


“I’m sorry Miss. Is something wrong?” My voice rose a full whole measure,

She stood erect, at five foot two, and bellowed her displeasure.


“Young man I’ve had it, that’s quite enough. Your bum will feel my leather.”

“Outside I think will be quite nice. We’re having such lovely weather.”


And so out here, I’m all on show, my cock and balls are swaying,

My arse is high, my legs spread wide, my hands together, praying.


I’m hoping no-one passes by, and sees me on display,

Or stops to ask directions, and pass the time of day.


They’ll see me get my just desserts, a paddling for sure,

Miss Boss might say I’ve had enough, or choose to give me more.


You may wonder why I stay, and work in this regime?

Well wouldn’t you, if every day fulfilled a spanking dream?


She makes me sting, she makes me dance, she plays a merry tune,

She leaves my bum quite glowing and my dick swelled like a balloon.


With willy stiff and bum so hot, I will head off to the loo,

And there I’ll wank off gleefully, erupting my white goo.