Jack’s Revenge

Kami Tora produced the two pictures used in this post and in Jack and Miss Forsyth as a pair. so I thought it would be neat to write two poems to illustrate the pictures. Kami Tora art lends itself so well to these fun poems, I find. Follow the tag to my other Kami Tora inspired poems. Enjoy!

Jack’s pride was hurt, just like his bum, Miss Forsyth whacked him so

His cock had risen as she did, and he gave the class a show

His bum was bare, his cock was hard, his tears were flowing free

And then his cock had shot a load, when paddled, ‘cross her knee

Jack had not been punished much, but it was actually quite nice

But Forsyth had hurt his manly pride, and for that, she’d pay a price

He wanted his revenge, you see, to right this painful wrong

He’d whack Miss Forsyth’s pretty bum, and hear her soulful song

He plotted long, he plotted hard, he just had to think this through

And then he got the perfect chance. It came quite out the blue

One day he had a Math test, his best and favourite class

His answers were a little off, but good enough to pass

Now Jack was used to being right, he did not like to fail

So when his got his paper back, it was quite beyond the pale

His parents paid out quite the fee to keep him at that school

So turning in a B+ grade, made him look quite the fool

His parents threatened to withdraw their little protégé

The teacher was at fault they said, “Jack should have got an A”

He told then not to worry, it was surely a mistake

He would meet his teacher after class, he knew what steps to take

He would put her in her rightful place, Forsyth would see the light

And so he met her after class, to convey his parent’s slight

“My folks, they pay your wages, see?” He came right out and said

“You need to grade me with an A, or you’ll be out of work instead”

She stood her ground, she stamped her foot. She was not one to be told

But then the Head was at the door and Miss Forsyth he did scold

“Young Jack’s dad, he built this school, he paid for every brick”

“So you will do just what you’re told. You’ll even suck his dick!”

With that, he left the pair alone, and Jack then took his cue

He smiled a knowing little smile. He knew just what to do

“You’ll write 100 times or more, ‘Jack always gets an A’

And when you’re done we can discuss the painful price you’ll pay

But first I think, a little fun. You know, the Head was right

If you suck my dick then I will know, you truly are contrite”

And so, on bended knee she went, and pulled his member out

And slathered up and down his pole, til he shot into her mouth

She chalked away, til the board was full, her mouth still full of cum,

And then he bent her o’er his knee, to spank her perky bum

He whipped her tights right down her thighs, her panties down as well

And marvelled at the gorgeous sight, of her rounded buttocks swell

He took a rule and whipped it down, red striping her fine arse

And kept on spanking at her bum, til she began to curse

She made such a noise, it wasn’t right. She wouldn’t stop her racket

So he put an apple in her mouth, and she bit down hard upon it

Now on he went, with vicious spite, spanking hard her naked rear

His grade, he knew, would now be A. Of that he had no fear.

Sophie’s Choice


“Damn this report!” James cursed, pushing himself away from the desk. He slumped back in his chair, staring malevolently at the silent, blinking cursor still placed at the end of the first paragraph. He had written and deleted those opening words a dozen times already. He stabbed at the delete key and his words disappeared, leaving a blank page once more.

He knew company policy required him to write up Sophie for her performance issues. As her manager if he didn’t deal with her tardiness and failure to deliver to deadlines, he himself would be under review. The trouble was, she was a great worker when she put her mind to it, but just lately things had been slipping, understandably so after her husband walked out on her after 8 years of marriage. James did feel for Sophie, had a bit of a soft spot for her really – or more often a hard spot, especially when she wore those figure hugging skirts and heels. They flirted mildly for sure. More than once he’d gone almost too far with his comments. One time he told her she would make a great secretary fantasy, all bookish with her hair up and glasses, or the many times he had been mock stern over a minor transgression, suggesting there could be firm consequences for a naughty girl. He often imagined bending her over his desk, lifting her skirt over her back and easing her knickers down to her knees for a nice, firm bottom warming, followed of course by a good long fuck from behind.

James shifted uncomfortably as his cock rose to join the party in his mind. He glanced around, making sure no-one was looking into his glass-walled office. Seeing the coast was clear he shoved a hand into his waistband to release his rapidly stiffening shaft from the knot in his underwear. He squeezed himself as he did so and rubbed the leaking juices around his cock head as he allowed his mind to develop the details of his little fantasy.

He decided he would ask her to stay late one evening, so they had the office to themselves. He would call her in, and lay out the issue of her attendance and poor work performance over recent weeks. He would have her sit, and he would stand in front of her – no, he would just lean on the desk, in front of her so they were close, but a bit more casual. He would be sympathetic, maybe even reaching out and touching her arm, but he would be firm that he had responsibilities. Of course he would lay out the consequences, including the likelihood that she could be fired. And once he had her suitably worried, he would hint that he could go out on a limb, put his own position at risk just this once if he could be sure she would turn over a new leaf. She would assure him, of course, but he would press the point that he could not be sure she would change, unless the transgression carried some firm consequence..

“Surely we can work something out,” she would implore, tears in her eyes.

“Well I don’t know, Sophie,” James would say, “My hands are really tied. If I’m to risk my own position I need to be totally assured you will fix this problem, once and for all. Actions must have consequences, otherwise nothing changes.” And then the springing of the trap – “You know, this lateness and petty underperformance is really childish. The sort of thing the old short, sharp shock would have cured back in the day, I’m sure. But sadly those measures are out of the question today.”

And then Sophie would look up at him, confused but curious. He could almost see the cogs turning in her mind, perhaps recalling their flirty innuendo. “My ex said as much,” she would say, haltingly. “He said ‘actions speak louder than words’. Said we should have brought our issues out into the open, dealt with them in the old-fashioned ways. I never took him seriously, and Chris was not someone to be forthright about his intent so it never went any further – and now look at us.”

James would push a little harder at the opening door. “Sometimes we all need to see the error of our ways, and sometimes some old-fashioned discipline might avoid more serious consequences. That could be an option for us, keep this out of HRs hands.”

And then she would utter the magic words, “Would you do that James? Would you … punish me, for my bad behaviour? Would that be enough to let us put this behind us?” and as she spoke she would reach out and rest a hand just a little too high on his thigh.

James would want to appear resistant to the idea, cautiously testing out the ground ahead of him. “I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt you – but then a punishment needs to be hard enough to act as a deterrent. And it would have to be kept as our secret of course, otherwise we would both be fired.”

James continued to squeeze and stroke his trapped erection as the fantasy took hold. He scooted his chair closer to the desk to avoid being seen and resumed his mental planning.

They would skirt around the edges a little more, neither wanting to say the words. Finally James said that if Sophie was sure, she should ask for punishment properly so there was no question of duress. So she would look into his eyes, take his hand and say, “James, I’ve been a very naughty, silly girl and I deserve to be spanked. Would you please teach me a lesson I won’t quickly forget? Please put me over your knee like a naughty girl and spank me so hard I can’t sit down for a week!”

James’s cock was painfully hard now, and the urge to cum was overwhelming. He pulled his hand out of his waistband, unzipped under cover of the desk and pulled his cock free. His shaft stood tall and he was able to stroke himself more freely, using his free-flowing pre-cum as a lubricant.

He imagined bending Sophie over his knee and stroking her firm, round bottom through the light summer dress. Once she was in position he would tell her all naughty girls had to be spanked on the bare. She would protest enough to make a show, but offer no resistance as he drew up the skirt to reveal stocking tops and cream, silky knickers. He would slide her knickers down to her knees, revealing the wonderful sight of her twin moons bisected by the deep crevasse hiding her bum hole. He would adjust her position so that her bum was positioned nice and high. She would spread her feet to steady herself, opening her cheeks as she did and giving him a tantalising glimpse of her bum hole, and a glorious view of her pussy beneath. He imagined she would be neatly trimmed – not bare. He would stroke her buttocks, testing the resiliency before spanking her with firm strokes to warm her up. As they got going, he would make his spanks harder until there was a definite pinkness to her cheeks. He imagined he would see her arousal growing despite her protests, and at that prompt he would spank her harder to bring her colour to a deeper hue.

James slowed his stroking, eager to play out his story to the end before shooting his load. He mentally moved Sophie off his knee and over the desk.

She would willingly dip her back as she bent forward across the desk, opening her cleft and lewdly displaying her moistening pussy. He would have her spread her feet wider to give him a clear view of her wrinkled sphincter, her pussy lips swelling and parting with excitement. He imagined pulling her cheeks apart so that her bumhole was stretched open and beneath, her wet and open pussy lips revealed her full arousal. James would stroke and fondle her cheeks, wetting a finger in her juicy cunt before dragging a finger up her cleft to probe her anus. He would then pull his belt from his pants and double the strap in his hand. He mentally brought the strap down square across her cheeks and he imagined her gasp, before she thrust her bottom back for more. He kept mentally whipping her until he felt his orgasm was too close to hold back. As his orgasm built he imagined grasping her red, sore bum cheeks and sliding his hot, hard length deep inside her willing pussy. He fucked her hard and fast as his hand pumped under the desk until he shot his load with a cry. Suddenly conscious of his location, he glanced around the office to see a couple of curious faces looking his way, wondering no doubt what the noise was about. He ducked behind his computer screen and grabbed some tissues from the box on his desk to clean up.

Sated now, he took another look at the blank screen before him, before turning to pick up his phone. His call was answered after a couple of rings.

“Ah, Sophie, there’s something we need to discuss. Would you be able to stay a little late tonight?”

Tanned to Understand


Dom grinned down at Sammi, staring open-mouthed at the six naked, reddened bottoms facing her. She looked faintly ridiculous as she stood there, naked herself from the waist down and with the black rubber strap-on bouncing as it poked out from her groin. She had just finished caning and fucking Stevie, the shoot director, and had entirely forgotten the recalcitrant models who had been largely the cause of poor Stevie’s painful buttocks and stretched arsehole.

“OH!” was all she could say.

“Well, you were obviously busy, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Tough work, but someone had to pick up the slack while you were playing with boy-toy there,” he flicked a nod towards Stevie, still slumped across the stool to which he was strapped. “So me and the girls here, we had ourselves a little chat.” Dom glanced along the row of lingerie models standing head bowed as they displayed their buttocks. “They all agreed they were being bratty, and what else do you do to a brat but bend her over your knee and spank her bare bum?”

Sammi was still speechless as she drank in the delicious row of red rumps. Dom saw his chance and took control. He spoke firmly to the girls, “Ladies – you are dismissed for tonight. Go home and think about the message you just received. Be here promptly at 8am and line up in position on the edge of the stage, bums bared and presented for a quick reminder before we get to work.” He walked along the row, lifting each girl’s chin and looking them in the eye. “ When I get here I expect to see you all kneeling right here,” – Dom pointed to the edge of the stage – “bottoms up – got that?” He waited until he had received an acknowledgement from each girl, then turned to speak to Stevie, still prone and straining his neck to watch. “And don’t think you get off here Stevie – I’m not against strapping your arse again, just don’t expect me to fuck it. Maybe one of the ladies will oblige,” he laughed.

He looked over at Sammi. “Are you thinking of driving back like that, or are you gonna drop the dick and get dressed? I’ll see you in the car in 10.”


Sitting in the underground parkade, Sammi could not contain herself a moment longer. “Okay,” she said, “I give in. How did you get six models to drop their knickers and let you spank them?” She twisted in her seat to face him, wincing slightly as she forgot the bruising caning she had suffered earlier that day. “ I mean, I know from personal experience you’ve got that certain something when it comes to charming the ladies, but surely, even you’re not that good!”

Dom laughed. “Simple,” he said, “When we arrived I saw Crystal and Melissa modelling. I know them both from the scene. They’ve both been over my knee more than once and they love it. When they all dashed off to the dressing room I caught Crystal and held her back. I told her to follow my lead and watch the fun.” Dom paused as he played back the memory, “Back in the dressing room I really tore into them all; threatened they would never model again with that attitude. I said they were all spoiled brats who needed to be taught a lesson. And that’s when I looked over at Crystal and gave her a little nod. She picked up on it quick enough. She came over, all meek and mild and apologetic. ‘Sorry sir’ she said, ‘I know I was a brat. Please forgive me’, so I said to her, ‘what makes me want to forgive you? How do I know you’re truly sorry and you all understand what’s expected, that you’ve learned your lesson?’”

He smiled at Sammi, “I could see her almost creaming her knickers as she played the game! She shuffled over, stood just in front of me, head bowed and said ‘Please Sir. I know I’ve been a brat. Please spank me so I can be forgiven’. So I looked at the others. ‘good enough,’I said, ‘but you’ve all been little bratty bitches. It’s all or none.’”

Sammi looked across at him incredulously, “So just like that, they all lined up for big bad Dom to spank their bums?”

He paused, “Not quite. They all were shuffling around, not looking me in the eye, so I took hold of Crystal, found a chair and yanked her over my knee. I whipped her knickers off and started into her, good and hard. I left fingerprints with the first smacks. Crystal’s a good girl, she can take a hard spanking but she likes to kick and scream. That scared them all a bit. They were all fidgety and nervous, but then they saw Crystal’s pussy soaking wet as she kicked her legs. She was giving them a show, I know. After a good spanking, I flipped her off and looked for Melissa.”

Dom lifted himself to adjust his growing cock as he recalled the experience. “I told Melissa – you’re next! Get over my knee!’ Of course she did, playing the same nervous game. I spanked her good too. She really gets off on it, almost cums just from spanking. I just gave her clit a quick Dom special and she was over the top. That did it for them all and I almost had to fight them off. Tough job though,” he said as he eased down his zipper and pulled down his pants. His erection sprang out. “Six naked models spanked, all that wet pussy and not one of them thought to thank me. I think I deserve a special thank you today though, boss.” He stroked his shaft as he looked at her.

Sammi smiled, shook her head at his presumptuousness, then she leaned across and dipped her head over his cock to give him his bonus.


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Juvenile, Knackers and Leather

The next day, Carla and Sammi were in the office working on the shoot for the Bryson Motors campaign when raised voices disturbed their concentration. They tried to ignore the commotion, and almost succeeded, until the shouting turned to shrieks and then the distinctive sound of a palm striking bare flesh. The pair looked at each other, dropped what they were doing and dashed outside.

The sight before them stopped them in their tracks. Dominic had Jo across his knees. He had her skirt up and knickers down, and he was spanking her bare bottom vigorously. Jo was kicking and bucking, screaming at him at the top of her voice, “Stop you fucking moron! If you don’t stop fucking smacking me I will rip your knackers off and shove them down your throat OWWWW!!” (more…)

A Curious Thought


A curious thought just occurred to me

As I bent you gently over my knee

Adjusting your lie to set your bum just so

To delightfully build that heartwarming glow


That thought, the one that occurred just now

That whittered away and furrowed my brow

Was the curious state that leads us here

With you bent so and exposing your rear


How it is as adults we just want our bottoms spanked

And afterwards, we’re on knees to give thanks

Yet not long ago, when we were small fry

We did all we could to avoid catching the eye


Of teachers so strict they would beat the whole class

(I got slippered one time, for answering back)

And parents, when told of our need to atone

Would whup us again to drive the point home


Yet now we are grown, well, in years at least

We spank one another to satiate the Beast

And great pleasure we get from a stinging red rear

No threatened strapping can fill us with fear


I can spank you with slipper, with hand or with crop

And I know you will beg me never to stop

And when your bottom is delightfully pink

And your pussy is dripping and it’s hard to think


You will drop to your knees to worship my cock

With lip-smacking pleasure as you gobble the top

And shove your tongue into the pleasure slit

And beg of the same when I lap at your clit


And when it’s my turn to offer my bum

When you beat me with vigour like you’re beating a drum

My manhood will rise to its magnificent size

And you will grasp it and squeeze it like you’ve won the prize


And you’ll sit on my shaft and drill yourself down

Like a queen on her throne and wearing her crown

And then ride to the races at a vigorous trot

Til your pussy is screaming and your nerves are all shot


And you quiver and shudder and scream to the sky

“Oh fuck! Yes, I’m coming, I’m going to die!”

So I try to control your wild bronco bucking

As I jerk up my hips to finish the fucking


Just trying to finish and let go both barrels

Without snapping my dick (it’s one of life’s perils)

And I’m frantically stabbing my dick in your nest

When you collapse in a heap on my heaving chest


Oh my, I’m so sorry. I got carried away

With thoughts of our spanking and fucking and play

Now what was I saying, Oh yes, I recall

How adults love a sore bum better than all


So I give thanks to the strangeness that makes us desire

As adults, the spanking that stokes at our fire

When as kids we would run with abhorrent fear

When threatened with a whupping to light up our rear

Advent Adventure

Miranda went shopping last week with a specific item in mind to lead us into the holiday season. She came home with one of those refillable Advent calendars – the sort with little drawers you can fill with a sweet treat. Her idea was to fill each drawer with a spanking treat. With the spirit of Christmas gift giving and receiving in mind, I suggested we should each add a spanking treat per day, so we could share the pleasures.

We agreed some basic ground rules and set to work:

  • We would each write out 24 spanking ‘events’ including an implement, number of swats and any other instructions. As we would each draw an event each day, we had to be willing to give or receive the set event.
  • We agreed a set of implements from amongst our favourite arsenal from which to draw our events: The agreed weapons were: Hand, Crop, Ruler, Slipper, Strap, Brush, Cane, Table Tennis paddle
  • All spankings would be on the bare bottom, of course
  • We would each draw an event each day. If a day is missed the next day will include two events.
  • Each weapon would be used three times in the calendar
  • December 24th will be an extra-special event leading up to the Big Day.

With our ground rules in place, we each sat and wrote our vignettes. The quiet was punctuated by the occasional ‘oh yes!’ a few chuckles and plenty of seat shuffling as our fantasies began to stir other juices. (more…)

A Police Report


The police officer checked his note book to confirm the address, then stepped up to the door and knocked firmly. A few moments later the door was opened by a young woman dressed casually in a summer skirt and blouse. The officer appraised the woman with professional detachment: 5’ 4”, maybe 120lbs at a push, dark skin – not Caucasian, dark hair, brown eyes – possibly Eurasian decent? He guessed her age to be early 20’s, and she was certainly easy on the eye. This was one job he would be taking alone. No need to call for back-up with this one! He stood a step below the woman to reduce the height differential, then spoke.

“Miss Williams? You called in a report of an assault. I’m Officer Thomas and I’m here to take down your report.”

The woman pulled the door open fully and stepped aside. “You’d better come in then,” she said. The officer noticed an accent, but could not place it immediately. The woman closed the door and stepped past the officer, moving into the front room. She sat on a sofa and indicated he should sit in the armchair across from her. The woman crossed her legs, giving the officer the briefest glimpse of gusset before the sight was lost.

The officer spoke again. “Miss Williams, you reported an assault?”

“Please, I request you call me Sasha. I do not enjoy formality. And you are …?” Her voice was silky, husky and dark. She spoke well , but English was not natural to her. Something about her accent was deeply sensual to him, and he felt her words wrap themselves around his body and squeeze urgent life into his manhood. He shifted in his chair to relieve the sudden pressure in his groin.

“Tom, Thomas,” he stuttered his words. “That’s to say, Thomas, Officer John Thomas.”

Sasha covered her mouth with her hands as she giggled. “Oh my dear, please forgive, John. I should not be laughing.”

John was angry at himself and this young woman for embarrassing him. He had learnt the hard way, through many playground fights to avoid using his first name. Normally he used his middle name of David, but she had him flustered. He tried to recover the situation. “I would prefer Officer Thomas or Officer, if you don’t mind Miss Williams.”

“Oops. Once more the naughty girl. My words again deceive me. This is what got me into this position in the first place.”

“What do you mean. I thought the report said you were assaulted?”

“Oh no – not at all. I call the station because my employer, Mr Gregory, had beaten me and I don’t believe he did the right thing. I need him to see his errors.”

“Well most definitely, if this is true he did not do the right thing. Tell me, why did he beat you?”

“Well because I forgot his suit at the drycleaner, and I burnt his breakfast, and I scratched his car. Nothing really, he just get mad at me. I don’t know why he keep me !”

John looked up from his note pad as she stopped speaking. He looked into her deep brown eyes and was immediately captivated. It was plainly evident why this man would keep such an incompetent housemaid around. Embarrassed, John looked back to his notes. He cleared his throat. “Tell me – Sasha, how exactly did Mr Gregory beat you?”

Sasha thought for a moment, looking for the right words. “I don’t know how to say everything. Perhaps if I show you?” Sasha stood.

“If I may?” John nodded his head, unsure what he was agreeing to. Sasha stepped over to him, then lay down across his lap. She turned her head to look up at him. “He ask me to lie like this.”

John croaked out a response. “And what did he do next?”

“He lift up my skirt, like this,” Sasha reached back and flipped her short skirt over her back. John delighted in the sight of her olive buttocks encased in beige silk panties. He felt his cock grow hard and poke into Sasha’s belly.

“Yes, like that. His dick stuck me like that! Next he put his hand on my back to hold me down on his dick.”

John placed his left hand in the small of her back. “Like this?”

“Yes, that’s right. Next he smack my bottom with his hand.”

John tentatively patted the upraised cheeks before him. “Like this?”

“NO, not like that. Harder.”

He pulled back his hand and spanked with medium force. The sound reverberated round the still room. “Like that?”

“Yes, but harder still, and more.”

John decided to go for it. “Like this?” he asked, as he rained down a dozen spanks to her firm cheeks.

“Mmm … mmm,” Sasha grunted. “Yes, like that. And then he pull down my panties and smack some more.”

Not believing his luck, John tugged the silky panties down to her knees and stroked the warm flesh, trailing his fingers over the golden cheeks and along the dividing cleft.

Sasha wriggled on his lap, squishing his cock. “And he smack me some more …”

Taking the hint, John slapped his palm down across the centre of her cheeks, then methodically covered her buttocks from the thighs upwards until his hand stung and her cheeks glowed. Sasha gasped and bucked as he spanked, and more than once he caught sight of her sex. Black tufts of hair framed a pink, moist centre indicating her obvious state of arousal. Finally, he stopped his spanking.

Sasha lay for a moment, recovering. “Yes, like that.” She paused for a moment before speaking again. “And then he held open my bottom to spank the bum!” As she said this, she pushed her bottom high and apart. John used one hand to open the secret valley between her cheeks, and with the other he sharply slapped her anus with stiffened fingers. Sasha gave a muffled cry as each slap fell.

John stopped his anal spanking and spoke quietly. “And what did Mr Gregory do next?” he held his breath in anticipation.

“He put his finger up my pussycat and poke me with it!”

John grinned with delight and moved his hand down to cup her mound. He felt the damp heat in his palm as he fondled her sex. He stroked along her slit before plunging his middle finger deep into her sex, probing and swirling, then withdrawing to tease her clitoris and then plunging again. Sasha groaned beneath him as he worked his magic.

“Was it like this?” he asked, his voice thick in his throat.

“Yes, YES. And, and then he used two fingers.” The words fell from her as she rode his probing digits.

“And did he do this?” John took his wet finger and circled her anus, lubricating the tight ring before gently forcing his finger into her. He gently fucked her anally with his finger, then withdrew and circled her clit once more.

“Nnnmmm, yes, like that, just like that.”

John continued to stroke her sex, fingering her pussy and anus as he spoke. “Well on the evidence before me it would seem Mr Gregory did everything right. I’m not sure of the grounds for your complaint.”

With difficulty, Sasha spoke again. “If you will allow me, I can show you.” She slid off his lap and onto her knees with her back to him. She leant forwards onto her elbows, and flipped her skirt back up out of the way. John had a delightful view of Sasha’s firm, olive buttocks still showing the pink blush from her spanking. Nestled beneath, he could see her hot, wet sex open and inviting.

“Mr Gregory did not do the rest. He leaves me wanting.” Sasha bucked her hips backwards as she spoke, leaving John in no doubt as to his next action. He stood, unzipped and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor, then knelt behind Sasha, took her by the hips and guided his rigid shaft into her willing pussy. “You mean, he didn’t do this?” he said, sliding his cock in and out of her hole.

Sasha thrust backwards, eager for more of his cock. “No, no, he did not. He smack me and leave me, then he go to the bathroom and he tug his little dickie. He leave me wanting. He is very wrong, you see?”

“Oh yes,” sighed John. “Very, very wrong. I think I may need to visit you often to put right the wrongs he is doing you.” He punctuated his words with hard thrusts, riding her all the way to their mutual orgasm.