Rebekkah : Adriana’s Turn 2

Continued from Rebekkah: Adriana’s Turn

Maggie signalled her to wind down the window. Adriana was eyes-locked with Maggie. She felt the fear rise once again in her chest. She felt her hand move of its own accord to depress the window button. She watched the glass descend, and then Maggie’s head was through the window. Her eyes rotated to focus on the blond fuzz at her crotch. Adriana moved to cover herself, finally, but Maggie tutted her away, so she froze, exposed to her gaze. Maggie’s hand entered then, dipped between her legs and upwards, trailing along her wet groove. She lifted her finger and stared at the wetness. Finally, she spoke.

“Well, my little cupcake, here we are again. So what do we have here? Real thing too scary for this little girl, was it? But all alone, out here, the excitement got the better of you, hmmm?” Maggie trailed her finger along Adriana’s thighs, up and down, from knee to crotch. As she reached the juncture of her thighs, she pushed downwards, sliding a finger over her clit and along the moist groove. Adriana gasped, still too terrified to move as this dominant cowed her.

“Seems like that little episode with my ex-boyfriend and your slutty little friends got you all excited, didn’t it?” She punctuated her question by popping a fingertip inside, swirling in her juices.

Adriana gasped, and stammered, “I – I just, I don’t know …”

“Shhh, don’t make it worse,” she whispered, still probing her slit. “You know, I just whipped your bitchy friend Sarah raw before I found you here. Whipped her ass so hard with that riding crop you were trying to hide from me. She was screaming – almost came right there as I striped her arse. That bitch Rebekkah was gaging for me to whip her. I bet they’re back there now, whipping each other and fucking Josh. And here you are, wanking all alone. Too cowardly to join in with the big girls.”

Adriana had started to sob softly. The frustration, fear, anger, anxiety – all became too much. Maggie stopped her fingering and slapped her cheek again. “Shut that snivelling right now,” she snarled. “You three are all as bad as each other. You all probably trapped Josh in there with you, torturing him for your own pleasure, yet you didn’t have the balls to stand up and take your share of the blame. Well now, now’s your chance. I’m gonna whip your ass just like I did your friend. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as she did. But first, I’m going to spank you like the little girl you are. Flip over – NOW!”

Terrified, Adriana quickly flipped herself over on the reclined seat, offering her naked cheeks for punishment. Maggie opened the door and leaned into the car, kneeling on the sill. She placed her hands on Adriana’s cheeks and eased them apart. Adriana tensed and Maggie rewarded her with a hard double-handed slap to both cheeks. She yelped, then, and forced herself to relax. Maggie again eased her cheeks apart to examine her most secret place, teasing her there with a finger tip, pushing past the resistance to pop inside. She pulled out and then spanked Adriana with hard, regular slaps, a set to the right, a set to the left. Soon Adriana was writhing and yelping as the pain built, but Maggie took no heed and spanked her harder until her cheeks were red and blotchy. Finally she stopped.

“Get up,” she ordered. Adriana took a moment to comply, and Maggie slapped her sharply. Adriana yelped and quickly curled her legs up and twisted onto the seat. “Now, get out and go to the back door, passenger side.”

Maggie led the way, pulled open the rear passenger door and sat down. Adriana stood by the door, jeans still at mid thigh. Maggie reached for her hadn and yanked her into the car so that she fell across her lap, legs outside. Maggie reached outside to push Adriana’s jeans down to her feet and off. She then adjusted Adriana on her lap and started up her spanking once more.

It was clear to Maggie that Adriana’s buttocks had desensitized to the regular spanking, so she focused on spanking her thigh tops, and then, by hooking her knee up, on her soft inner-thighs. Adriana was now screaming blue murder, so Maggie grabbed up her discarded jeans, pulled out her moist knickers and thrust them into her mouth as a gag. She then pulled her thighs wide apart and slapped her four, five, six times along the length of her sex. She then rubbed vigorously, rotating over her clit until Adriana spat out the knickers and screamed through the intensity of her roughly gained orgasm.

Maggie stroked her burning cheeks and rubbed her fingers up and down her super-sensitised sex, making her jerk and twitch as she came down. “Well now, seems you do like it just as rough as your friends. So I will give you a choice. If you want more, and you want to say thank you to me properly for not running you all in to the station, you can pull yourself together and follow me back to my place. Or, you can take yourself off home and wank yourself silly as you imagine what might have been.”

Maggie eased Adriana off her lap, and got out of the car. She walked slowly back to her patrol car, looking back to Adriana as she opened the door and sat down. She started the engine. Adriana stared at her through the windshield, naked from the waist down, standing on the snowy roadside. As Maggie turned the wheel to pull out, Adriana dashed to her own driver’s seat. Maggie was a hundred yards ahead as Adriana fired up the engine and spat gravel, desperate not to lose sight of the car ahead.

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Rebekkah : Adriana’s Turn

Continued from Rebekkah:Pay the Piper. Go back to the beginning HERE


Adriana had tiptoed from the bedroom thanks to the distraction provided by Sarah and Rebekkah. Once outside she’d dived for her car, started up and slammed it into reverse almost in one movement. She shot backwards, narrowly missing Maggie’s cruiser parked by the gate. She clipped the fence post, though, and took out the mailbox. She didn’t even stop to check the damage to her car as she slammed it into drive nd fishtailed on the snow-packed gravel roadway. She sped away, sobbing and unable to see clearly.

Adriana reached the end of the private road before she knew where she was. She was forced to whip the wheel to the right to keep from shooting straight across the road and into the trees beyond. The sudden change in direction caused the rear to break free on the still-slick surface, and she fought to control the car as it snaked wildly across the road. Time slowed and every twist and turn happened in slow motion. On one snap she lost control and the car whipped round once, twice before the hard-locked wheels caught on a dry piece of pavement and the car began to slow its wild ride. The car came to rest diagonally across the two-lane road. Thoroughly shaken, she straightened the wheel and pulled the car over into a wide pull-off. She sat, gripping the wheel tightly as she fought to control her sobbing and breathing. Gradually she calmed, and she leaned back into the seat. Her hands shook as she lay her head back, closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

She eased the seatback down so that she was partly reclined, and allowed herself to relax. As she felt her breathing calm, her mind began to play back through the events of the evening. She recalled walking in to the bedroom to see her best friends fondling the very fine penis of their bound captive. Oh yes, she’d been quite impressed by him, although admittedly she didn’t have that much experience to draw on. The sight of Sarah sitting on his chest and stroking his shaft whilst Beks fondled his balls turned her n immediately. She hadn’t even realised he’d been bound at that point. But then when Rebekkah had told her how he’d attacked her, she’d been disgusted at herself for being turned on – couldn’t really understand why the girls were playing with him so. She wanted to punish him for what he’d done, what so many men would do – had done to her. But then she recalled watching Sarah smack him with the hairbrush, each hard smack leaving a white oval that flooded pink. Well, now that was a definite turn-on. She would have loved to snatch that brush from her hand and blast his hairy ass herself. She’d played around with spanking of course – so many boys wanted to do it – but this was her first time witnessing the act at first hand, and the first time seeing a boy’s ass up for punishment. She loved watching the brush snap down, the ripple and shudder of his cheeks, his swaying balls as he jerked away – so hot!

She popped the top button of her jeans as she allowed her mind to replay the spanking again and again. Her hand slid inside and downwards. She wriggled her hand down so her finger could slide along her wet groove as she recalled again his rosy, firm buttocks being smacked harder and harder, his bollocks swaying in time and his arse puckering. Oh yes! His arse! She had almost forgotten the sight of his arse plugged up with the ginger as Sarah whipped him with the strap and fingered herself.

‘Oh my God!’ she laughed to herself, ‘I so have to find me a boy to whip!’ Her finger flicked around and over her clit as she replayed her mental movie screen, the strap whipping down across his firm, taught buttocks – only this time it was she holding the strap, and he was begging her for more, his cock hard and hot beneath. And then suddenly the buttocks before her were not male – she was strapping Maggie – that cow who had slapped her and threatened her. YES! She imagined whipping Maggie now, striping her cheeks time and again, fucking her bum with the ginger in between strokes, Maggie panting and crying and groaning. Her fingers flashed quickly as she brought herself closer and closer, all the time picturing Maggie, then Josh under her strap, stroking Josh’s cock then reaming Maggie with the ginger plug. She felt herself climbing, climbing and … and …. release. Her hand slowed, but she wasn’t done yet. She wanted to probe her own bottom, imaging what the ginger might be like. She eased her jeans down past her knees so she could spread her thighs. She slicked her finger in her wetness and slid it further back, teasing at her tight hole beneath. She lifted her buttocks and then popped a finger in and rotated, sliding in and out, in and out. Boyfriends had tried to finger her bum before but she’d always stopped them, fearful of going all the way with anal – it was too scary and it had never really been her thing – but now, having watched Josh being reamed and her imaginings of doing the same to a lush female ass, she was desperate to explore.

With her middle finger she teased her tight bud, popping in and out past the muscle ring. As she did so she slipped her thumb into her pussy, then gently squeezed her thumb and finger together through the thin membrane before sliding her thumb upwards again to her clit. Back and forth she went, revelling in the new sensations until she felt her orgasm rising again. This time she rode her own anal finger as she climbed again, fucking herself as her pleasure ripped through her once more. Drained, she collapsed backwards into the seat, totally spent.

She awoke a while later, shivering in her nakedness now the car had lost its heat. She reached her hands down to grasp her jeans, about to tug them back up her thighs when her crotch was suddenly illuminated by a bright white light, followed by a rap on the window. She turned her face to the light, but it was too bright to see the person beyond. The light moved then, and she found herself looking directly into the eyes of Maggie just beyond the glass.

What will Maggie do now? What are Rebekkah and Sarah doing with Josh back at the house? Where is Nanna? So much more to cum …  

Into the Woods pt 1

Adam ambled along the wooded path enjoying the summer sun and revelling in the peace and quiet. He relished this Sunday morning escape from the hustle and bustle of life at home. He was ostensibly out to fetch the paper but he always liked to take the long route on nice days. It gave him a chance to escape the madness of a house with three small children and a wife who barely had the energy to function, let alone fuck.

Peace and quiet had been in short supply in the Woods household ever since the arrival of their first-born, Nate. It became positively extinct just a year later when the twins were born. Three was never in the plans. Adam recalled the day Maggie had phoned him at work with news of her pregnancy, and then the bombshell announcement of twins at the first scan. The thought of three kids all within a year hit him square in the face, though it might as well have been a kick in the balls. He’d had virtually no use for them for the last year. Their sex life had gone from fizzing to flatlined throughout Maggie’s pregnancy with the twins, and for six months afterwards. Now, with the twins almost a year old and Nate approaching two, there was barely a moment to sleep, let alone fuck. What sex they had now was quick, basic and frankly, boring. He wasn’t ungrateful – how could a man be ungrateful to have kids in his life, but he did miss the bedroom adventures he and Maggie enjoyed before the kids. Adam stopped and thought. When was the last time Maggie had blown him? He couldn’t remember. Certainly she had not wanted his face anywhere near her pussy in a year or more. He tried to recall when he’d last actually seen her with her thighs spread wide and her sex gaping for his cock. He shook his head to remove the vision of her feet up in stirrups, and focused instead on earlier times.

As he wandered along, Adam thought back to sex before kids. Maggie had always been an initiator. Her favourite technique when she wanted his dick was to be waiting, kneeling on all fours with knees spread. One time she had been in the living room and she had positioned herself so that the first thing he saw as he entered the room was her wet, willing cunt. Sometimes she’d be using a vibrator, sliding slowly in and out of her juicy slit. He smiled as he recalled what she’d be saying.

“Better get in here big boy, if you want a piece of this action. I’m getting close!”

At that he would drop down behind her and push his face into her wetness, tongue thrusting like a little dick. She loved to be licked out from behind, and she would push back against his face as he lapped. The thought of gripping her butt cheeks and tonguing her cleft, bum and pussy had his cock raging instantly. Adam had to push a hand into his shorts to free his cock from the knot in his pants. He squeezed himself, rubbing the clear, sticky fluid around his glans and continued to play the porn reel in his mind.

Maggie had loved to kneel on the edge of the bed so that Adam could kneel on the floor behind her, his face level with her wet, juicy, welcoming pussy. He could almost taste the bitter-sweet juices on his tongue and the tang of her anus as he rimmed her. His tongue poked out as he recalled jabbing it past the defensive ring of muscle, lubricating her back passage for a finger or thumb. They’d never got as far as actual anal sex, though he’d tried to convince her many times. Once when they’d been spooning he’d been pressing his cock head against her anus, lubricated with cunt and cock juices. She’d shifted somehow and he had popped past the tight ring to that his cock head was inside her passage. Before he knew it though, she had quickly shifted forward and his cock was ejected from her bum. He had lived with that almost-but-not quite experience for many years, extending the moment into a full-on arse fuck. He began to imagine again how it would go. His erection was painfully hard as he imagined standing behind Maggie, then pressing his cockhead against her anus. He could almost feel the tightness around his shaft as her bum stretched to welcome his hardness. He would fuck her then, slowly drilling his cock deep into her passage, then withdrawing part way as she moaned and thrust back against him.

The images in his mind increased the urgency he felt in his pants. He squeezed his cock again through the cotton shorts, but this just made things worse. He had to relieve himself. He looked around and spotted a narrow trail off the main path and ducked down it to find some privacy. A short way down he found a small clearing. He quickly unzipped and freed his cock, and began to stroke himself slowly as he continued his personal porn reel. He imagined Maggie sucking his balls, popping each into her mouth and gently tonguing him. He needed more freedom, so he quickly stripped off his jacket and dropped it on the grass. He dropped his shorts and pants, sat on his jacket and leaned back against a tree. Now he had both hands free to fondle balls and shaft together.

He went back to the image of Maggie on all fours. He’d spanked Maggie a few times, nothing too hard, but now he wanted to really spank her to release some of the pent-up frustration he felt. He reset his mental image and had her on her knees again, bum high in the air. He could feel the smoothness of her buttocks as he stroked her, preparing for the first strike, then SMACK, SMACK. Two spanks hard enough to leave red imprints. She’d moan and thrust out for more and he would spank her milky cheeks again and again, turning the pristine flesh pink. She would be moaning, writhing and bucking with each firm spank, egging hom on to spank her more, harder. He would spank the sensitive flesh of her bum cleft too, stinging the tight ring with sharp slaps as Maggie fingered her pussy, grazing her clit with a manicured nail then finger-fucking herself in time with his spanks.

Adam’s hand stroked up and down, surrounding his cock head then sliding right down to cup his balls as he played his personal movie. He coul hear Maggie urging him on, “Fuck, spank me harder, hit me again, aggghh, fuck, you bastard. Keep going, keep going!” Adam stroked himself up and down, squeezing his balls in time with his imagined spanks. He increasing his pace in time with his imagined spanking of Maggie and her thrusting fingers as his excitement rose.

She would dirty-talk him to drive him insane, his cock twitching and dripping as he spanked her until his hand stung. Her cheeks were red and blotchy, her bum hole pulsating with each stinging slap. She urged him on again, “Spank my pussy, fuck! You bastard! Spank my pussy NOW!”

He squeezed his eyes tightly to keep the image clear in his mind and he pictured himself spanking her mound with a cupped hand, four, five times as her orgasm built to a crescendo. With his left hand he gently rolled and squeezed his balls as his right hand continued to pump, more swiftly now in time with his pussy spanking. He felt the spunk rising and he forced himself to slow, enjoy the agony as his orgasm built. His whole body went rigid as his cock stiffened still more for those delicious seconds as the spunk shot up from his balls, along his shaft and erupted in a geyser from his glans. He shuddered and gently stroked the last of the cum from his shaft, and lay back against the tree trunk, enjoying the aftermath of a very enjoyable wank. The warm sun and lack of sleep soon had him dozing.

As he dozed he could feel Maggie playing with his cock, trying to entice life back into the slumbering beast. He moaned at her to stop, to let him rest. He felt a sharp prod in his balls and his eyes shot open. The bright sunlight temporarily blinded him, and he was momentarily confused to find himself outdoors. As his eyes adjusted he looked up to see two women standing over him. The younger one had her phone pointed at him and he heard the shutter sound as she took a picture of his exposed, flaccid cock. The older woman standing next to her poked his flaccid manhood with her walking stick. Adam quickly covered his nakedness with his hands. The older woman smacked his fingers sharply with her stick and he pulled his hands back in surprise.

“See what all the fuss is about, Amanda?” the older woman asked her colleague as she lifted Adam’s tackle with her stick. She sighed, “I’ve never understood boys and their urges. Back when I was a Head Mistress I would hear every day about boys showing their little dicks to the girls. And every day would end in tears.” She looked at her colleague and smiled, “They never seemed that keen to drop their trousers in my office, I can tell you my dear. And after they;d spent 20 minutes over my knee, I’m sure they thought twice about waving their parts around in public. Shame they stopped that sort of thing in my opinion. Look at the result.” With that she pointed her stick at Adam’s manhood again and he shrank back against the tree. “Did you get a good picture of him exposing himself dear?”

Amanda was staring lustfully at Adam’s penis and she started at the question. “Yes, yes I did, aunt Grace,” she stammered. ” I got some film of him wanking off too. Really good film.” She sighed at the thought of the graphic images waiting for her in the quiet of her room later.

“Amanda! Language please. Now, what to do with this young chap. We can’t have young men lying around with no trousers, playing with their bits and pieces whenever they feel the urge. I wonder if we should call the police. What do you think, Amanda?”

Amanda looked Adam up and down, and her eyes rested once more on his groin. “Oh, I think we can probably deal with this ourselves Aunty. After all, as you said, you had a sure-fire way to stop naughty boys waving their privates at the girls. I’m sure we could employ the same solution with this chap.” She stooped down and snatched up Adam’s shorts. She pulled his wallet out and fished for his driver’s licence, “Mr Adam Woods.”

Adam looked up at the pair beseechingly. What would happen now? They had his clothes, they knew his name, they had pictures. He’d lose his job if this got out, not to mention Maggie, the kids, his friends. He tried to speak, but words wouldn’t come.

To be continued ….

Driven to distraction

So apparently sex and driving don’t mix in Russia. I don’t mean ACTUAL sex. I’m sure we all know, or at least, can imagine how tricky it can be to concentrate on driving when attempting to give or receive sexual favours at the wheel. Oral sex is a particular favourite and a somewhat risky manoeuvre on post-winter potholed streets. Makes texting whilst driving positively pedestrian.

No – Russia is imposing a driving ban on transgender and transsexual people, fetishists, exhibitionists and voyeurs. All are considered “mental disorders” now barring people from driving, according to BBC News website. This is, apparently all in a bid to reduce road accidents.

Exhibitionism I get. Seeing a pair of naked buttocks pressed to the side window of a passing car whilst the owner bends to blow her partner could lead to a loss of control. I get that. Catching site of some back seat doggy with a pair of swinging boobs on display is likely to cause one’s eyes to stray from the road ahead for more than a moment (especially if voyeurism is your thing, so there’s two down).

Now, I can see that actual sex acts, whether ‘fetish’ or not, should be avoided when the car is in motion. It can be quite distracting to all concerned, especially if done right. And I can see situations where participants in ‘the lifestyle’ might be well advised to avoid driving. That leather head mask might be a bit restrictive for shoulder checking, I can see that. And if you’ve just come from a session with a favourite Domme, your ability to sit comfortably at the wheel is, I would hope, severely compromised due to the latticework of welts decorating your nether regions. Same goes for figging, or a butt plug. Must be damned tricky to sit comfortably with a bottle stopper shoved up your arse, or a stinging root.

Maybe the perception is that fetishists have such a wildly exciting sex life that their mind is constantly dreaming up the next scenario, so that in the throes of a well-imagined scene they end up rear-ending a meaty Russian (possibly thereby killing two birds with the proverbial stone, or whip maybe). Or maybe it has to do with the Russian predilection for spanking – if any of the stronger websites are any indication, there is a particularly sadistic streak in the pysche, or the recent story of the Russian doctor curing addictions through caning.

If the Russian bureaucracy were to introduce corporal punishment in a bid to reduce traffic accidents, they would not want to be encouraging poor driving as a result. Can you imagine the result!

“Sorry officer, I saw you there so I put my foot down harder. I heard I can get 10 strokes for every kilometre over the limit.”

“Oops. I seem to have smacked you up the rear. Oh well, eye for an eye I suppose!”

“That was  a No Entry street? Well if I’m to learn my lesson, you should show me what it feels like to have someone go up my No Entry then!”

I can see how this might all fall apart very swiftly. But on the other hand, maybe this is exactly the time to consider a job in law enforcement. Just imagine pulling over this car full of young beauties and sniffing a little booze in the air. Some swift discipline in the backseat and four hot bottoms later, all is good, except for the night-stick now extending painfully down my pants leg.



Sadie dashed along the street and through the double gates leading into the alley, laughing as she went. Rick was hard on her heels and barely able to breathe with the combined effect of rapid exercise and laughter. He was also hampered in his running because he was trying to stop his open pants from falling to the floor and tripping him as he ran.

The couple ran up the alley and tucked behind a building about halfway along. Sadie leaned back on the brickwork, laughing and gasping, trying to catch her breath. Rick slid down and slumped on the floor at her feet. Sadie slowly recovered her composure and spoke first.

“Oh my God, that was hilarious. Did you see the look on her face?” Sadie was still struggling to get her words out.

“Sweet Jesus, Sadie. You will get us both hung, or at the very least kicked out of college. You’re just wild!”

“And don’t you just love me for it?” she replied, bending as she did to kiss him full on the mouth, wrapping her tongue around his like a boa constrictor. She reached her hand down into his still-open pants and groped for his limp, sticky dick resting there.

Rick pushed her hand away. “Don’t you ever get enough? I just fucked you in the changing rooms of Zeta’s, where you just had to scream your fucking cum to the world, and you’re wanting more already! Give me a minute at least!”

Sadie grinned. “I bet I could wake him up.” She rolled her tongue round her parted lips as she spoke.

“I’m sure you could. For the third time today. There is sometimes too much of a good thing, you know. Anyway, just check and make sure no one saw us come in here.”

Sadie stood and leaned around the edge of the wall, clutching the downspout and peering round. Ahead she could see the High Street, with shoppers walking up and down enjoying the late summer heat. As she scanned the street, Sadie felt a waft of air as Rick lifted her short flowery skirt and tucked it into her waistband. She wiggled her buttocks to signal her pleasure and was rewarded by the feeling of her panties being slowly dragged down over her smooth bottom.

Rick noted the sticky strands of his cum clinging to the gusset as he rolled the panties down to Sadie’s mid-thigh. He was now up on his feet in a crouch as he stroked up the smooth thighs that had so recently parted for his delight. His fingers probed her hot, sticky slit and Rick thought back to their illicit fuck behind the curtained partition in Zeta’s. Sadie had been trying on a dress when Rick saw her panties fall to the floor under the curtain, and then her hands slid down to grasp her ankles. A quick glance showed no-one nearby so he had ducked behind the curtain. He had the delightful sight of Sadie’s bare bottom bent tight, with her pussy wet and welcoming. He had quickly unzipped and plunged his length into her sopping cunt. After a dozen strokes Sadie had started screaming her cum as Rick desperately tried to finish. He was still shooting spunk as she stood, whipped up her panties and dashed from the store. The manager had been open mouthed aS Sadie dashed out, leaving Rick with his slowly deflating cock waving around and his pants at his knees. He had tugged up his pants and fled.

The memories stirred his cock once more, yet he felt cheated in that fuck. This time would be under his control. Rick pulled his hand from between Sadie’s warm, soft thighs and smacked her hard on her pale skin. He watched as the white imprint from his palm quickly suffused with pink. Sadie gasped. “Rick! What the fuck? People can hear!”

“Didn’t seem to trouble you in Zeta’s. Now keep watch, and stick out that butt.” Rick proceeded to spank her delicious cheeks with a steady rhythm, enjoying the ripple and rebound after each spank. He remained crouched, and studied each impact almost scientifically. He targeted different areas of her butt to watch the effects, all the time enjoying the increasing redness he was instilling. Sadie moaned and stuck out her butt for more.

“Oh my God, Rick! Why didn’t you do that before? Mm, that feels good,” moaned Sadie, and then yelped as a particularly sharp smack caught her at the base of her buttocks.

Rick stood now, to get a better angle. He stood to Sadie’s side, facing her butt. He pushed down lightly on her back and she took the hint to dip her back and thrust her buttocks out further. She was now clutching the drainpipe for balance with her back parallel to the concrete pavement beneath her. Rick now had Sadie where he wanted her, and her buttock cleft was nicely exposed, and he spanked her across the very centre of her bum. He then dipped a finger down into her wet pussy and trailed the juices up to her tight anal ring, then used her juices to lubricate her hole. He squeezed his fingergently past the ring of muscle and into her back passage. Sadie squealed at the invasion, but she was at his mercy, and after a moment Rick started to gently finger-fuck her bum-home.

Sadie relaxed into the new sensations and moved with the rhythm. Rick alternated his fingers between pussy and ass, creating a sticky mess all around her sex. Ater a while he decided he wanted a better views so he changed positions again, and knelt behind her to lap up her juices and lubricate her ass some more. Satisfied, he stood, and slid his hard shaft into her sopping pussy, before pulling out to dock the tip against her anus.

“As this is your third fuck today, I think we should give your pussy a rest this time,” he said, as he pushed forwards and slowly squeezed his dick into her ass. Sadie said nothing. She just clung to the downspout and pushed backwards to welcome her lover once more.


* this story was inspired by a post from Wet Bliss, and the challenge she set me.

Bekki & Jade pt 2

We left Bekki as she reached orgasm under Jade’s tongue. If you want a recap, head here for Bekki & Jade pt 1.


Image sourced thru Google

Image sourced thru Google

Bekki lay exhausted, slowly coming down from the orgasmic high her friend had gifted her. Jade propped herself on her elbows, looking up at her friend from her position between Bekki’s spread knees. Jade gently stroked the neat triangle of brown fuzz covering Bekki’s pubic mound.

“I could shave you, you know. You’d look dead sexy,” Jade said.

Bekki lifted her head and glanced down at her friend. “You could. It would cost you though.”

“Why a price?” asked Jade, toying idly with a springy tuft. She suddenly tugged. “Maybe I should just pluck you like a chicken!”

Bekki yelped at the sudden pinch of pain. Jade laughed and pinched another tuft of hair and tweaked it painfully. Bekki twisted to get away, flipping herself over onto her belly to hide herself from further abuse. Jade quickly got to her knees and leapt onto her friend’s back, pinning her down. Jade was facing backwards on Bekki, looking towards her feet. She whacked her hand down on Bekki’s unprotected bum, and then proceeded to play her like a bongo drum. Jade rained hard slaps down with both hands, left, right, left, right.

“OW, you bitch! That’s too much!” Bekki screamed. She squealed and struggled to get out from under Jade but she was pinned firmly.

Bekki reached backwards with her arm and pinched Jade just below her right buttock, squeezing and twisting in an attempt to dislodge her friend. Jade yelped and batted Bekki’s hand away, then she reached round, pulled Bekki’s arms down and pinned them with her legs. Bekki was trapped, and Jade began to spank her in earnest. She focused on her left buttock first, slapping down hard with her right hand, palm open and fingers spread and stiff for maximum impact. Jade saw her palm print appear white with each smack, then suffuse with red as the blood rushed to the injured area. Bekki squealed and wriggled to escape the onslaught, while Jade laughed and smacked.

With Bekki’s left cheek now a blotchy red, Jade twisted her seat to begin assaulting Bekki’s right cheek. As she did so, Bekki bucked and twisted, unseating her rider. The pair grappled, naked and sweating, laughing and panting. Bekki saw her chance and acted swiftly. She released her grip on Jade’s arm and grabbed for the breast swinging in front of her. She grabbed Jade’s nipple and twisted. Jade yelped and tried to pull free, and Bekki, suddenly with the upper hand, flipped her friend over and pinned her.

From beneath, Jade complained, “That was not fair. Tits are out of bounds!”

Bekki grinned, “I didn’t know we had rules – you didn’t share. Naughty Girl!” Bekki smacked Jade with her palm. Not satisfied, she looked around and saw her sandal next to her pile of clothes. She grabbed at it.

“Looks like we’re moving this up a level,” Bekki declared, and larruped Jade’s bum with the smooth, flat sole. Jade howled and struggled, but Bekki held her firm. “Not yet!” she said, and delivered another volley of smacks, peppering Jade’s bum with oval red imprints. “Now we’re even,” she said, and released Jade from her grip.

Jade rubbed her sore bum. She looked at Bekki and pouted, “You hurt – I think you need to kiss me better.”

Bekki smiled. “Well, I do owe you one, I guess. Get on your knees; I want to do you from behind.”

Jade scurried over and set herself on her knees, red bum high and knees spread. Bekki bent her tongue to her friend’s bum and trailed a wet path down her cleft. She flicked her tongue around Jade’s tight wrinkled rosebud and then carried on down to eat out her pussy.


To be continued…

Tennis Girl

Tennis Girl 450

1976: Tennis Girl by Martin Elliott featuring 18-year-old Fiona Butler

 This is a classic poster that graced my bedroom wall as a teenager. I do believe she may have been a primary cause of my bottom fetish. I thank you Fiona. I didn’t know her name back then, and didn’t care. All I could imagine was meeting someone so risqué and carefree, and having my way with her right there on the court. Oh how often I would have imagined her, as attested by the stiff bed sheets and piles of Kleenex under my bed. How many other young men wanked themselves blind at the sight of that beautiful bottom so enticingly displayed? And now I am a spanking aficionado, the image has still more potential.


She knows she is being brattish and she has set this scene up with one intention only. Her hips sway as she swaggers toward the net, ankles turning in as she steps.She reaches down to scratch her leg, then slides her hand upwards onto her bum, lifting her tennis skirt and flashing her bare buttocks. This lack of underwear is a blatant disregard for court protocol, and she is deliberately teasing her watching partner. She takes a step forward, then bends from the waist to collect the tennis balls lying before her. She does so slowly, bending from the waist. As she does her oh-so-short tennis skirt rides up revealing more and more of that perfect teenage ass and the secret treasures nestled beneath. At full bend, her bum cheeks are spread wide. Her bottom-hole peeks out of its hidden valley, and her pussy lips are parted slightly, revealing her excitement at the lewd game she is playing.

The man walk up behind her as she bends, her hand reaching out to pick up the balls. His tennis shorts are tented by the erection she knows she created. He walks behind her, swings his racquet back and delivers a forearm swing. The racquet head connects with the girl’s delightful derriere, causing her to stumble forward and place both hands on the court surface to steady herself. His strike has left a faint checkerboard pattern across her firm cheeks. Now she is in a stable position he swings again, delivering another half-dozen with the racquet before casting it away. He then reaches down, takes her hand and walks her to the net, where he gently leans her over the top. Reaching down, she intertwines her fingers in the net for purchase. The man flicks the micro skirt out of the way and delivers a firm open-handed spanking to the girl’s tightly stretched buttocks, reddening up her creamy skin. He doesn’t count the blows. He just keeps on spanking her until her bottom cheeks are just the right shade of red and her readiness is evident by the wetness of her pussy.

He reaches his hand between her legs to cup her mound. Two fingers in and it’s clear she is definitely ready for cock. The man unzips and drops his shorts. He strokes his cock, lubricating the head with the clear liquid oozing from the tip. Using his cock like a paintbrush he trails the head down her bum cleft, leaving a sticky line shimmering in the sunlight. He pauses to push his wet tip gently against her tight sphincter, feeling the resistance as she opens slightly behind to the blunt invader. He’s not intending to take her anal virginity, not today at any rate. Instead he dips his shaft between her legs, teasing her lips and clitoris with his knob end. With his shaft thoroughly wetted he docks himself and slides straight into her eager cunt.

She is bent tight over the net and his cock is up to the hilt in her pussy. He begins driving in and out, relishing her youthful tightness gripping his hard shaft. He looks down and is amused to see her anus pulsating slightly with the fucking, so he wets a finger in her pussy juice and slides it into her tight opening. He presses against the walls inside and feels the pressure of his finger against his cock through the thin membrane, feels his shaft sliding in and out as he fucks this beautiful girl in the open air on this beautiful summer day.  The extra pressure is too much for the pair, and he shoots inside her as she comes, the net taking their weight as they sag in climax. She looks back over her shoulder and speaks, “New balls please!”

Oh Tennis Girl, here we go again. Such Summer delight!

Bekki & Jade – pt 1

The two girls had cut out of the lecture theatre early. The afternoon was far too nice to spend cooped inside studying fundamentals of Kineseology. They ran across the University lawns towards the surrounding woodlands. The girls had become firm friends since finding they were rooming together at the start of the Fall semester just a few weeks ago, and spent every moment together.

Walking through the woods at the edge of campus, they reached the secluded lakeshore. The girls sat on a picnic table near the water’s edge. Jade glanced at her friend with a mischievous glint in her eye.

“Come on Jade, let’s swim. It’s far too hot to just sit around here”, Bekki jibed.

“But I don’t have my cozzie,” said Jade.

“I’m wearing all I need to wear – come on, skinny dipping!”

Jade looked around the lake shore. There was no one in sight, so she unbuttoned her gingham blouse, shrugged it off her shoulders and placed it on the bench seat. She reached behind to unclasp her bra and felt a delicious shiver as a cooling breeze stirred the lake surface and stroked around her firm breasts. Her young nipples stood proud in the cool air, and she couldn’t resist stroking her sun-browned skin as she removed her bra. (more…)