Erica: Price to Pay


Erica slipped her key in slow and easy, mindful of the clicks and snicks as the tumblers engaged. She winced at every snick of the chambers. She turned the key, freezing as the deadbolt snapped back into the door. She twisted the handle and slowly pushed the door open. As quietly as possible, she stepped inside and then eased the door closed, holding the handle to avoid the sharp click of the latch re-engaging. She slipped off her boots, placed them carefully by the door, and tip-toed in stocking feet to the foot of the stairs. She was two steps up when the living room light snapped on. She whipped her head right, her startled eyes locking with Roger, standing with his hand on the switch by the kitchen door.

“So, you finally decided to come home? And what time do you call this?”

She fronted him out. “I’m not a little girl you know. I can stay out with my friends if I want. I was only over at Sharon’s for Tina’s send-off, as well you know. I thought you’d still be out with Dan, since he’s leaving tomorrow too.”

“Yeah, well he’s got an earlier flight and still has work to do – not like Tina, or you for that matter. You’ll still be sleeping it off while us blokes go out and earn the money to keep you in comfort. You know it’s one in the morning and I’m up at six? Don’t you have any consideration?”

“Stop being such an old man!” she snapped, “And don’t come all that ‘holier than thou’ stuff with me! You know how much I do, running around for the kids, keeping the house nice, looking after you – I deserve something nice now and again.”

Roger backtracked. “That’s not what I mean, and you know it. All I ask is for some consideration now and again.”

“Well we had a lot to talk about. We’re all getting together in May and there’s a lot to arrange.”

Roger’s ears perked up. “Wait – What? Tina and Dan are going to Louisiana. How are you getting together in May?”

She sighed. “We talked about this already. Mandy wants to go see Ed and he’s got a date in New Orleans, so we’re going down to stay with Tina. I told you!”

“Ed? Who the fuck is ‘Ed’?”

“Duhh – Ed Sheeran? Don’t you know anything? Only the hottest ticket around. We’ve been waiting for this tour all year. I told you and you said I could go.”

“I most certainly did not!”

“Did so! Last night. After we’d done it.”

“I did not!”

“OH MY GOD! You are priceless! We were in bed last night and I said we wanted to keep in touch with Tina and Dan, do the fun stuff we always did. You said, ‘suck my dick and you can do whatever the fuck you like’ – so I did, and I am.”

“WHAT!? You have to be fucking joking me right now. I’m always saying shit like that, and you never follow through. I think I also said, ‘If I can fuck your ring I’ll get you one for your finger,’ but I don’t recall your arse being on offer last night. You laughed it off like you usually do! So how come a BJ – sorry – it was more like a lick and spit – earns you a fucking trip to Louisiana?”

“And a concert,” she mumbled.

“What? What did you say?”

“I just said, we are going to a concert, like you agreed. You are unbelievable. You take what you want, and you never let me have anything. I’m going to bed.”

Roger shot forward and grabbed her hand. “Oh no you’re not. I am sick and tired of you spending money we don’t have and making out I’ve promised, or agreed, and that I’m in the wrong. It’s time for you to learn the value of money. How much is this trip going to cost?”

Erica’s eyes were downcast. “I don’t know – not much. We have Airmiles.”

“Airmiles? The same Airmiles we’re using for California next summer for Arizona’s dance contest? The same Airmiles you want to use to go to New York with Sharon for her 40th? How many fucking Airmiles do you think we have? Okay – so, you’re going to a concert too. How much is that?”

“I don’t know. Tina said $250 – that’s a deal!”

“$250?  Yeah, right. More like $350. And then there’s all the fees, taxes, and that’s US right? So, add a third for Canadian. Probably close to $600 just for the ticket. Then there’s flights. Got to be at least $500, maybe $600. And then of course there’s your shopping, fancy restaurants, cocktails. I know how you all like to show off. Probably a bunch of new clothes before you go too. Gotta be two grand, easy. Do you know how long I have to work to have two grand in my pocket, before you spend a penny of it?”

“STOP! Stop going on about money all the time, it makes you sound so cheap!”

“… I bring home about a grand a week after taxes – so what you want to spend on one trip is two weeks work for me – before we even live, fer Christ sakes!”

“SO!? I’m still going. I earned it, keeping house for you and the kids. Besides, Tina got the tickets already – I have to go now. Sharon and Mandy are going so I have to.”

“Oh you do? Well you can, but you’re going to earn the money. And since you already chose to whore out your mouth, you can pay off this trip with the rest of your body. You’ve got, what, four months? Okay – quick math – three sessions a week at $50 a session is $2000 – and I might tip you if you improve your BJ skills. And a bonus for your arse! More than generous!  So, manage that and you can go with my blessing. And you can buy whatever else you want on the same terms – cash upfront though.”

“WHAT? Did you just call me a whore? What are you saying to me?”

“I’m saying, if you want to spend our money, you can earn it. And you already said you gave me a BJ to get me to agree, which is whoring yourself out. Now, no BJ is worth $2000. So you can earn your money, and at a much better rate than I earn. And you have to do what the boss tells you. And I’m the boss. Now, you can agree, or I can cancel your cards and you can go get your own job. Your decision.”

She rolled her eyes. “I suppose you want another BJ? Is that it?”

“Oh my dear, that and SO much more. So I take it you’ll accept my generous offer?

“I don’t see I have a choice. Let’s get it over. Come on then, you pathetic loser.” She started up the stairs.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her back down the stairs. “Now that’s no way to talk to your new boss,” he snapped. “I think we need to instill some discipline before we do anything else.”

He stepped back to the sofa, dragging her forward, then sat and tugged her over his lap in one motion. She gasped as she went down. His knee winded her as she toppled forward, and she had to drop her hands to the floor to stop her fall. She felt very precarious as he hoiked a knee higher to thrust her bottom up and whipped her short skirt over her back. Her knickers were down and off before she could even react, and then Roger started to spank her bottom.

“Yeeooww!” she yelped, “What the fuck, Roger?” she kicked her legs and almost toppled sideways. Roger’s response was to wrap his arm tight around her slim waist and smack her very hard, three, four, five times each blow leaving a hand-print. Erica screamed but stopped her struggle as she realised he meant business.

Roger took her actions as acquiescence. He spanked her then in a more controlled fashion, enjoying the sensations and the delicious view. Her pussy was showing signs of life, and her tight ring winked at him as her cheeks spread when she wriggled and bucked in response to his spanks. Finally, when he judged she was subdued, he eased her off his lap.

“Are we done with the bad behaviour, hmmm?” he asked her, as she lay at his feet. “Ready to get to work?” Erica responded with a glare that could slice him in two. She shifted onto her knees and between his legs, locking eyes defiantly as she reached forward to tug down his zipper.

“Ah, not so fast, we should start the clock,” Roger chuckled as he grabbed his phone and set the timer. I think an hour to start with, given how late it is.”

“You sick, pathetic dick!” she snarled. “Are you ready now?” She made a second grab for his groin.

“I think so, but before you go there you still need to learn who’s in charge. Get up, and kneel on the sofa, face the back and spread your knees.” Elena didn’t move. “NOW!” Roger stood, tugged her to her feet and pushed her forwards.

Erica reluctantly assumed the position. She rested her arms on the low back and stuck her bum out. “Is that what you wanted? You want to fuck me doggy now you’ve spanked my poor ass?”

Roger didn’t reply. He simply slipped his belt off, doubled it over and whipped the strap smartly across her spread cheeks. Erica shrieked and lunged forwards. “Back!” he instructed.

She hesitantly resumed the position. Roger took a moment to examine the red wheal he had raised. He smiled at the perfect dissection of her cheeks, the red stripe and her deep cleft making four neat quadrants. “Ready for another?” he asked. She mumbled assent, so Roger took aim and snapped the belt down again, just below the first stripe. Erica bit off her yelp and thrust out her bottom for more. Roger happily obliged until her cheeks were reddened across their full extent. The redness now was contrasted by the whiteness of the cleft dividing her glowing moons. Roger spread her cheeks wide, eyeing her puckered ring and her weeping pussy beneath. He wet a finger in her pussy and then probed her anus, popping past the tight ring. He felt her ring gripping his finger tip, and his cock twitched still harder at the thought of having her there. But first …

Roger stepped round behind the sofa to where Erica had lain her head on the low back of the Chesterfield. He dropped his pants and underwear and offered his rigid shaft to her. She glanced into his eyes, all challenge gone and replaced wit – what? Desire? He’d not seen that look on her face for many years. She leaned forwards then, and took his cock into her mouth, rolling her tongue around the glans like it was an ice cream cone. She puckered her cheeks and sucked as she flicked her tongue round and round the fat head, then swallowed half his length as she mouth-fucked him.

Gasping, Roger pulled free before he shot his load down her throat. He had so much more to do this night. He went back around the sofa and knelt to suck her pussy and anus. He probed her with his tongue, wetting her ring. Finally he stood, bent his knees and dipped his cock into the welcoming warmth of her pussy. He gave a few deep thrusts, feeling his cock ready to burst. He pulled free then, to aim higher. Knowing his intent, she pushed her bottom outwards. She reached back and spread her cheeks, widening her ring as she did so. Roger positioned the top of his cock on her ring and pushed, pushed, pushed. Her ring resisted his assault, so he lubed her again with his fingers, lubed up his cock with saliva and tried again. This time he felt her ring spread and he was inside.

“Slowly!” gasped Erica, “It’ so big – it hurts but it’s so good!”

Roger felt Erica ease backwards onto him. He pushed forwards in response until his cock was buried halfway inside her rectum, and then he pulled back. He pulled out fully and entered her again. She yielded more easily this time, but her ring was so deliciously tight he knew he couldn’t last. He pulled out again, wanting that tightness round his cock as he slid past the constricting band of muscle. As he pushed past her ring once more, he felt his orgasm grow and his cock stiffened. His cum shot from him just as the alarm went off on his phone.


The alarm was still ringing as Roger’s fuddled brain fought to stay in the moment. As he came to fully he found himself lying on the sofa. As he moved he felt a wet patch on the blanket underneath him. He lay for a moment to lock in the dream before it evaporated with the morning light. Finally he roused and made his way quietly to the bedroom to find his work clothes, careful not to rouse Erica. He needed to get in early to see his supervisor about some extra hours, but maybe tonight, he thought, I might have a stern conversation with my spendthrift wife.

Chef School – roasted rumps

“Annie! Annie! Get over here!” The call came from Chef Michael and was not the sort of command to be ignored. Annie sheepishly peered round the door of the walk-in freezer.

“ W –what can I do for you, Chef?” she stammered.

“Get your skinny little arse over her right now.” Annie hung her head and walked across the kitchen floor. As she approached Chef she saw he was holding a plated meal in his right hand.

“You do know the difference between a medium steak and a rare steak, don’t you?” snapped the Chef, as he picked the meat off the plate and waved it in her face. “Rare makes for a tender bite. Medium is tough and unyielding. You do know who just sent back this steak? Only the food critic for the Daily Grind.”

Annie could not help flipping back a smart reply. “If we had steak that was well tenderized and good quality, it wouldn’t be tough no matter how we cooked it.”

Chef Michael exploded at this comment. He grabbed Annie and pulled her firmly to him. “I’ll show you what well tenderized looks like, and I’ll show you what a rare steak should look like if you cooked it properly. In fact, I think I’ll show everyone.”

Chef stuck his fingers in his mouth and emitted a shrill whistle. The kitchen staff all looked up. “Everyone, over here. I’ve got a special lesson to teach you all with Annie as my star pupil.”

With everyone gathered, and Annie held firmly by her upper arm, Chef announced his plans to the team.

“It seems Annie does not understand about handling quality meat, so I’m about to show her how a tenderized steak should feel. I am also going to show her how a rare steak should look. You all get to benefit from her lesson.” With that, Chef spun Annie around and swiftly bent her over the stainless steel countertop. He then reached around and undid the drawstring waist of Annie’s whites. He yanked her pants to the ground. Annie’s pert bottom was presented to the ogling kitchen staff.

“First things first, remove all packaging” instructed Chef. He reached forward and yanked down Annie’s white cotton knickers, leaving her bare and fully exposed to her kitchen colleagues. “Now, we need to test the quality of the meat.” With that, Chef grabbed her buttocks and squeezed the firm flesh until Annie squealed. He then pulled her buttocks apart revealing her secret brown hole. Her neat pussy was also clearly on show to the group of male and female students. Chef squeezed and mauled Annie’s cheeks, fingers deep into her buttock cleft. Several times he brushed her pussy lips, causing her to groan in despair of her predicament.

“Okay, so we clearly have some tough meat here that would benefit from a little tenderizing.” Chef Michael pulled back his hand and delivered a sharp smack to Annie’s firm right cheek. Annie yelped and tried to pull away but Chef held her firm with a hand in the small of her back. He looked with satisfaction at the red hand print he had left on the white buttock flesh. He moved to the other side and delivered another hard smack to her left cheek, leaving her with a perfect pair of palm prints on her posterior.

“Now, who can tell me what colour a medium steak should be?”

Melissa’s hand shot up. She was always first to answer any question, “Pink in the centre, Chef.”

“Very good, Melissa. Please step up here.”

Melissa stepped sheepishly forward and stood looking down at Annie’s bum. Chef spoke to her again. “Now Melissa, as you’re so knowledgeable, why don’t you show us all what a properly cooked medium steak should look like?” The girl looked confused. Chef Michael put his face an inch from Melissa’s. His voice was a whisper. “If you would rather I used your arse to show everyone what a medium steak looks like, carry on,” he snarled. “Otherwise, show me what a medium steak looks like, using the piece of meat I’ve tenderized for you.”

Melissa looked helplessly from Chef Michael to Annie’s naked cheeks. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t really want to spank her friend, but equally she didn’t want to put herself in the same predicament. Half heartedly, she slapped her friend’s bare cheek. Chef Michael was not having any further insubordination. “If you can’t follow instructions, someone else can. With you as the model,” Chef flipped Melissa down alongside her friend, and quickly exposed her rump, displaying two perfect pairs of buttocks to the admiring but nervous group of young chefs.

“One medium steak, coming up.” Chef rained down a rapid fire series of slaps to Melissa’s right cheek, leaving the left unmarked. In no time, her bum shone pinkly on the right. “There, that is what a medium steak looks like.” Chef looked at the group. “Sarah, would you please show me a medium steak using Annie as your model?”

Sarah stepped forward with a gleam in her eye. She was a bigger girl, and she had been envious of the pretty pair in front of her now. They were always flirting with Chef and the men in the team. She stepped forward and gave Annie a half dozen hard smacks, covering her right cheek with blotchy finger marks.

“No, no, you need to be firm AND gentle. Like this.” Chef repeated his lesson on Annie’s left cheek, leaving her with a smoothly pink cheek alongside the blotched and red right cheek. Annie sniveled and squeezed her bum cheeks in an attempt to diffuse the sting.

‘Now, try again on Melissa, and make sure you get it right this time, or we will have another practice subject to work on, and your butt will need a fair amount of tenderizing, I can tell.” Chef whacked Sarah through her whites. She stepped forward with some trepidation, and delivered a dozen or more firm smacks to Melissa’s left cheek, covering the whole surface of buttock from thigh to the top of her arse crease. She stepped back and admired her handiwork. Melissa’s left cheek shone pinkly and matched the right perfectly. Melissa and Annie now displayed four red cheeks to the group.

“Excellent work!” Chef placed his hands on Annie’s buttocks and held the cheeks apart, showing her wrinkled brown hole and pussy to the group. Her labia now hung slightly open, the excitement evident in the glistening folds. “See how a little tenderizing gives us such a nice juicy centre?” Chef held Annie’s cheeks firmly, pulling her up on her toes and exposing her sweet pussy to the group. Annie felt herself growing more excited and moaned in embarrassment and frustration.

Chef dipped a finger and dragged it along Annie’s slit to wet it. He then forced his moistened finger into Annie’s bottom hole. She shrieked at the invasion. Chef laughed and continued his probing. “This meat is definitely ready for some rub-in seasoning.” Chef released Annie and moved over to Melissa.  “I’ll just let Annie’s steaks rest for now and we will prepare this other steak as a nice rare piece of sirloin.”

Chef grasped Melissa firmly round her waist and delivered a cascade of slaps across the entire surface of her bouncing buttocks. Each smack was delivered with precision, so that he covered her entire naked rear evenly and raising the pink hue to a deeper shade of red. Melissa squealed and squirmed with the pain and shame.

“Medium Rare,” called Chef above Melissa’s cries. “See how we’ve got that deeper red at the centre? Now on to a rare steak throughout.” Chef continued to rain down smack after searing smack. Melissa’s bum felt as if she had sat on the skillet directly.

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