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Rebekkah: Pay the Piper 1

I didn’t like the last installment ‘Tide’s Turning 2″ after I re-read, so I edited and extended to this version. I hope you like it. The original story started HERE, and this episode continues from HERE




“Maggie, oh thank God its you! These bitches, they …”

“They what?”

“They …”

Sarah sensed that the situation might quickly slip away from the girls. She quickly grabbed the strap and whipped it hard across Josh’s elevated rump. “They what, Josh?” she said. “They gave you what you deserved, didn’t they Josh? Remember Josh?” She whipped his cheeks again. “Remember what you asked for Josh, when you met Rebekkah?” SNAP! This time the strap cut low and wrapped around the soft flesh at the crease of his buttocks. Josh screamed at the fresh agony to his well-punished rear.

“Cut that out for a minute!” Maggie barked to Sarah. She turned back to Josh and leaned forward. “You have one minute to explain why you are ass-naked and tied to this bed, with this bunch of half-naked whores diddling their clits as you get whipped, wanked and ginger-fucked. And this better be good!”

She stared into Josh’s eyes as his mind raced for an explanation. “I – I can explain,” he stammered.

“Yeah? I’m sure you can, if I give you long enough. But I kinda like you in this position. I should have thought if this long ago. You might as well repay a few debts while you’re in the mood.” She took a step towards the foot of the bed and snatched the strap from Sarah’s hand. She eyed up her target, then returned to stand by Josh’s shoulder.

“This is for hitting on my cousin at Lou’s wedding.” She whipped the strap over her shoulder. Josh screamed as the strap whipped down on his right buttock from top to bottom, the tip biting into the tender strip at the top of his thigh. The girls saw his buttocks ripple with the impact as the leather bit deeply, then slid away, the white imprint quickly flooding with red as blood flooded the area once more.

“This one is for Karen. She told me all about the dick who tried to pick her up. Didn’t know she was a cop too, did you?” The strap whipped down on his other cheek. Josh was whimpering now.

“And this one? This is for this whole scene! This one takes the biscuit Josh! We are so through, and I guarantee, you will not be thinking about fucking anyone for a while!” She whipped back the strap and aimed dead centre. The strap snapped down the length of his cleft. The tip curled under the curve of his cheeks to plant its fiery kiss on Josh’s sac. The yowl of anguish was deafening as he slumped forward, sobbing into the pillows.

The strap hung then. Maggie give Josh one final, disdainful stare and turned her murderous glare to the three girls. “You whores! You evil, selfish, perverted whores! You just can’t keep your hands off a man, or each other, can you?”

The trio stood with mouths agape at what they’d just witnessed. Maggie stepped away from the bed and up to the girls, now grouped together for support. Sarah and Rebekkah tried to cover their nakedness, feeling vulnerably exposed in the suddenly charged atmosphere in the room. Josh, now forgotten, moaned and sobbed softly on the bed.

“Now then, ladies,” Maggie swung the strap against her palm as she spoke, “I think it’s time to pay the piper. You’ve had your fun with my man. He’s yours now. He’s a half-decent fuck, or he was at least. Maybe one of you can suck his bollocks back down and give him a trial run? Although, I suppose you already all did that, did you? How did it go then?” she pointed to Rebekkah, “You’re a cocksucker, I know that, so I bet you sucked his nuts while …” Maggie looked around, eyes resting on Sarah … “While you rode his dick, and you …” she stepped up to Adriana, “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, you were sat on his face, rubbing your cunt up and down his bristles. Did he lick your ass? He likes that. Bit of an ass man is Josh. He’s tried to fuck my bum so many times I think he’s a closet queer. You probably made his night when you gingered his arse.” Maggie snorted a sarcastic laugh at her own joke.

The girls just stood, transfixed by this menacing woman in uniform, swinging the thick leather strap hypnotically. Adriana was on the verge of tears and the other two just clung together for security. “Well anyway, I’m sure you all got a nice taste of each other and Josh. No point denying it, from what I can see. But there is a price. There’s always a price.”

Adriana started to sob. “I had nothing to do with any of this,” she cried. “They called me, told me to come over. I’d only just got here when you arrived!” she was raising her voice now, adrenalin getting the better of her. “I had no part in getting him in here. He was already tied up when I got here. They were both playing with him, teasing him, wanking him. They were the ones getting off on this, not me. You saw them both, frigging as they played with him. And they told me he tried to rape Beks, that’s wy they had him here. That’s the only reason I stayed, to give him a taste of his own medicine. If I’d known they’d picked him up in a bar I’d never have come.”

Maggie stared as Ariana spilled her words. “Okay! New story. So, either we have a cat house here, with you two – or three – soliciting this piece of shit, or we have a little posse of vigilantes taking the law into their own hands, dealing out some street justice to a perverted little fucker. Now I might have some sympathy with the latter. Too many men think women are easy prey, after all. But you crossed the line when you started getting off on this. Kinda makes you just as guilty as him, don’t you think?”

The girls glanced at each other, unsure which path to follow and the consequences they might face. Maggie watched their sidelong glances, each trying to read the others’ faces, each trying to figure out their version of events. Finally she’d had enough. “Okay ladies. Here’s the deal. Clearly, you are all guilty of something, even if that’s only that you are all skanks. Now, you may be whores or heroes, I don’t give a shit which at this point. Not when I come into a room and find her …” she glared at Rebekkah “… playing around with my man – again!” The others glanced sidelong at Rebekkah. When this was all over they would certainly be getting those juicy details out of her, one way or another. Maggie interrupted their thoughts.

Maggie was slowly pacing the room. “So,” she said, “I think we can solve this between ourselves, don’t you? Balance the books, so to speak. I can see him trying something on more so than actually soliciting this, from what I know of him. So, if that’s the case the strapping seems a fair price to pay. Gives him something to remember next time his brains are in his dick. But you overstepped the mark when you started using his body for your own gratification. Don’t you agree?”

Adriana flared up. “Hang on, you can’t just walk in here and judge us all! You have no idea what led to this. He tried to rape Rebekkah. And he is your boyfriend! You were happy enough to whip his arse a minute ago!” She was up in Maggie’s face now, so she didn’t see the blur as Maggie whipped her hand across her cheek. The slap echoed and Adriana cried out in shocked surprise.

“Yes! I whipped his arse, and I’ll do it again. I already said I agreed with that!. But do you see me reaming his arse with ginger? Have I dropped my knickers so I can frig myself?” Maggie yelled, right in Adriana’s face. “Look around! Your friends are half-naked, they were playing with themselves when I walked in, and they have a bound, naked, beaten and abused captive – and you were barring my way in here, which tells me you knew ust what was going on. You could have been at it just like them , and you’d just dragged those pants on to go outside. Maybe you’re knickerless under there too. Maybe your pussy is dripping just like theirs, or maybe you just didn’t get your turn yet. How do I know?” Maggie paused for breath, still fuming. She paced the room as the girls watched, transfixed.

“You know, I can just call this in, get a few cars out here. I know a couple of the guys who would love that. They would be all over the three of you. Maybe they’d like to play cat and mouse too. And you know reporters are always tracking police radio. Wouldn’t be any time at all before there was a news van outside, and your pictures all over the evening news.” She let the words sink home. “Or, we can resolve this between ourselves, right now.” She looked into each face in turn. “Well?”

Rebekkah could see how upset Adriana was. She wanted to get her friend away from all this – she was the least involved, after all. Her mind raced with a plan. She stepped forward, between Maggie and the bed, forcing Maggie to turn her back to the door.

“Look, maybe we went too far, but he started all of this,” she pleaded, “But Adriana didn’t do anything. She didn’t know what was going on ‘til she got here.” All the while her eyes flicked across to Adriana, willing her to dash for the door and freedom. Maggie realised what she was trying to do. She nudged Adriana and flicked her head to the door. She then stepped up alongside Rebekkah, tugged her t-shirt over her head, popped her bra clasp and stood stark naked, staring defiantly at Maggie.

“Okay, let’s ‘resolve’ this, right now,” she said, eyes locked with Maggie. The other woman slowly looked her up and down. Sarah saw the smile flickering round the corners of her mouth as she took in her soft curves, firm tits and smooth mound. She knew then she had read Maggie right. She changed her tone, toning down her defiance.

“Okay, we were wrong, we know that, But surely there’s a way round this, one girl to another? There must be something we can do to mmake up for this, make up for what he did to you too?” she acknowledged the quietly sobbing form still bound to the bed. “We … we could … find a way?” As she spoke, her hand gently grazed her own breast and tracked down towards her mound. Maggie’s eyes followed her track intently. Sarah could see Adriana over Maggie’s shoulder, creeping towards the door and out of the room.

Maggie dragged her eyes away from Sarah’s magnificence to Rebekkah. “Well, princess, what do you say? Do you want to solve this, like your friend here, hmmm? Why don’t we see what you’re hiding under that baggy top.”

Determined to give her friend more time to get away, Rebekkah slowly eased up her sweat top. She heard the faint click of the outside door, and she knew Adriana was outside now. Committed now, she dragged the top up and over her head, leaving herself naked. Maggie eyed her small, pert breasts.

“Not much to look at, are you? I don’t know what you have over men. Must be that over-worked mouth of yours.” Rebekkah dropped her head to avoid her stare. Maggie grabbed her chin, forcing her to look up. “Sweet Pea, this day has been coming for a long time. Don’t try playing little miss innocent with me!” As she spoke she thrust her hand between Rebekkah’s legs. Her fingers came away wet, and she wiped them over Rebekkah’s cheek. “Not much innocence there, is there?” she spat.

“And what about you,” Maggie called over her shoulder. “Are you joining in now, too?” She turned to see an empty room. Just then a car started up and raced away. Maggie turned back to the naked pair, furious at the deception.

“Just let her go,” Rebekkah begged. “She just got here, she didn’t do anything. This is all on me.”

“On us,” Sarah jumped in. “I was the one playing with him, not her.”

“Oh stop!” Maggie cried, “You are both guilty as Hell of being horny little bitches. Maybe he tried it on, maybe you wanted it, who gives a fuck now?” Glancing around she saw the crop discarded on the floor where Adriana had dropped it as she entered the room earlier. She snatched it up.

“I can’t stay here all night, so let’s get this done. You …” she pointed the crop at Sarah, “Get over the back of that sofa, now!” Sarah hesitated, suddenly afraid. Maggie slashed the crop across her breasts and Sarah cried out. “NOW!”

Sarah shot forward then, and bent over the back of the Chesterfield, placing her palms on the seat. Maggie whipped her once and Sarah yelped. “Higher!” she ordered. Sarah shuffled further forward so that her legs stretched to touch the floor and her bottom perched high on the seat back. Maggie tapped the crop firmly between her thighs until she parted her feet, exposing her pussy fully to Maggie and Rebekkah. Maggie murmured something, and then whipped the crop down across the crown of the proffered buttocks. Sarah yelped but held position. Maggie swung again, lower this time. The crop bit deeply and Sarah cried out. Behind her, Rebekkah could see the white line suffuse with red, and she felt herself get wet again at the sight of the beating.

Maggie got into stride and whipped Sarah relentlessly until her buttocks were a mass of red lines and Sarah was sobbing deeply. Panting, she stepped back. She threw down the crop, her anger and frustration abated by the action, and stepped backwards, then out of the door. Rebekkah stood, stunned, as she heard the car start up and speed away. She steped over to the sofa now. Sarah still lay over the back, not yet able to move. Rebekkah stepped behind her and gently fingered the vivid, angry wheals criss-crossing her friend’s perfect buttocks. She stroke her gently, then dipped between her legs to cup her sex. She fingered her friend as she reached between her own legs, bringing them both to a shuddering orgasm in moments.

As she recovered from the both the beating and the after-care, Sarah eased up and into Rebekkah’s arms. “Should have been me,” Rebekkah whispered, as she hugged her friend.

“Oh don’t worry, Sarah whispered back, “You will get yours soon my sweet, rest assured. But first, let’s get rid of the baggage over there. I think he’s paid his dues.”


… continued

Rebekkah’s Revenge

Continues from Red Riding Hood. A reader wanted to know what Rebekkah would do now she had her assailant under her control. So here we go …

The man looked up at her, his eyes wide and dark. With his hands bound behind him and his feet tied, he was no longer a threat, he was hers to do with as she would. The transfer of power flowed through her like an electric current. She thought about calling the police, but then another thought came to her, a much sweeter, deeper retribution for the violation of her and her Nanna’s home. She pulled out her phone and fired off a text:

“Got a live one. Wanna join me?”

She put her phone away, crouched beside him and pulled off his winter hat. He was younger than she’d imagined, probably close to her own age. Pretty fit and not bad looking either. He wore a beard, of course. Guys today seemed to like the rugged look. He looked familiar, but she couldn’t be sure if she knew him. The beard and the poor light worked to disguise his features.

She looked into his eyes. “Lupus is gonna stay with you while I go check inside. One move and he will rip your face. Got that?” He gave a nervous nod, eyes fixed on the hanging jowls above his face.

She jumped up and headed inside. After a quick tour through the cottage it didn’t seem anything was missing. She’d found a tool bag in her Nanna’s bedroom but nothing else. She took a roll of duct tape and a screwdriver from the bag. After she had locked the door she jabbed the screwdriver into the frame around the lock, before tossing it into the woods. She ripped off a length of duct tape and stuck it firmly across his mouth. “Sorry about this,” she smiled sweetly, “I guess that’s going to pluck out a few whiskers when we rip it off later! But that will be the least of your worries, let me tell you.”

“Now, we’ve got two options here. I can call the cops, tell them how you broke in and tried to rape me, or we can apply what we call in my criminology class, ‘restorative justice’. Know what that is?” The woodcutter shook his head nervously, still eyeing Lupus. “Well, let me explain.” She looked right into his eyes. “It’s about you putting right what you damaged through your actions. You could say ‘eye for an eye’, but not really. You know, it’s probably easier for me to demonstrate.”

She reached towards his waist, and tugged his belt free, then the buttons and zipper of his jeans. He tried to wrench free, until Lupus curled his lips to show his canines. He lay back down then, complicit in his own reckoning.

“Are we done foolin’ now?” she asked, curtly. The man gave a briefest nod, and a gasp as he felt his pants tugged sharply down. She sat astride his legs, then took hold of his flaccid cock and ball sac, massaging him firmly. He gave a yelp as her nails jabbed his tender flesh as she squeezed his sac, rolling his balls painfully. He gave out a muffled cry through the gag and tried to jerk away. She held her grip and leaned close to his face, now full of pain and confusion. “Don’t like it when I’m rough with you, do you?” she snarled.

Despite the pain Rebekkah felt his shaft began to swell in her hand, pushing against the cage of her fingers. Changing her grip, she began to stroke him slowly with one hand, whilst continuing to squeeze and roll his balls. He was now fully erect and brimming tears. “You don’t know if you love it or hate it, do you?” She raked her nails around his gleaming cock head as she spoke. His shaft jerked and leaked clear fluid as she did so. She continued with full, firm strokes as she rolled and punished his balls. She felt him stiffen as his orgasm approached. At that point she released him. He cried out in agonised frustration as his cock jerked and spurted, the pleasure lost in that final moment.

As his cock subsided, Rebekkah scooped up his cum with her finger. She wiped some on her sweat pants and top, then reached inside to her knickers. “Insurance,” she whispered.


Rebekah looked up at the sound of a car. The headlights illuminated the scene on the front deck. A woman stepped out. “Looks like you started without me! Having fun?”

“Hey Sarah, I think we just reached an understanding. Buddy here was fumbling in Nanna’s drawers when I caught him. He attacked me, Lupus helped out and that’s how we got here.”

“Lupus pulled his pants down and tossed him off?”

“No, silly! I was explaining the concept of restorative justice to buddy here.”

“I don’t recall that definition from any criminology lecture I’ve had!”

“Details! It’s an adaptation, but the jist is there. Along with the jism!”

Sarah laughed. “Good one. Okay, so is buddy up for this?”

“Good point. Wait one.” Rebekkah turned to the man. “You remember your options? About the cops, rape charge, burglary in the first degree? 20 years. Pretty boy like you, you’d be real popular I’m sure. Is that what you want?” He shook his head vigorously. “So you want to deal with this between the three of us, here and now, no questions asked?”

He looked from Sarah to Rebekkah, the fear evident in his eyes.

“Poor baby! Put him out of his misery, for God’s sake!” laughed Sarah. She looked down at him. “Look buddy, we’re not going to chop off your dick or maim you. We’re just gonna have some fun and make sure you remember to ask nicely next time you feel the urge to try a slice of honey pie – and you don’t break into old ladies’ houses. Let’s say, you’ll have a better idea of our point of view come tomorrow morning, and I’m guessing you might even like it, just a little bit.” She shivered in the cold. “Jeez, it’s freezing out here. Look, we can leave you out here, as you are, and call the cops. They might get here in an hour or two, by which time your pretty little dick will be al black and shrivelled with frostbite, or we can get inside and warm up. Your call.”

The man looked up at Sarah and gave the briefest of nods. “Okay, there’s your consent. Now let’s party!”

Rebekkah turned to the bound man. “Okay fella, time for a ride. Now, I’m gonna loosen your feet. Don’t try anything now. Lupus is real partial to sausage.” She grabbed his limp cock and laughed at her own joke.

Rebekkah removed his boots and tugged his jeans down to his ankles before untying the leash. He still had his hands bound behind his back, and now he was hobbled. Using his cock as a handle she urged him to his feet and towards the car. As he stepped down from the porch he stumbled and landed hard on his knees. Without his hands to stop him he face-planted into the snow, naked rump uppermost. He struggled to right himself until he felt a boot on his neck.

“Seems a shame to waste this moment, don’t you think?” said Sarah. “I’ve got my horse riding gear in the trunk.” Rebekkah dashed forward, popped the trunk and pulled out a crop. “A little warm-up I think,” laughed Rebekkah. “It’s a bit chilly out here.” She whipped the riding crop hard across his upturned cheeks, leaving a vivid red stripe with each stroke.

“My turn,” said Sarah. Rebekkah handed her the crop. To keep her foot planted on her victim’s neck she had to swing down vertically. At first her strokes whipped longitudinal stripes down each cheek. Then she aimed a stroke into his cleft, whipping his anus with the leather tip. He howled through his gag. The girls laughed at the sound, and Sarah aimed another stroke.

“Enough!” laughed Rebekkah after Sarah missed her aim and slapped the crop against his tightly drawn sac. “Let’s get him to my place. We’ve got a whole night of fun ahead of us!”

Should we continue, to see where Sarah and Rebekkah take their ‘restorative justice’? Let me know in comments.


Later that evening, Carla and Sammi were sitting with a glass of wine, enjoying the quiet after the pressures of the day. Sammi turned to Carla, “So, did you think any more about young Dominic’s initiation?”

Carla lay back on the sofa and closed her eyes, imagining the possibilities for Dominic’s initiation. She smiled as she thought of his delicious, chocolate brown bum bent to her will. She recalled her first introduction to him, when she had licked his balls as he fucked Sammi. His balls had hung low and heavy and she licked her lips as she recalled their firmness in her mouth, and the taste of his shaft, wet with Sammi’s juices.

She imagined Dominic on his knees, bum high and legs spread. She would reach between his legs and fondle his cock and ball-sac, maybe finger-fuck his arse as she did so. And then she would spank him. A long, delicious, hard, slow and very thorough spanking. And throughout she would finger and fondle his thick shaft to keep him hard. She would use his own juices to lubricate his cock-head and drive him absolutely wild by rapidly rubbing his cock tip with her palm. She would tease and tug his balls, keeping him just on the edge of pain yet desperate for more. Maybe she would use her dildo to fuck his bum between spankings, gently thrusting past his inevitable resistance until she could slide the thick shaft in and out of his tight brown hole. And then the spanking, oh yes! The spanking. She would start with her hairbrush, the wooden one with the broad, thick back. This would really warm his cheeks. She knew she could break him with just the brush if she chose, but she had more in store. She wanted to crop him too. Her favourite crop had a broad, flat circle of stiff leather at the tip that would lay on a rapid fire stinging all over his cheeks. She would use the crop to slap his bum-hole too, stretched and sore from the dildo fucking. And then she would use the strap, of course. She owed him a good, hard thrashing to pay-back for the bruised cheeks she still had. He would have to take at least 20 of her best since he gave her close to that number without a warm-up.

And then she would flip him over and sit on his face so he could thank her properly for his whipped bum and well-fucked arse. She would enjoy tasting his shaft once more as he serviced her to keep him good and ready for when she crawled down his body and slid his length into her wet, willing and ready cunt. And then she would grind her pussy down his shaft, taking every inch as his length. And then she would slide slowly, slowly up until his tip hovered at the outer rim of her pussy, so she could slide down him like a pole dancer. And with every thrust, she would thrust her buttocks out, giving him a front row view of the buttocks he bruised and her anus, puckering fluttering in time with the pressure inside her sheath. He would see her lips clinging to his shaft as she climbed, and then clinging to him as she sank back down, slamming to his root. She would squeeze and grasp his bollocks as she rode him hard to her orgasm. And as soon as she came, she would slide his still-hard cock out of her tight sheath and leave him standing tall, twitching and deserate. And then he would know that his purpose was to serve at her pleasure, NOT his.

Carla turned her head to Sammi. “Didn’t give it another thought, You?”


And that was I for the A to Z Challenge. This story is gaining its own life. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Carla, Sammi and Dominic get up to from here! I do think Dominic will be living some of my fantasies, so if you have any of your own you would like to live through Carla, Sammi or Dominic, just let me know. I’m here to please 🙂


If you are late to the party, the story started here.




Carla stood at the full length mirror, looking back over her shoulder and assessing the damage to her buttocks. It had been two days since her ‘introduction’ to Dominic and the bruising from his vigorous application of the leather strap was really deepening. She looked over at Sammi laying on her stomach, naked. Her buttocks sported several broad bruises, though not as deep red as Carla’s.

“If Dominic is my assistant, why is it that we are the ones with bruised butts, and he got to fuck us both?” Carla mused. “I think it’s time we evened the score a little, don’t you?”

Sammi turned her head to look at her lover and boss as she twisted and turned to inspect her damaged rear. “I love you with a well-thrashed arse, and you love getting it that way, so don’t make out you’re the martyr here,” she said. “unless you want another whupping? I didn’t get to use the crop on your little arsehole, after all!”

Carla smiled, “Nice idea, but I’ve got a meeting and now I need to wear a longer skirt, thanks to young Dominic. Just make sure he’s well aware of his status in this firm, that’s all. I don’t want him getting cocky unless I say so, right?” Sammi murmured something as she closed her eyes to go back to sleep. At that Carla grabbed the crop from the side table and quickly stepped over to the bed. She whipped the crop down across Sammi’s pert buttocks. “Same goes for you, Sammi. Remember who really calls the shots!” Sammi yelped and buried her face in the pillow, tensing for another blow. Carla appraised the soft cheeks before her. She trailed a finger down Sammi’s cleft to tease her anal rosebud. “Now that you mention it, I think a little anal spanking is well in order for someone before the day gets going. Up on your knees!”

Sammi was slow to respond, so Carla gave her another sharp smack across the bottom of her buttocks, right in the crease of her thighs. “Okay, okay!” Sammi cried, swiftly rising onto her knees and presenting her buttocks for the crop. She spread her knees and dipped her back to spread open her cleft and reveal her tight little hole. “Jeez, someone needs another fucking!” she muttered under her breath, then yelped again as the leather flap of the crop smacked onto her anus.

“I heard that, thank you!” said Carla, as she whipped her lover’s anus twice more before shifting her aim to whip the crop across her luscious cheeks, raising a dozen fresh welts to colour the flesh once more. Sammi cried out at each blow, but  thrust up for more each time. Finally, Carla dropped the crop. “We will have to finish this later. I’m late for my meeting now. Keep it warm for me!” she laughed, as she grabbed her things and let the room.

Alone now, Sammi rolled onto her back, lifted her knees and dropped her hand between her legs. As she stroked herself she mulled over the best way to bring Dominic to his knees whilst extracting the most pleasure for herself and Carla. Her thoughts kept returning to the feeling of his cock fucking her from behind as Carla licked her pussy, and of him fucking Carla as her legs were held high and apart. She knew she had to reverse that role somehow, and bend him to her will. She smiled as an idea came to her and she increased the friction of her fingers on her nub as the plan formed in her mind.


Part G for the A to Z Challenge

The story starts here with Anticipation

Advent Adventure

Miranda went shopping last week with a specific item in mind to lead us into the holiday season. She came home with one of those refillable Advent calendars – the sort with little drawers you can fill with a sweet treat. Her idea was to fill each drawer with a spanking treat. With the spirit of Christmas gift giving and receiving in mind, I suggested we should each add a spanking treat per day, so we could share the pleasures.

We agreed some basic ground rules and set to work:

  • We would each write out 24 spanking ‘events’ including an implement, number of swats and any other instructions. As we would each draw an event each day, we had to be willing to give or receive the set event.
  • We agreed a set of implements from amongst our favourite arsenal from which to draw our events: The agreed weapons were: Hand, Crop, Ruler, Slipper, Strap, Brush, Cane, Table Tennis paddle
  • All spankings would be on the bare bottom, of course
  • We would each draw an event each day. If a day is missed the next day will include two events.
  • Each weapon would be used three times in the calendar
  • December 24th will be an extra-special event leading up to the Big Day.

With our ground rules in place, we each sat and wrote our vignettes. The quiet was punctuated by the occasional ‘oh yes!’ a few chuckles and plenty of seat shuffling as our fantasies began to stir other juices. (more…)

Home Working Fun Today

Not my bottom – this is from hotbottoms.wordpress.com

There is something to be said for this new era of tele-commuting / working from home or whatever you call it. I have the opportunity to work from my home office usually a couple of times a week. When happy coincidence allows, Miranda will also be at home on some of these days, and there will be an available window of time in the day when there are no urgent demand on time, and no kids to interrupt the atmosphere. On these days there is the opportuntity to adjourn upstairs and partake of some erotic bottom warming. Frequent readers will know that we will frequently switch roles, depending on preference on the day and who is deemed sufficiently deserving of the ‘top’ and/or who has been sufficiently naughty to be rewarded with the ‘bottom’.

On a recent occasion I had the delightful opportunity to help shuck Miranda out of some very tight-fitting jeans, which I lodged at knee level along with a totally unnecessary pair of panties. I sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to redden her delightful rear. Miranda is extremely tactile and prefers the hand. Of course, I always oblige. However on this occasion I felt the urge to deliver more, so I took up her hairbrush which always rests on the bedside table for just such a purpose. Holding her firmly, I gave her a good dozen whacks with the brush to her bouncing buttocks. Oh did she squeal! Now, clearly she enjoyed it – after all, when I let her up she kicked her legs out of her jeans, pushed me back on the bed and whipped down my pants, then rode me like a gunslinger heading out of Dodge. However, Miranda is not one to allow the upper hand to be had for long, and she is one to bide her time for that favourite of all cold-plate meals, Revenge.

Today I was again in my home office, and able to dive out of a tedious web conference early. Hearing me emerge from the basement, Miranda took my hand and led me straight to the bedroom. With deft hands and lips, she quickly had me standing tall and at her beck and call, which today meant on my knees on the bed, bottom high and cheeks spread wide. To keep me steady she positioned herself astride my back, almost sitting on my shoulders to prevent me rising (not that I tried). In this position she had a good vertical stroke attack on my bared buttocks, and she clearly wanted to repay me for the blistering she’d received last time out. She took up our latex ruler paddle and proceeded to blister my butt with a good hard set of strokes that reached right down onto the tops of my thighs. She followed this up with some fingering and fondling to rekindle the fires, then went at it again with her hairbrush. She targeted the ‘sit-spot’ more than anywhere else, and she had me jumping and bucking, no doubt, but I took it in good spirit. The crop was next and that almost finished me, especially the strokes that fell straight down my bum cleft and whacked across the old chocolate starfish! Boy, those ones sting! Nothing some sweet and tender kisses can’t soothe though, which is how we led into our finale.

So now, I’m back at my desk with a tingly butt and a well-fucked feeling, biding away the final hour of the day telling you good folks about my afternoon.

Life is good!

Heads Up!

Regular readers will spot a change to my site – a new header image. Not sure if I will keep this or not – I do like the old one with the kneeling girl and my favourite spanking toy – the riding crop.

What do you think. This one:

Or this one:

I like the intimacy of the latter, with her fully clothed master and the glimpse of her pussy lips suggesting further delights to follow, but who cannot like a row of five warmed bottoms on display.

Choices, choices.

* Former image came from a link to girlspanksgirl.com, found on spankingblog.com. The submissive crop image is a Google sourced image.


Spanking Wishes


I really wanted spanking, but I knew not what to do

My Albert, he was lovely, but he didn’t have a clue

I tried just being naughty, and acting like a brat

He said to me amusedly, “you’re worse than having a cat”

I burnt his favourite shirt when ironing one night

He said, “No mind my dear. It was getting rather tight”

One day I didn’t cook for him. I just lay all day in bed

He got home feeling peckish – and got pizza in instead

One time I went out shopping, spending far too much on clothes

Albert smiled and shook his head. “It’s in your genes, I suppose”

So I took it one step further. I took my brush and said

“Please use this to correct me”. He simply brushed my head.

I bought a belt for him to use upon my womanly cheeks

He looped it though his pants and said, “I’ve been needing one for weeks”

A riding crop, a bamboo cane, a ruler – I bought him all these things

And yet he didn’t take the hint, to make my bottom sting

One day, when subtlety was done, I bared my butt and said

“If you don’t spank me hard right now, that’s it – we’re through. You’re dead!”

Albert stood, his mouth agape, he knew not what to say

I climbed up on the duvet and bent, as if to pray

My bum was high, my knees were spread. I screamed, “Do it now, you prick!”

“For if you leave me wanting, I’ll boil your frigging dick!”

“Oh Anne”, said he, “I can’t have this, your being very crude”

“Your bum up high, your parts exposed, now this is very rude”

“You’ve asked for this, and now you’ll pay. Your bottom it will smart”

“Just remember that you asked for this. I’m not stopping once I start”

Bert gathered all the items I had bought to inflict pain

The brush and ruler, crop and belt, and yes, he got the cane

He used each item thoroughly, and reddened up my cheeks

I screamed and bellowed, ‘Stop, I beg – I won’t sit down for weeks”

“Oh no”, said he,” I will not stop. You asked for this, alright?”

“Now hush and take your punishment. I’ll spank you well tonight”

“In fact I think I’ll spank you daily, before I venture out”

“To keep you on the proper track as a dutiful little spouse”

It’s been a month. My bottom burns. I can’t pull up my pants

For every day, and every night, Albert makes my bottom dance

I wish I hadn’t pushed him into spanking my behind

Instead, I should have spanked him for being friggin’ blind

I could have had him on his knees, and caned his little tush

Instead it’s me with a sore bum. Oh shoot, I’m such a klutz!

Riding Lesson


I was at the stables recently. Now the weather is warming up the views have significantly improved. Riding clothing is surely designed with the erotic spanker in mind. There are those fitted jackets, padded shoulders and nipped-in waists flaring slightly to frame the exquisite bottom beneath. Those bottoms are squeezed into form fitting jodhpurs. The jodhpurs are worn with sole straps to give a beautiful shape to the lower leg. Most riders have knee high leather boots, and of course, they usually carry a riding crop.

I love to watch these fine ladies as they put a stallion through his paces. Watching a canter is delightful. The rider is in a half crouch, bottom raised 8 inches or so off the (more…)