The Yellow Dress

Rob trudged around the mall lugging a small wardrobe full of bags as his daughter and wife strode on ahead, chattering happily as they spent his hard-earned money. He stopped to adjust his grip on the bags, trying to recover circulation to his fingers. “First trip home in three months,” he muttered, “and I have to spend my day trailing round the mall like a friggin’ pack horse. Fuck my life.” He glanced up to see his wife and daughter sashaying ahead. ‘Fuck my wife more like,’ he breathed, watching the sway of her hips, tightly encased in denim. It had far too long since he’d seen her on her knees waiting for him to take her from behind, or take her any ways for that matter.

He watched the pair sauntering along, arm in arm. It was getting harder to tell them apart from the back these days. At 17 he had to admit, young Meghan was developing some very attractive curves, and Susie was looking so hot in those tight blue jeans. He recalled how she’d been horrified at turning 40 last year. She’s hit the gym hard, spending almost every morning burning off the pounds and toning up while he worked his butt off on the rigs. If he could just get a taste of that ass he would be a happy man, but since he’d arrived home two days ago she had been early to bed complaining of a headache and her time of the month. He sneered to himself. “No sign of a headache now, that’s for sure. Retail therapy must sure be a thing then.”

Just then Susie turned back. “We’re popping into la vie complète. Meghan says they have some lovely summer dresses. Why don’t you pop over to the Apple Store or something? We might be a while. After that you can get me a latte. I’m pooped!”

“You’re pooped!” he snapped. “I’ve been away working for three months and now I get to carry my wages in your shopping bags. I must be carting a month’s wages right here.”

“Now don’t make a scene! If they’re too heavy for you, take them back to the car, poor little lamb,” Susie crooned back. “Stop putting a downer on our day by being such a party pooper. You know how I love getting some quality time with my little girl. Don’t spoil it!” With that she turned, tucked her arm into Meghan’s and strode into the expensive looking store.

Rob stalked back to the parking lot and threw the bags into the trunk. He stayed outside for a while, cooling off, then wandered back inside the mall. He stood outside la vie complète for a few minutes, and then peered inside trying to spy the girls, but he couldn’t see to the back. Eventually he stepped inside, feeling very conspicuous amongst the sheer gowns and underwear. He found some easy chairs next to the changing rooms and settled down to wait.

Rob whiled away some time admiring the lithe young bodies of the shoppers as they came and went from the changing rooms. One of the girls posed in front of a full-length mirror at the entrance, checking out the fit of her dress. When she stepped away, Rob noticed that she’d moved the mirror. He realised he now had a partial view down the length of the changing cubicles, thanks to a convenient reflection from another mirror at the corner. Mostly the curtains were all firmly drawn, so he amused himself watching pants falling beneath the doors, imagining the lacy lingerie that must be revealed inside each small space.

As he watched, he noticed one curtain that was partly open, right at the end. He caught brief glimpses inside as the occupant moved around. Suddenly, he saw her bottom revealed as she whipped her jeans down and off. As she turned he got the briefest glimpse of naked cheeks. ‘She’s wearing a thong,’ he thought. He also caught a glimpse of something else, too. What were those marks on her bum? They looked like lines. And then the view was gone as she stepped aside. When she was revealed again, she was wearing a long yellow dress with a sunflower pattern. He admired the swish against her tanned legs as she turned, then sat up straight again as she dropped the dress to her feet and stepped out. This time he got a clear three-quarter view of her bottom as she bent to retrieve the dress. And as she did so, he could clearly see several evenly spaced dark lines cutting across the pale flesh.

He gasped with the shock, hiding the sound with a fake cough. ‘Oh my jeezus,” he thought, “she’s been caned!’ His member stiffened up at the delicious sight and all it suggested, and then she was gone. He drifted into daydreams, imagining the scene that must have unfolded for the girl to get those stripes, stirring up memories from long ago when Susie used to lay across his lap for a spanking.

“Dad!” Meghan prodded him back to reality. “What are you doing? Come on, we’re leaving.” Rob stumbled to his feet, trying to adjust his underwear as he did so, and stumbled out of the store behind his wife and daughter.


The brief glimpse of that caned bottom played over and over in Rob’s mind over the next few days. He was constantly aware of the erection in his pants every time his mind drifted back to that momentary glimpse. He found himself sneaking to the bathroom, or his shed when his imagination stirred.

In his fantasy, the unknown girl was wearing the yellow dress. She would turn her back and bend, submitting herself to his will. He imagined lifting the dress slowly, revealing first her toned, smooth legs and then her taut buttocks clothed in the briefest lace. He loosened his pants and pulled out his cock as he settled into the fantasy.

He slipped his fingers into her waistband, and slid the knickers off her cheeks and down to her feet. He could sense the bounce of her cheeks as he palmed them, and the sight of her tight hole revealed deep in the cleft. He imagined it was he who then applied twelve hard, slow stripes to her cheeks. Afterwards, with her still bent, he would step behind her to paint the red stripes with the juice seeping from his hard cock. With his orgasm mounting he imagined sliding his cock deep into her tight, young cunt, gasping as his release came. The fantasy helped reduce his frustration at Susie’s coincidental ‘time of the month’. Every night for a week she’d gone to bed in PJs, and he’d had not even a glimpse of her toned body since he’d arrived home.


A few days after the shopping trip, Rob was sitting in the living room watching TV when he heard Meghan coming downstairs. She called out to him from the stairs. “Bye Dad, I’m off out. Dave’s picking me up. See you later.” As he turned to say goodbye he caught the briefest glimpse of her as she stepped out of the door, and the long yellow gown decorated with sunflowers floating around her legs.

Steve’s Lost Libido

Steve’s sex drive has gone missing

It disappeared a while ago

And now he’s just existing

With a fizzed out libido

He lost it when out shopping

For a gift for his dear wife

When across the aisles he saw her

And it stuck him like a knife

His dearest little Daisy

Was browsing the menswear racks

When she picked out a special item

A lovely pair of slacks

Now Steve is on the large side

He’s not a little guy

So when he saw the pants she held

He knew things were awry

The pants were slim and dandy

Too small by far for Steve

And then she picked out underwear

And his stomach gave a heave

She took her goods and walked across

To a changing cubicle

Then with a surreptitious glance

She ducked inside a stall

Beneath the door, as Steve could see

The stall was still in use

For there was another pair of feet

A man’s, he did deduce

He jumped as he saw trousers

And then blue underwear

Flutter down the hairy legs

And trap them like a snare

The next site was quite shocking

As Daisy went to her knees

She stayed like that for minutes

While Steve’s blood began to freeze

And then she stood, and turned around

Her knickers then came down

The man now dropped onto his knees

And Steve heard a slurping sound

And then he stood, and dipped his knees

No doubt to dip his wick

So Daisy got her secret fuck,

Making Steve a little sick

The fuck was done, the pants came up

The stall door was slowly cracked

And out snuck Daisy, all aflush

And behind her, Cousin Jack

A raging Steve stepped quickly forth

He grabbed the little shit

He punched his nose, he kneed his balls

He pummelled the slimy git

And then he grabbed for Daisy

And propelled her back inside

He ripped her still-moist knickers off

And tanned her hussy hide

He spanked her hard inside that booth

All outside could hear

At last he stopped and looked at her

With a bright red glowing rear

“Now get you home, you little whore”

He barked, she shook with fear

He yanked the door right off its post

And dragged her by the ear

Once home, he had her strip her clothes

And bend over the old chair

He pulled his belt out of its loops

And snapped it in the air

He aimed his blow, she clenched her cheeks

His arm pulled back quite high

His arm whipped down, the belt bit deep

She let out a shrieking cry

Still unperturbed, he whipped her more

Recalling her disgrace

Her bum was vivid red with weals

And his anger was replaced

With lust, and a stonking hard-on

Nigh ripping through his pants

He freed his cock and grabbed her hips

To stab her with his lance

But thought of fucking her tight cunt

Where Jack’s emissions swam

Caused Steve to pause and think again

Of another cunning plan

He wet his dick to lubricate

And took aim at her arsehole

And pushed until he popped inside

Then docked his meaty pole

She squealed at his intrusion

He laughed at her dismay

“Next time you fuck young Jackie boy

You know how you will pay”

“In fact, I’m going to whip you

And fuck your little bum”

“Every night from here to Christmas

So you know the price of fun”

Shopping Trip Surprise


When I’m forced to accompany Miranda on a shopping trip I like to amuse myself by perusing the stores, seeking out items for their spanking potential. It is quite fun to pick up a pair of pumps, turn them over in my hand and stroke the sole, imagining its slap on an errant bottom, whilst all around me the regular shoppers go about their business. One never knows, of course, how many of them are purchasing for alternative uses.

During my personal escapism I like to let my mind wander if I see a particularly spankable derriere, or a self assured professional looking woman, the type who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it. Come with me on one of my fantasy escapes ….


I was frustrated yesterday lunchtime. A meeting had gone long and my project had not been approved. I needed an escape. I drove over to the mall and entered one of the many smaller department stores. I strolled around the store, following a familiar route through the personal grooming area to examine the hairbrush selection. I found a nice wooden oval brush, and I felt its weight with a slap to my palm. The sting gave me a nice indication of pleasures to be had with this one. I moved on, into the footwear section. I’ve been looking for a nice traditional pair of slippers, the sort your dad would wear. Miranda likes a slippering, and the role play to be had with dad slippers is just delicious. I wandered down the aisles, examining various ladies court shoes for spanking potential and then began perusing the slippers. I noticed a striking redhead who seemed to glance away whenever I looked over at her. Was she interested in me? (more…)