Princess Jasmine’s Lament


Oh Aladdin, how I wish t’were me

You rubbed with such delight

Your rub your lamp so vigorously

To play with Genie, ev’ry night

You rub and rub, til it fairly glows

And the dome is rosy red

And then ‘pouff’ your Genie doth erupt

And you lay back on your bed

As you lay, and catch your wits

Your Genie sputters forth

And makes a mess upon the floor

And all upon the walls

He promises much, but delivers naught

So you rub him out once more

Oh foolish boy, tis me you need

To rub, and I’ll do yours

Just place that practiced finger

Right here, yes, that’s it!

Now rotate that practiced digit

And polish my tiny clit

And as my fervour rises

I will take your lamp in hand

I will rub your dome til it shines bright

The brightest in the land

Then with shaft a glowing

And my clit about to burst

Your Genie will explode for sure

– as long as I’ve cum first

And when your Genie’s wilted

And your seeds have all been sown

Just ask yourself, was that better

Than rubbing that lamp alone?

Remedial Action


Carla threw down the cane after leaving 20 or more criss-crossed lines across Sammi cheeks. Sammi lay still, sobbing softly into the leather of the Chesterfield, her hot, sore bottom still pushed high over the arm. Carla stepped behind her between her feet, forcing her knees further apart and opening her behind. The cane strokes had deepened to angry purple where the strokes had overlapped, yet in the cleft between her punished cheeks where the cane did not bite the flesh remained smooth, soft and tender. Sammi flinched as Carla laid her hands gently on her buttocks, caressing the hot welts with a butterfly touch.

Carla spoke as she softly stroked her lover’s punished bottom. “All done now, time to kiss it better.” Sammi jerked as she felt her lover’s tongue slide down her unpunished cleft to circle her anus. She thrust her bottom higher to open herself more to Carla’s tongue as she trailed down to tongue the groove of her sex, wet now after the pain-pleasure of her caning. Sammi’s legs were wide apart and her back arched right over the sofa’s arm as she presented her pussy for Carla’s tongue, desperate to extract every ounce of pleasure from her loving. Sammi cried out as Carla squeezed her whipped cheeks in her lust for her pussy, yet soon forgot the pain as Carla found her clitoris and flicked the nub with a stiff tongue. After only a few minutes, Sammi stiffened and cried out as her orgasm flooded through her.

Carla stood and wiped the juices from her lips before speaking. “There now. All done. Now you just have to deliver the same message to the Sapphire crew. Take Dom with you – he’s shaping up to be a good shoot director. Maybe he can talk sense into those wanna-be catwalk queens.” She looked down at Sammi, still recovering on the sofa. “Did you want more? I see the paddle in there if you’d like a round with that next?”

“NO! No, that’s, that’s good enough. Message received loud and clear.” Sami stumbled off the sofa and grabbed her skirt and knickers from the floor where Carla had tossed them earlier. The knickers were ripped apart so she just tossed them in the trash can and stepped into her skirt. The silky lining felt good against her sore bottom as she gingerly walked from the room.


Dom chuckled as he watched Sammi trying to find a comfortable position as she drove them over to the Sapphire shoot. He had heard the unmistakable sound of a cane striking flesh as he came back into the main office after lunch, and he had spent the last half hour on his knees peering through the keyhole to spy on the lovers. He had seen Carla standing over Sammi as she lay on the sofa. He couldn’t see her bum, but he did see the cane rise and fall a good many times. He soon had his cock out and was stroking his shaft as he had watched as Carla disappeared from view behind Sammi. His imagination had filled in the rest and we had wanked himself in time with Carla’s tongue and Sammi’s moans, shooting a gob of spunk onto the carpet as Sammi screamed her release. He had barely had time to clean the mess and get back to his desk before the door was flung open and Sammi had gingerly but purposefully stalked over to his desk. With a voice made hoarse by the tears and screams, she instructed him to get himself downstairs and wait in the car.  She came down some time later  having cleaned herself up. She threw a kitbag into the trunk and dropped into the seat. He laughed out loud as he recalled how she had nearly shot through the car roof as her bum hit the seat.

Sammi shot him a mean look. “Not a word. Not a single, fucking word unless you want some of the same.” Dom tried to keep a straight face and nearly choked as he smothered a laugh. Sammi broke down too then, and laughed with him. “Okay, yes it was fun. Fucking painful, then and now, but good fun. And it will be even better fun when I pass the message on to that wanker of a shoot director and that gaggle of supposed models he employed. That little tosser is a week overdue and I’ve seen nothing yet. And after that, I’m going to give it to Angie-fucking-Mosely. I’ll show her how she needs to keep her models in order. Watch and learn, Dom. Watch-and-learn!” Dom adjusted himself as his cock began to grow at the thought of the action still to come that afternoon.



Continued from HERE, and the A to Z story started HERE




“Come on now, don’t be shy. It goes easier on the first to volunteer. You should know that, Jo.” Carla slapped the strap into her palm as she looked from one to the other. Dominic stood with his pants around his ankles and his erection poking through his shirt tails. ‘I’ll give him credit,’ thought Carla, ‘He’s not the least bit fazed being half-naked in front of a room full of women. Almost as if he likes to strut his stuff.’

As if he had read her thoughts, Dominic kicked away his pants, strode to the centre of the room and bent forwards to grasp his ankles. His feet were spread apart, giving the women a glorious view of his toned, burnished buttocks and the heavy weight of his cock and balls beneath. The three collectively held their breath as they drank in the sight of the young buck, bent to receive his lashing. Dominic glanced back. “Well, are we doing this or not? If one of you wants to get down here I can show you how it’s done. And I can tell you, I’ll take double whatever you do!” (more…)

Into the Woods pt 1

Adam ambled along the wooded path enjoying the summer sun and revelling in the peace and quiet. He relished this Sunday morning escape from the hustle and bustle of life at home. He was ostensibly out to fetch the paper but he always liked to take the long route on nice days. It gave him a chance to escape the madness of a house with three small children and a wife who barely had the energy to function, let alone fuck.

Peace and quiet had been in short supply in the Woods household ever since the arrival of their first-born, Nate. It became positively extinct just a year later when the twins were born. Three was never in the plans. Adam recalled the day Maggie had phoned him at work with news of her pregnancy, and then the bombshell announcement of twins at the first scan. The thought of three kids all within a year hit him square in the face, though it might as well have been a kick in the balls. He’d had virtually no use for them for the last year. Their sex life had gone from fizzing to flatlined throughout Maggie’s pregnancy with the twins, and for six months afterwards. Now, with the twins almost a year old and Nate approaching two, there was barely a moment to sleep, let alone fuck. What sex they had now was quick, basic and frankly, boring. He wasn’t ungrateful – how could a man be ungrateful to have kids in his life, but he did miss the bedroom adventures he and Maggie enjoyed before the kids. Adam stopped and thought. When was the last time Maggie had blown him? He couldn’t remember. Certainly she had not wanted his face anywhere near her pussy in a year or more. He tried to recall when he’d last actually seen her with her thighs spread wide and her sex gaping for his cock. He shook his head to remove the vision of her feet up in stirrups, and focused instead on earlier times.

As he wandered along, Adam thought back to sex before kids. Maggie had always been an initiator. Her favourite technique when she wanted his dick was to be waiting, kneeling on all fours with knees spread. One time she had been in the living room and she had positioned herself so that the first thing he saw as he entered the room was her wet, willing cunt. Sometimes she’d be using a vibrator, sliding slowly in and out of her juicy slit. He smiled as he recalled what she’d be saying.

“Better get in here big boy, if you want a piece of this action. I’m getting close!”

At that he would drop down behind her and push his face into her wetness, tongue thrusting like a little dick. She loved to be licked out from behind, and she would push back against his face as he lapped. The thought of gripping her butt cheeks and tonguing her cleft, bum and pussy had his cock raging instantly. Adam had to push a hand into his shorts to free his cock from the knot in his pants. He squeezed himself, rubbing the clear, sticky fluid around his glans and continued to play the porn reel in his mind.

Maggie had loved to kneel on the edge of the bed so that Adam could kneel on the floor behind her, his face level with her wet, juicy, welcoming pussy. He could almost taste the bitter-sweet juices on his tongue and the tang of her anus as he rimmed her. His tongue poked out as he recalled jabbing it past the defensive ring of muscle, lubricating her back passage for a finger or thumb. They’d never got as far as actual anal sex, though he’d tried to convince her many times. Once when they’d been spooning he’d been pressing his cock head against her anus, lubricated with cunt and cock juices. She’d shifted somehow and he had popped past the tight ring to that his cock head was inside her passage. Before he knew it though, she had quickly shifted forward and his cock was ejected from her bum. He had lived with that almost-but-not quite experience for many years, extending the moment into a full-on arse fuck. He began to imagine again how it would go. His erection was painfully hard as he imagined standing behind Maggie, then pressing his cockhead against her anus. He could almost feel the tightness around his shaft as her bum stretched to welcome his hardness. He would fuck her then, slowly drilling his cock deep into her passage, then withdrawing part way as she moaned and thrust back against him.

The images in his mind increased the urgency he felt in his pants. He squeezed his cock again through the cotton shorts, but this just made things worse. He had to relieve himself. He looked around and spotted a narrow trail off the main path and ducked down it to find some privacy. A short way down he found a small clearing. He quickly unzipped and freed his cock, and began to stroke himself slowly as he continued his personal porn reel. He imagined Maggie sucking his balls, popping each into her mouth and gently tonguing him. He needed more freedom, so he quickly stripped off his jacket and dropped it on the grass. He dropped his shorts and pants, sat on his jacket and leaned back against a tree. Now he had both hands free to fondle balls and shaft together.

He went back to the image of Maggie on all fours. He’d spanked Maggie a few times, nothing too hard, but now he wanted to really spank her to release some of the pent-up frustration he felt. He reset his mental image and had her on her knees again, bum high in the air. He could feel the smoothness of her buttocks as he stroked her, preparing for the first strike, then SMACK, SMACK. Two spanks hard enough to leave red imprints. She’d moan and thrust out for more and he would spank her milky cheeks again and again, turning the pristine flesh pink. She would be moaning, writhing and bucking with each firm spank, egging hom on to spank her more, harder. He would spank the sensitive flesh of her bum cleft too, stinging the tight ring with sharp slaps as Maggie fingered her pussy, grazing her clit with a manicured nail then finger-fucking herself in time with his spanks.

Adam’s hand stroked up and down, surrounding his cock head then sliding right down to cup his balls as he played his personal movie. He coul hear Maggie urging him on, “Fuck, spank me harder, hit me again, aggghh, fuck, you bastard. Keep going, keep going!” Adam stroked himself up and down, squeezing his balls in time with his imagined spanks. He increasing his pace in time with his imagined spanking of Maggie and her thrusting fingers as his excitement rose.

She would dirty-talk him to drive him insane, his cock twitching and dripping as he spanked her until his hand stung. Her cheeks were red and blotchy, her bum hole pulsating with each stinging slap. She urged him on again, “Spank my pussy, fuck! You bastard! Spank my pussy NOW!”

He squeezed his eyes tightly to keep the image clear in his mind and he pictured himself spanking her mound with a cupped hand, four, five times as her orgasm built to a crescendo. With his left hand he gently rolled and squeezed his balls as his right hand continued to pump, more swiftly now in time with his pussy spanking. He felt the spunk rising and he forced himself to slow, enjoy the agony as his orgasm built. His whole body went rigid as his cock stiffened still more for those delicious seconds as the spunk shot up from his balls, along his shaft and erupted in a geyser from his glans. He shuddered and gently stroked the last of the cum from his shaft, and lay back against the tree trunk, enjoying the aftermath of a very enjoyable wank. The warm sun and lack of sleep soon had him dozing.

As he dozed he could feel Maggie playing with his cock, trying to entice life back into the slumbering beast. He moaned at her to stop, to let him rest. He felt a sharp prod in his balls and his eyes shot open. The bright sunlight temporarily blinded him, and he was momentarily confused to find himself outdoors. As his eyes adjusted he looked up to see two women standing over him. The younger one had her phone pointed at him and he heard the shutter sound as she took a picture of his exposed, flaccid cock. The older woman standing next to her poked his flaccid manhood with her walking stick. Adam quickly covered his nakedness with his hands. The older woman smacked his fingers sharply with her stick and he pulled his hands back in surprise.

“See what all the fuss is about, Amanda?” the older woman asked her colleague as she lifted Adam’s tackle with her stick. She sighed, “I’ve never understood boys and their urges. Back when I was a Head Mistress I would hear every day about boys showing their little dicks to the girls. And every day would end in tears.” She looked at her colleague and smiled, “They never seemed that keen to drop their trousers in my office, I can tell you my dear. And after they;d spent 20 minutes over my knee, I’m sure they thought twice about waving their parts around in public. Shame they stopped that sort of thing in my opinion. Look at the result.” With that she pointed her stick at Adam’s manhood again and he shrank back against the tree. “Did you get a good picture of him exposing himself dear?”

Amanda was staring lustfully at Adam’s penis and she started at the question. “Yes, yes I did, aunt Grace,” she stammered. ” I got some film of him wanking off too. Really good film.” She sighed at the thought of the graphic images waiting for her in the quiet of her room later.

“Amanda! Language please. Now, what to do with this young chap. We can’t have young men lying around with no trousers, playing with their bits and pieces whenever they feel the urge. I wonder if we should call the police. What do you think, Amanda?”

Amanda looked Adam up and down, and her eyes rested once more on his groin. “Oh, I think we can probably deal with this ourselves Aunty. After all, as you said, you had a sure-fire way to stop naughty boys waving their privates at the girls. I’m sure we could employ the same solution with this chap.” She stooped down and snatched up Adam’s shorts. She pulled his wallet out and fished for his driver’s licence, “Mr Adam Woods.”

Adam looked up at the pair beseechingly. What would happen now? They had his clothes, they knew his name, they had pictures. He’d lose his job if this got out, not to mention Maggie, the kids, his friends. He tried to speak, but words wouldn’t come.

To be continued ….

Willie the Wanker


Young Willie was a wanker

He wanked off night and day

He beat his meat repeatedly

He loved his solitary play


His mum got very worried

As every mother would

She made him wear thick mittens

But it didn’t do any good


She took him to the doctor

She said, “What can you do?”

The doctor looked on helplessly

He hadn’t got a clue


And so his acts continued

As he grew into a man

His dick was sore and blistered

He needed a new plan


He found a spankopsychologist

Who promised him a cure

She said the path was painful

More than many could endure


But Willie was unflustered

He knew this had to stop

He booked a time and went right round

After he’d jerked out one last drop


The Doc told him to drop his pants

So she could see the cause

And perhaps find a solution

Without cutting off his balls


She reached down very gently

And touched his flaccid dick

Instantly the blood flowed in

And it stood up like a stick


“Oh no,” said she. “This is no good,

I’m having none of this”

She took a plastic ruler

And whacked him, on the tip


Well this set things in motion

There was no turning back

Willie’s dick erupted

As she gave another whack


This took her by surprise, indeed

She said “Oh my, oh my!”

Then wiped away the semen

That had landed in her eye


She stood up tall, all five foot two

And looked up at his chin

“Young man you’re quite disgusting,

Now, let’s begin again.”


“A tough regime is needed

To bring things back to earth

You need a solid caning

Every time you get the urge”


She had him bend and touch his toes

Then fetched a wicked rod

She lined up with a wicked smirk

“I’ll cure you good, you sod!”


She striped him good, she striped him hard

She gave him many whacks

Yet when she looked down underneath

His erection had come back


And so again, she whipped his butt

Til her arm got rather sore

Young Willie thrust his butt up high

And was crying out for more


Just as she finished whacking

His dick jerked up, he came

Young Willie was ecstatic

Even with his bum aflame


“That felt so good! It’s the only way

I ever want to cum

Oh Doc, you’ve cured my wanking

With a very painful bum”


“I can come around on Tuesdays

And Fridays too, at night

And have you cane my naked bum

When I’m stretching it real tight”


“And then I can stop wanking

Every moment, every day

I can save it up for Tuesday

And Friday, if I may”


The Doc looked on, she wore a frown

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

But hey, if he thinks it’s working

I will take his weekly fee


And now he has stopped wanking

His dick has much improved

Although his butt is stripy

Like a tiger, only lewd