Rebekkah’s Revenge: Tide’s Turning

Adriana was digging through the assorted tack items in the trunk of Sarah’s car, searching for the thick leather saddle straps. The trunk light was out, so she used her cell phone flashlight. She reached deep inside to pull a bag forwards. As she did so, her world became bathed in blue light. She pulled back and turned. A police car had pulled up and the driver was getting out.

The driver called out. “Excuse me, Miss. Sorry to trouble you but there was a report of a house alarm just down the lane.”

Adriana put her hand to her eyes to block the glare from the vehicle headlights. “Oh? I just arrived. Sorry. Didn’t hear anything though.” As Adriana spoke the driver moved forward. Adriana thought she recognised the female officer. “Maggie? Is that you? I didn’t know you were back in town. Last I heard you were working in the city.”

“Adriana? Oh my God! Yeah, I moved back here a few months back. Had a bad experience too many in the city so I asked for a posting back here. Do you live out here now? You were down by the station last time I was here.”

“No, I’m still there. This is Bek’s parents house – Rebekkah Redmoor? You remember her from High School?”

“Yeah – yeah I knew her. At least, I did until she stole Marty from me. Three years we’d been together and then at Prom he dropped me for the Prom Queen. Bitch! She must have sucked dick like a vacuum – that was the only thing he ever wanted.”

Adriana squirmed. “Yeah, ah … well this is awkward!” she laughed nervously.

“Ah well. Water under the bridge. Plenty of fish in the sea, eh? I got a new guy now, a builder. Just moved here from Springvale. He’s been picking up some extra work to save up for our wedding.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Adriana replied disingenuously. “Brrrr …” She flapped her arms around herself. “Pretty chilly out here. I should get back inside.”

“Oh, yeah, of course. Nice to see you again. But I will need to speak with the owners. Are they home? The alarm company gave this address as the emergency contact.”

“No, they’re away.” Adriana thought fast. “We’re having a girl’s night to keep Bek’s company.”

“Ah. Well this is awkward. Guess I get to see the Cocksucking Queen again after all. I’ll just come in with you, get this over with quicly for all our sakes.” Maggie stepped away from the car and towards the basement door. Adriana shot forward and stepped in front of her, blocking her path.

“NO!” she cried, “I mean, they’re not decent. They …” she thought quickly … “They are taking a shower.”

“They? ‘They’ are taking a shower? Together? What is this, a little lesbian love-in? Did Miss Cocksucker switch sides?”

Adriana flushed. “No, I didn’t mean that,” she stammered. “I mean, she is taking a shower. Sarah is not. She’s watching TV.”

“Well I can come in and wait. Not standing out here in the snow waiting for the Princess to dry her self. Can’t take that long to shower, can it?” She side-stepped past Adriana. Her hand was on the handle. Adriana panicked and grabbed at her arm. Maggie stared down at her hand on her sleeve and then deep into Adriana’s eyes.

“You do realise you just assaulted an officer?” she said, pulling Adriana’s hand off her. “Now, let’s just get this over with for all our sakes, shall we? Friggin’ false alarms wasting my time!” She swung the door open and stepped inside.


Sarah was slumped over the bed, recovering from her latest orgasm. Rebekkah knelt on the floor, exhausted. Their captive lay on the bed, moaning and cursing as the ginger root continued to burn his anal passage. His bum cheeks were purple from his strapping, and his limp cock drooled cum. Officer Maggie stood open-mouthed at the bedroom door and took in the scene of debauchery. Adriana burst in behind her. Her eyes flashed from Sarah to the ginger to Rebekkah and then to Maggie. She dropped to her knees.

Maggie was first to speak. “Well then. What exactly is going on here?” She directed the question to the room in general.

Hearing a new voice, the captive shouted out. “Get this thing out of my arse! I’m on fire!” he cried. Sarah reacted first and plucked the root out. He pushed his hips backwards to ease the burn. The others watched in morbid fascination as his anus twitched and puckered with a life of its own as he fought the burning fires within. His moans punctuated the silence.

Finally Rebekkah spoke. “It’s not what you think,” she started, glancing only as far as the black boots of the officer.

Maggie cut her off. “How is it ‘not what I think?’ I see a man, tied to the bed, gingered, wanked and whipped by the look of it, and two whores diddling. What is it I’m missing here, exactly? Pretty much standard fare for a Redmoor, I’m guessing. So, is he paying you? If he is then this is a brothel and you three are all fucked, even more so than this poor fucker!”

Rebekkah fumed at the insult. She leapt to her feet, her own nudity forgotten in her anger. “Who the fuck do you think you are, storming into a private house and making your judgments?” she shouted. As she spat out the words her brain registered what her eyes were seeing, and the shock of recognition hit her.

“Yeah,” smirked Maggie, “All coming back now is it, bitch!” She spat the words out as she stepped forward, inches from Rebekkah. She looked down on the redhead. She spoke in a whisper now. “So, let’s try this again, shall we? Question One. Who. The fuck. Is tied to the bed?”

Rebekkah stammered. “I, I don’t know his name. He … he …”

“… I picked him up. Tonight, at The WhistleStop,” Sarah declared. “Long story short, he said he wanted it rough, wanted – well – this.” She grabbed the hairbrush and slapped his cheek firmly. The man yelped, “Fuck! Enough already you bitch! Let me go!” With his head thrust low by his bindings and his cheeks elevated by the cushions, he couldn’t see behind him. He had no idea who was staring at his naked and exposed rear.

“It’s all a game,” Sarah said, whacking him again. “He knows the more he abuses me, the more I abuse him. It’s what he asked for. If he wants to stop he has his safe word.” She smacked him again. “Don’t you?” she said to the man, “Remember? What we agreed? Remember what Beks has?” She punctuated her words with more swats from the brush, so that his cheeks were now glowing red once more. He cried out, “Ahhh, Yes, Yes I asked for this, Yes, Yes!! Just stop for a minute, please …”

Maggie stared at the reddening cheeks as Sarah spanked him. Rebekkah had inched back to the chair in the corner. Adriana had moved back to the door, desperate to distance herself from this mayhem. It was she who broke the spell. “I’m just going to slip out, if that’s alright. I’m not really part of all this.” She turned to open the door. Maggie spoke then. “Not so fast. No one leaves until I say so. I’m not buying this story.” She spoke to Sarah, “Get off the bed, and drop the brush.”

As Sarah stepped down, Maggie moved to the side of the bed. She took out her flashlight to see his features in the dim light. As the beam hit his face she dropped the light and screamed.


  1. Hmmmmmm this story is getting more complicated butt interesting…. 😀 😉 😛 yep that’s the plan 😄 smack smack

    I’m thinking that the cops boyfriend IS the CAPTIVE….. OMG……

    1. Ha Ha! Could be, could be. And then what happens? Does he get it from the cop? Do they turn tables on Rebekah and the girls? Does she call for reinforcements and a room full of cops with glossy nightsticks? Oh my! Oh what a tangled web we weave when writing a story without a plot!!

      1. Hmmmmm I don’t really think that he WILL ACTUALLY OWN UP seeing as he’s such a scumbag.. His first intention was to rape a defenceless elderly lady sooooooo it’s my humble opinion THAT should be taken into consideration within this story…. With VERY PAINFUL consequences to the wouldbe rapist ……
        Then there’s the attempted rape of Rebekah……
        The proof of BOTH of these attempted crimes lay with the elderly frail old lady….. Maybe take it from there…..
        The lady cop will be horrified with her boyfriend…… Soooooo when she takes a statement from Rebekah’s Granny that COULD change the story somewhat…

        I’m also wondering when Rebekah’s parents are returning from their brief holiday……
        Her Dad WON’T be impressed with the unfinished assignment…..

        Well that’s what I “assume her position” will be when her father returns…..

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