Rebekkah’s Revenge (3)

Continued from HERE. The whole story started HERE

The basement door opened with a groan. “Anyone home?” Adriana called out. “House call for the esthetician.”

“In the bedroom. Your client awaits,” shouted Sarah.

Adriana walked into the bedroom and stopped in her tracks. There was a naked man, bound and spread-eagle on the bed. Rebekkah was massaging his balls while Sarah sat on his chest, gripping his erect shaft as she scratched her nails over his cock head. “Not what I expected but hey, who am I to judge. Are we sharing?”

Rebekkah looked up. “Oh and so much more. Let me fill you in.” She sat up and wiped her icy hands on the bed. Sarah continued her ministrations like a cat playing with a mouse, teasing jerks and flicks from the man as she frustrated his fragile flesh.

As Rebekkah stood, Adriana glanced quizzically at the damp puddle of melted ice. “Please do. I’m curious.”

“So this little piece of shit tried to jump me at Nanna’s,” she began. Rebekkah recounted the basic details of her assault, “… and then Lupus saved the day, I called Sarah to come help out, and here we are!”

Adriana had her hand to her mouth. She reached out and pulled Rebekkah close. “Oh my God. Are you okay? You poor thing,” she soothed.

Rebekkah gently eased her off. “I’m fine. But we’ve all been where I was tonight. And remember Maria? When she got assaulted and the Police did nothing? We all said we would step up if we ever got the chance.” She glanced over to the bed as Sarah’s nails dragged along the length of the twitching shaft.  “Well here we are. Time for some Girl Power. This guy can take a message back to his homies, tell them what happens when a guy disrespects a girl,” She spat. “Let them know their bravado, and couldn’t-give-a-damn and selfish bigotry doesn’t cut it today. What do you say girl? You in?”

Adriana paused for just a second, then: “Damn right I’m in. Just tell me the plan.”

Just then Sarah shrieked. “You little shit!” She pinched his cock hard at the base, but too late. His cock pulsed three, four times and then oozed cum. “Ha! At least that was a wasted load!”  She slapped his still-stiff shaft. “Now he knows how we feel, like 90% of the time.”

She looked up at the others. “You know, we should wallop him for that. A good, hard old-school strapping. Come on, let’s flip him over and give his arse a leathering.” Sarah jumped off his chest. As she did, Adriana saw the tape gag fixed across his face.

“Oh my God, you’ll suffocate him! Poor bastard probably can’t breath!” Adriana moved over to the bed and started to tug at the duct tape gag. Buddy yelped as his beard hairs were pulled.

“Oh get over it!” Sarah snarled. “That’s nothing compared with what’s to come.” She pushed Adriana aside, grabbed the loose edge of tape and ripped it off. The guy shrieked in pain. “You are a fuckin’ maniac, bitch,” he yelled.

“Now you’re in no position to be name calling, are you?” Sarah replied, as she reached down to slap his nuts. He groaned deeply at the renewed assault on his tackle. “Now then, let’s keep it down, shall we? You already agreed to this instead of the police, so let’s be a big boy and take your just desserts like the man you think you are. Who knows, you might find a new side of yourself and actually enjoy a little femdom. When was the last time you got tossed by two girls in one night, eh? Any more noise and I’m gagging you again.”

His eyes shone with hate, but he kept quite and allowed his bindings to be repositioned so that he was now face down, arms and legs spread wide.

“Well that’s better, but not quite what I want. Adriana, grab those pillows and we’ll shove them under his belly.” Sarah took hold of his abused tackle and pulled backwards. He grunted and quickly lifted his buttocks to ease the pain in his scrotum. Adriana forced three pillows into the void.

With his knees spread and buttocks raised, the girls had a fine target, but Sarah wanted him opened up still further, so she sat herself on his shoulders, forcing his chest down and buttocks up. As his cleft widened Adriana curled her lips.

“Eww, gross. He’s a hairy fucker down there, isn’t he?”

“Exactly!” Sarah remarked, “Good practice for your Brazilian skills, but I wanna blister his arse first!” She slapped his buttocks hard, leaving behind a handprint. “Oww!” she cried, “Shit, his arse is tough!” She looked around. “Rebekkah, what do you have we can use?”

Adriana and Sarah turned to Rebekkah, who was now staring almost trance-like at the exposed bottom in front of her. Her mouth was open slightly, breath catching.

“Rebekkah? You still here?” asked Adriana.

“Wha… Oh, yeah, sure”

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, and a sly smile played on her lips. “Nothing, nothing. I’ll – I’ll be right back.” And she dashed from the room.

Sarah looked bemused. “What was that all about?” She looked over at Adriana’s esthetics bag. “Do you have any good hairbrushes in here? Mom can always light a fire with hers.”

Adriana started at Sarah’s comment. “Can she now? And she still does, eh?” she laughed.

Realising what she’d said, Sarah started back-peddling. “What? Er, no, I mean … yes. Well not really. Not like when we were kids. Just if I need it, you know?”

“No, not really, no. Maybe you can fill me in another time?”

Just then the guy jerked his shoulders, trying to unseat Sarah. “Will you get your fat arse off me!” His shout was muffled by the mattress he was currently eating. Sarah slapped him several times, punctuating her blows with her words.

“Do … SLAP … Not … SLAP … Call … SLAP … Me … SLAP … FAT … SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP”

Adriana laughed. “Oh, my God, I don’t ever want to be on your bad side!” She reached into her bag and pulled out a flat backed wooden brush. “Here, save your hand and start him off with this one while I find something better.”

Sarah took the brush and hefted the weight. “Just like mom’s,” she laughed. “I’ve got my tack box in my car. There’s a decent saddle strap in there we can use.”

Adriana made her way back outside. With every step she could hear the sharp retort of the hairbrush bouncing off the man’s naked cheeks, followed swiftly by his grunt of pain.

… continues HERE


  1. Please keep this soooooooooo sexy and VERY INTERESTING story cumming. 😀

    I await with bated breath for more details on what will happen to this VERY disrespectful male predator….

    May his man bits especially his scrotum as well as his skinny butt cheeks BURN BURN BURN…… LOL 😁 😄 😄 😅😅

    Yep that’s the plan 😄 😅😅

    Where is that genuine old fashioned crooked handle junior cane???? 😄😄😅😅

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