Bianca Neve Part 10

Slurpy’s done his job, now can Spunky bring her round? It all began here

“Come on then Spunky. Looks like Slurpy’s got the ground well prepared. Time for your tilling I think!” shouted another voice, accompanied by guffaws. “Ay, come on Spunky, get in there lad!”

Spunky felt his ardor wane at the thought of what had just happened to Slurpy – and that was just his tongue. What would happen if he shoved his todger in there and she trapped him like that? He could be eaten alive by her little bats! He felt sick at the thought.

“I, er, I think it’s too dangerous right now lads. The bats are likely flapping off the walls in there, thanks to Slurpy.”

Knobby sneered at Spunky. “Call yerself a dwarf! Scared of a little cave dweller are ye? Well, if you buggers won’t let plow a furrow up her arse again, we need to do something. We can’t leave her there all day. We need the bed.”

“I’ve an idea,” said a new voice. “Might be a chance for you to bugger her again here Knobby, you old fucker. It’s a wonder yer todger’s not stained brown the amount o’ time it’s in the shit!” Knobby muttered something she couldn’t catch.

“Anyhow, if none of us is Dwarf enough to go up ‘er shaft wi’out a canary, we might try shaking yon bats out o’ their roost.” Bianca’s mind struggled to place the voice. Sounded a bit like Spanky. She’d never yet figured out how he got that name, but it sounded like he had an idea that might get her out of this mess.

“What makes you think your such an expert on matters then??” sneered Knobby.

“Oh, you know. I’ve had my triumphs. Ask Droopy there. Came to me wi’ a floppy todger, not a boner in sight. I laid ‘im over my bench and strapped his arse, drove the blood straight into his todger. Did that for two weeks straight and now just the sight of a leather belt has ‘im standing strong as a prop in the mine.”

Droopy spoke. “Aye, mi’ pecker’s up agin, that’s for sure. And the added bonus is that I don’t need a friggin’ lantern down the mines any more, just drop my breeches and the glow from my cheeks lights up the whole friggin’ cavern!”

Part 11 is here

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